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Jerome Nicholas the younger

Jerome Nicholas Vlieland the younger also known as the vicar or the reverend.
English census of 1861.

Jerome Nicholas Vlieland died at the age of 51 on the 22 January 1877.

The vicar was W.A.Paxton  I found Jerome N. Vlieland the Younger, Vicar of Stalisfield, living with wife Frances and their four children and an aunt of the wife, in the Vicarage in Stalisfield, Kent.
They also had live-in servants.
Their son Charles James Vlieland was aged 3 years old in 1861.
Here is the census.

Wednesday 1/2/1854 Bury and Norwich post

Jerome N. Vlieland the Younger was born as expected, in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.
Jerome Nicholas was married with Frances Elisabeth Samworth.

They had seven children.A daughter and son stillborn.
Jerome not only baptised the children of the parish in the vicarage but also his own daughter Alice.

Arthur H Vlieland born in 1861 .

He married  Frances Elisabeth Samworth.
Daughter of John Samworth.
She is mentioned in the will of her father.
In the London Gazette of that time it is also mentioned.

This seal is still in the Vlieland family but  belonged to   John Johnsons second wife and was inherited by his daughter ,

Kentish Chronicle - Saturday 27 January 1866
Frances Elizabeth wife of the Rev. J. N. VLIELAND Vicar of this Parish. Died 20th August 1864 aged 38 and The Rev. Jerome Nicholas VLIELAND for 18 years Vicar of this Parish died 22nd January 1877 aged 51."
[from The Monumental Inscriptions in The Church and Churchyard of Stalisfield, Kent. Taken in September 1920 by Leland L. Duncan. Typed up by Christine Pantrey, checked by Zena Bamping]

They are Buried on the north side of the church and East of the path to the porch
His second marriage was 17 January 1866 in the church of Saint Augustine
At Norwich, the Rev. J. N. Vlieland, vicar of Stalisfield, Kent, to Sarah Anne, second dau. of Edward Amond Johnson, esq.
We find the occupation of her father in the census
Johnson Edward Amond governor, House of Correction
And we find the marriage recorded in the parish registers.
County Norfolk
Place Norwich
Church St Augustine
RegisterNumber 396
MarriageDate 17 Jan 1866
Jerome Nicholas VLIELAND
GroomCondition Widower
GroomOccupation Clerk in Orders
GroomAbode Stalisfield, Kent
BrideForename Sarah Anne JOHNSON
BrideCondition Spinster
GroomFatherForename Jerome Nicholas
GroomFatherSurname VLIELAND
GroomFatherOccupation Professor of Languages
BrideFatherForename Edward Amond
BrideFatherSurname JOHNSON
BrideFatherOccupation Gentleman
WitnessOneForename E A
WitnessOneSurname JOHNSON
WitnessTwoForename Chas
WitnessTwoSurname JOHNSON
FileNumber 13471
WitnessOneForename E M JOHNSON
WitnessTwoForename Maria Heath PARKER
Notes By Licence
FileNumber 13471
County Norfolk
Place Norwich
Church St Augustine
RegisterNumber 396
MarriageDate 17 Jan 1866
GroomForename Jerome Nicholas
GroomSurname VLIELAND
and also
WitnessOneForename Annie
WitnessOneSurname MILLER
WitnessTwoForename Emily M
WitnessTwoSurname WEST
Notes By Licence
FileNumber 13471
In the church in Stalisfield are stained glass windows with the name Jerome Nicholas on them.
Stalisfield Church

The stone of Jerome Nicholas Vlieland and his wife Francis Elisabeth in Stalisfield churchyard.

Stalisfield church.

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