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Reginald Peel

Reginald PEEL, Clerk, Indian Railways. born as son of Nathaniel Peel and  Constannce Amelia Bird.
Their Marriage Date: of Nathaniel and Constance  14 Sep 1866
Marriage Place: Poona, Bombay, India
Groom's Father's Name: Samuel Peel
Bride's Father's Name: Thomas Bird
Reginald is born about 1873: Died 14.1.1938 in registration district Brighton, Sussex.

He married Frances Maude Vlieland and they had children
1.Francis Reginald V. Peel Registered Apr May Jun 1907 - Exeter 5b 412

29/11/1907 Exeter and Plymouth Gazette - 27 Nov at Ajmor, India Francis Reginald Vlieland, dearly loved child of Reginald and Frances Maude Peel , aged 9 months
2.Clifford Nicholas Vlieland Peel born 1909
3.Barbara Peel born 25 November 1911.
We find Clifford Vlieland Peel in the census grandson 2 b Exeter living with C.J.Vlieland,because after Frances Maude Vlieland died 4 February 1914 in Sewri Bombay India at the age of 28 the children went to live with their grandparents in England
She died of malignant malaria she is describes as 'wife of R. Peel Ast. Auditor BB+CI Railway'.
Reginald Peel married Violet Mona Flossy Mary Grant known as Florence 09 Sep 1916 Naini Tal, Bengal, India

Groom's Name: Reginald Peel
Groom's Birth Date: 1873
Groom's Birthplace:
Groom's Age: 43
Bride's Name: Violet Mona Flossy Mary Grant
Bride's Birth Date: 1895 31 Oct 1897 Colaba, Bombay, India
Bride's Birthplace:
Bride's Age: 21
Marriage Date: 09 Sep 1916
Marriage Place: Naini Tal, Bengal, India
Groom's Father's Name: Nathaniel Peel
Bride's Father's Name: George Nelson Grant
there is an entry of a Violet May Grant born 31 Oct 1897 Colaba, Bombay, India
daughter of George Nelson Grant and Mary Jane
They had 5 children .One of them is born 10 August 1917, Reginald Keith PEEL, who was missing presumed dead after the sinking of HMS Hood in 1941.

Memorials to Men Lost in the Sinking of Hood, 24th May 1941
In Remembrance of
Service: Royal Navy
Rank: Assistant Steward
Service Number: P/LX 25027
Date Joined Hood: 28 February 1941
Biographical Information: "Keith" as he was known to his family and friends, was the born on 10 August 1917 in Rajputana, India to Reginald and Florence Peel. In civilian life, Keith was a wine waiter at Old Ship Hotel in Brighton.

He, his wife Irene (known as Rene) had one child, a baby daughter named Barbara.
Keith enlisted in the Navy at H.M.S. Royal Arthur in October 1940 and was posted to Glendower later that month. He was transferred to Victory in December. His first and only ship was Hood. He was 23 years old at the time of his loss.

We thank his daughter, Barbara Smith (photos & information, June 2010)
© H.M.S. Hood Association for letting us use the information and photographs.
Memorial Information
Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Panel 58, Column 1
Also memorialised at
Hood Chapel, Church of St John the Baptist, Boldre, Hampshire
Additional Photographs
Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Family friend, Brenda Street (information, March 2003)
'Register of Deaths of Naval Ratings' (data extracted by Director of Naval Personnel (Disclosure Cell), Navy Command HQ
His daughter, Barbara Smith (photos & information, June 2010)
© H.M.S. Hood Association.

  • The Grant Family in india : "George Nelson with pipe in hand, lady stood unknown, lady sat is Violet and the young boy is Horace, the two young men could be George jnr and Arthur."
  • again with "George Nelson snr with wife Mary Jane holding the young Horace my grandfather, George Copeland and Arthur Edward stood either side of George snr and Violet stood all in white."
  • Violet with second hubby and "her daughter in-law Maria and daughter Pamela, Maria's husband was Michael Peel son of Reginald and Violet."
After Reginald Peels death Violet married Horace Grant in Hove in 1945 and died in 1992

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