Monday, 5 December 2011

The catalogue of the Stalisfield vicarage

Today we have received the sales catalogue made after the death of Jerome Nicholas Vlieland (the vicar )in 1877.
His family had to leave Stalisfield Vicarage as it went with his job, or the correct terminology `his living `
Therefore the family had to leave on his demise and the household goods were sold , although some were bought back by family members and still cherished by their descendants to this day.
It is lovely to see the ferns they had , the Dutch clock , the carpets , an engraving of Nelson , Needlework in frame `fisherman`and lots of foreign furniture a French bedstead,Brussels stair carpet,Spanish mahogany chest of drawers.
As we received this from Gilly we hope some revelation to the Vlieland story will occur.As it did before .Serendipity as she calls it.
Thanks again Gilly!!!!!

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