Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Jane Francis Vlieland nee Martin

Jane Vlieland is born abt 1806.
Her name comes up in the criminal registers.
England & Wales, Criminal Registers, 1791-1892
Court, Land, Wills & Financial
Jane Vlieland
Location of Trial: Norfolk, England
Name: Jane Vlieland
Birth: abt 1806
Residence: 5 Mar 1846 - Norfolk, England

Jane Vlieland. She was born about 1806 resided at Yarmouth age 40, 5th March 1846. She was found guilty of Larceny (an act of stealing) 8th March 1846 and imprisoned for one month Norwich.
Could this be the wife of John Vlieland born 1802?
On 2 Oct 1838 a John Vlieland full age Bachelor, sailor, (father Yarhan Vlieland Sailor) marries Jane Francis Martin, full age, widow, dressmaker (father William Waters, sailor)

13 October 1838
This Jane is Jane Francis Waters born and christened in 1802 in St Nicholas Yarmouth daughter of William Waters and Anne Covell and widow of Michael Martin.

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