Wednesday, 11 August 2010


While visiting the Birmingham museum you look at the paintings of the pre-rafaelites.
And once more these paintings give you pleasure.
Also the fact that you know their names of these painters otherwise.
Not only Hunt and Bodichon and their portraits made their impression but also the fact that they were acquaintances of Jerome and his wife.
Frances Elisabeth Samworth the wife of Jerome Nicholas Vlieland must have known them personally.
The Leigh Smith girls and the Samworth girls stayed together in Hastings at Clive Dale farm.
One of the Leigh Smith girls is Barbara,married name Barbara Bodichon.

Barbara was also cousin to Florence Nightingale
Clive Dale farm is the place where William Hunt painted his famous painting and which belonged to Jeromes father in law John Samworth.

The sister of Frances Elisabeth and Jeromes Sister in law is Joanna Samworth she was a famous illustrator of books.

Not only Hunt used to visite Clive Dale farm but also Lear,Rossetti,Millais can we read in the biography of William Holman Hunt.
All these people had their influence on Jerome Nicholas and his wife .

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