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the asbestos mask

As you look for answers you will find more questions .
As we found in this blog. the asbestos mask by Jerome Nicholas
Wednesday, 16 May 2007
The Asbestos Mask - Jerome Nicholas
This book was once owned by Kathleen Davies (August 1948). Inside there is a letter to Miss Davies from the author, who signs himself as Archie Wheeland. The endorsement in the book explains that Jerome Nicholas is 'his alter ego'.
Searching for a clue , we found another Blog. With a handwriting and an autograph of the "alter ego" of the writer.
Wednesday, 16 May 2007
The Asbestos Mask - Jerome Nicholas

The letter itself is interesting:

"Dear Miss Davies Thank you very much for your efforts over the Birmingham Mail. I am very glad to have the extra copies - one I shall now be able to send to my beloved mother in law, who is the Anne of the dedication (To Another Anne whose spirits as unquenchable as my love for her) and will be thrilled to bits!
I return your copy of the book endorsed on the title page.
Yours sincerely
Archie Wheeland"

In the image above you can see a newspaper clipping. It's from the Birmingham Mail July 28th 1948 and features a picture of Jerome Nicholas.

This Archie Wheeland turns out to be Charles Archibald Vlieland .Writing under his great grandfather name as Jerome Nicholas .
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The Anne he writes about is his mother in law Anne Chamberlain.

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