Sunday, 4 October 2009

Barones Minckwitz

Still looking for our ancestor we find this story in de London Gazette AND Rotterdam newspaper of 1813,
During this years was Marivault appointed by Napoleon the authority in Holland.
He tried everything to stop the smuggling of goods,information and letters from and to England.
The fishermen of Katwijk and Noordwijk were known to do this job.
One day Jan Vlieland came back with some other passengers from England.
Today we tell a story of one of those passengers.
The barones Minckwitz.
Marivault captured the ship "Wilhelmina"and took all passengers prisoner.
And send them to Dordrecht to a rasphouse.
Which is on the picture on top.
After one day in the rasphouse The Barones Minckwitz told Marivault everything he wanted to know.
She declared that in London she had a salon where all kind of people came to play.
So she knew a lot gossip and she told everything.
She was released the next day and went to live with Lady Forsyth and the widow Kinnard in Rotterdam.
After some time they went to Den Haag.And when they left there they forgot to pay for their wigs.

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