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Jan Vlieland also known as Jan Hollander

Today we continue our story of Jan Vlieland.
After leaving two passengers on shore who were afraid of the bad weather .
The crew tried to flee back to sea.
They did not manage to go back to sea and drifted on the Maas to Dordrecht.

The crewmembers of the Wilhelmina are captain Jan Vlieland said Hollander, Johan Letzer of  Zeeland ,and a Greek Constantino Variotti.

Jan Vlieland ,already under surveillance since 1811 by the head of police Marivault was already once escaped to England.
Now with the ship Wilhelmina he returned.
The ship was anchored near tavern"de Gouden Leeuw" .
With help of the landlord a man named Karsbergen,our Jan managed to sell the Wilhelmina for 200 guilders to the Helmont brothers.
He already bought a new ship and he sailed with a permit from Zierikzee to Amsterdam under the name of captain Wullaart.
But he and his crew were arrested and sent back to Rotterdam.
On October 15, they were sent to the rasphouse annex prison.

The two other passengers still on the ship ,were also captured just as the landlord of de Gouden Leeuw.
They were all released after a few days except for Jan.
During the night of 29 on 30 november, Jan Vlieland managed to escape from the prison with Jan Baptista van der Voodt and Pieter Messu .

The way they escaped reads like a novel.
If it was not in the newspaper at the time you would not believe it .
The escape.
They heated the iron hinges of their beds in the fire that was in their prison and burned through a plank.
After widening the hole,they came into a loft.With the blankets,tied together they could reach a small street on the outside of the prison.

Marivault was very angry and tried everything he could to capture this three men.
Later he found out that they escaped from Beijerland to England.

Dordtse courant 7-7-1796
HELVOETSLUIS, den 4 July. Gisteren namiddag arriveerde
Jan Vlieland van Emden, Christiaan J. Rickels en Jan Hermanus
van Riga.
Arrival in Hellevoetsluis .
Yesterday afternoon Jan Vlieland coming from Embden ,J.Rickels  en jan Hermanus from Riga .

HELLEVOETSLU1S, den 14 January.1805'
Het Schip dat gisteren in 't gezigt was, is gevoerd  van Bordeaux.;
dezelve is met behulp ven 3 sloepen op de haven gekomen.
De Zydfe Bom,: de GoereefcheHaven ligt, is
gevoerd door J.Vlieland, van. Emden De "wind Z. Z. W,
, Den 15 dito. Niets gepasseerd. De,Wind z: Z. W.

The ship that was in sight yesterday coming from Bordeaux in with the aid of three sloupes brought into the harbour .
The Bom that is in Goeree Harbour is sailed Bu J.Vlieland from Embden
Wind SSW
15 as well nothing happened to the ship  Wind SSW

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