Saturday, 9 May 2009

Susan Vlieland

We focus on Susan Vlieland who lived in Great Yarmouth Norfolk.
In the census we find :
In Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, Chapel Square (is also known as Tower Road, Blackfriers Road and "On the Walls" depending on who and what date records were made.)
Here in 1841 at Chapel Square lived Susan Vlieland Fancy knitter aged 30 born Foreign parts ( born about 1811)

Here in 1851 Tower Road lived Susath Vlieland French Knitting aged 42 born in France Brussels (born about 1809)

Susan Vlieland died in 1859 in the age of 59 .
So she was born in 1800.

Born as Seijke Hollander but maybe later changed her name to Susan Vlieland .
That is what we assumed but
Daughter of Jan Hollander and Catharina de Vries
on the 25th of October 1790 on the Leuvehaven Rotterdam.
Witness was Maria Schoenmaker, mother of Catharina.
Seijke is the sister of Jerome Nicholas Vlieland the professor. or then Jeroen Nicolaas Hollander

The Seijke Hollander sister of Jerome is born in 1790 so there is a time gap
Also in the census .
Mary Vlieland sister of above French Knitting aged 38 born France Brussels (born about 1813)Same time gap here .
She could be Maria but there is a time gap again.
No record of the sisters in Great Yarmouth in the census of 1861.

John Vlieland Mariner aged 45 born Foreign parts ( born about 1796)
Mary Vlieland aged 28 born Foreign parts ( born about 1813)
The difference in age between the three are big in the census of 1841.

So maybe this can be be a new lead.

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