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Jeroen Vlieland

During the time that our fishermen were involved with Marivault and the French.
They were captured and escaped from prison in Holland, Went to England and came back with letters or passengers.
Jeroen sailed with his ship the Topsham Post from Topsham to Rotterdam and back with mail.

In 1811 this ship is publicly sold in Rotterdam and in the advertisement it says ``Sailed lately by Jeroen Vlieland.``
We assume he is captured and ended as prisoner of war in a prison in England possibly Yarmouth.
The family later lived at friars walk in Yarmouth.
Other familymembers sailed to Malaga,France Riga and we know that is was very difficult with those small ships.several newspapers
They can be found in in Holland,the London gazette.We give you the index .so you search on all the different Vlieland captains.
Captain Vlieland arrived from ...sailed to.
Allthough his name is Jeroen it is also spelled as Yarhan at his sons wedding or in this clipping from thursday 07/01/1802 in the morning Post as Jarien

Also his ship l ésperance was sold

This is the family we are talking about.
And we can find in this family our Jan Vlieland,his brother Jeroen (Jerome in English)All can be found in the dutch newspaper as well in the London Gazette.
The whole familytree can be found here.
Jeroen Vlieland sailed on several ships including the Beatrix and look what we found.

1. Arie Aldertsz VLIELAND, gedoopt (RK) te Noordwijk op 30-07-1741.
2. Pieternelletje Aldertsdr VLIELAND, gedoopt (RK) te Noordwijk op 08-08-1743.
3.Jeroen Aldertsz VLIELAND, gedoopt (RK) te Noordwijk op 04-02-1745.
4. Jan Aldertsz VLIELAND, gedoopt (RK) te Noordwijk op 02-10-1746.
5. Hendrik Aldertsz VLIELAND, gedoopt (RK) te Noordwijk op 29-01-1748.
6. Cornelis Aldertsz VLIELAND, gedoopt (RK) te Noordwijk op 04-08-1749.
7. Trijntje Aldertsdr VLIELAND, gedoopt (RK) te Noordwijk op 27-12-1751.
8. Willem Aldertsz VLIELAND, gedoopt (RK) te Noordwijk op 22-12-1753.
9. Jacob Aldertsz VLIELAND, gedoopt (RK) te Noordwijk op 15-05-1756.
And where do Jeroen and Jerome meet????? and when is Katherine coming in his life.
All his ships in the newspaper.

More about Jeroen Vlieland 
He was born in Noordwijk a small village on the coast of Holland .
His father and brothers are captains on herringships and small merchantships.
he married 
1.Ariaantje Klaasdochter Mooiekind in 1768 she died in 1795.
He sails from and probably lives in Rotterdam for a while.
They had several children who died soon after their birth .
Their daughter  Maartje Jeroensdochter Vlieland is the only surviving daughter.

Vastleggen in volledig scherm 21-2-2014 220528.bmp.jpg wordt weergegeven
Vastleggen in volledig scherm 21-2-2014 220035.bmp.jpg wordt weergegeven

When Maartje wants to get married her father  Jeroen has to give permission .
Instead of going from Rotterdam to Noordwijk he gives his permission via the notary. Maartje lives in Bruges Belgium with her Dutch captain and her children.

From Jeroen we have not found the date or place  of death.
We find him and his ships regularly in the English or Dutch newspaper.
The last one wherein he is named is the auction of his ship in 1811 last sailed by Jeroen Vlieland.

We assume he met Catherine and her children when they were all living in Rotterdam and they all went to England.
So Jeroen is the stepfather of the children of Jan Hollander and Catharine Fris.

To prove this theory we need the deathdate of Jeroen Vlieland and Jan Hollander and a marriage between Jeroen and Catharine.
So we keep looking .

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