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Jenny Amelia Ford

Jenny Amelia Ford was married to Herbert Bloomfield Vlieland.
She was born 28 August 1866 in Vienna ,Dane co U.S.A. And died 29 August 1943 South Gate U.S.A.
She was the daughter of Laurence A.Ford and Amelia Henderson.
Laurence was born 10 October 1833 in Dunfermline,Fife, Scotland.
Son of James Ford (born 12 November 1805 Dunfermline) and Ellen Elder (born 25 may 1808 Dunfermline ).
He died 10 February 1895 in Wannakee,Dane U.S.A.
He married Amelia on 20 November 1863 in Maddison Dane,U.S.A.
Amelia was the daughter of David Henderson (*10 August 1811 Crossgate) and Amelia Ford(25 June 1818 Scotland.)

Herbert and Jenny had six children,
Jenny Amalia Vlieland born 19 October 1888 Vienna USA
Francis Elisabeth Vlieland born 02 July 1890 Vienna USA
Elsie Mary Vlieland born 30 December 1891 Vienna USA
Alice Ellen Vlieland born 27 August 1893
Herbert Ford Vlieland born 26 October 1896
Russel Bloomfield Vlieland 16 February 1901 Waunakee USA
Florence Violet Vlieland born 06 Jul 1903 Clifton, Pierce County USA
Here is the census of 1900.

Her father b. 10 Oct 1833 in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland and d. 10 Feb 1895 in Waunakee, Dane Co Wisconsin.
brothers and sisters [FORD]:

Ellen Malvina (b 10 Jan 1865 Vienna, Dane Co WI),
Jennie Amelia (b 28 Aug 1866 Vienna WI),
William Laurence (b 23 Jan 1868 Vienna WI),
Bessie Grace (b 24 Dec 1872 Vienna WI),
and Ida Agnes(b 19 Apr 1874 Vienna WI).

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