Monday, 7 February 2011

Mary Vlieland

Thanks to Betty we now know who M.Vlieland is Maria Hollander.
We know there was a fire in Yarmouth and M.Vlieland died in the fire.
Fire in Yarmouth
Mary died at the age of 78 years so she must be born 1792.
Formerly a needlewoman it says on the death certificate.
We have Maria (Mary)born on 31-12-1792 and baptised 03-01-1793 Rotterdam daughter of Jan Hollander and Catrina Frits.
Sister of Jerome Nicholas Vlieland the professor.
Here is what the deathcertificate says: No. 326; When and where died: Fourteenth February 1870 Malakoff Place; Name: Mary Vieland; Sex: Female; Age 78 years; Occupation: Formerly a Needlewoman; Cause of Death: Accidental in consequence of the clothes deceased was wearing catching fire; Signature, etc: Information received from C. H. Chamberlin, Coroner for Yarmouth. Inquest held 14th February 1870; when registered: Fifth April 1870; Signature of registrar: J. Gayly, Registrar.

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