Saturday, 31 March 2012

Plate with F

This plate is in the Vlieland family for years .

It has a bird and crown but a gold F in script on the front.
That is what Gilly told mealready in 2000 .
Looking at the picture 12 years later  I still have not found anything else .

It was made of Hard Paste Porcelain. It is either Chinese export or more probably French. The French were trying to copy the Chinese original at this time so it is hard to tell. It is either late 1780s or early 1790s. The decoration is French, hand painted and is a pattern of sprigs typical of this period in France, later being copied at English works.
Is it Delft or is it Quimper or is it English.?
Who can tell us more .
Gran always insisted that “Catherine, JNV mother was the daughter of a French Count De Verie and that the plate was from that line of the family.

Well we know Catherines last name is Fres  born  in Leiden 1756.
"Dopeling Catharina
Vader Joannis Fris
Moeder Maria Engelbrecht
Getuige Paulus Kriek
Getuige Catharina Engelbrecht
Plaats Leiden
Datum doop 27-11-1756
Bronverwijzing DTB Leiden Doopboek RK Utrechtse Veer,"
So her last name starts with an F.
But then it is getting interesting.
Catharines Mother is Maria Engelbrecht
She is the daughter of Joannis ENGELBRECHT, lakenwerker)drapery maker ), en Maria FERIE
Johannes Philippus Engelbrecht (Engelbregt), born1695  Leiden, bapt (rk) on 02-05-1695 Leiden witness  Martinus Jansen).
Banns (1) on 13-04-1720  Leiden witness  his father  Claas Engelbregt and her mother  Jannetje Jans), married on 04-05-1720  Leiden to Maria Frie (Ferie, Parrie), born abt 1700 te Alkmaar,
We found the baptism of Maria in Alkmaar .

The grandparents of Catharina Fres (Jeromes greatgrandparents ) are Johannes Engebrechts and Maria Ferie so that starts with F
But that was not to be .
Then the  plate should be from 1700 and that does not seem  right.
So we are looking for an other F and another count .
We found a count de Vere in 1600 .Maybe we can adopt him ? Although he starts with a V

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