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Ann Samworth death

St James's Gazette 29 October 1883

Percy Jerome Parker baptism 1875

Norfolk baptisms Norwich, St Peter Parmentergate, Norfolk, England

More on Percy Jerome Parker 

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Cornelis Pieter Vlieland 1886

Cornelis Pieter Vlieland was born 24-07-1886
Onderdeel: 4e.reg.infanterie
Stamboeknummer: 851

Cornelis Pieter Vlieland geboren 24-07-1886 te Leiden, wonende te Leiden
Diversen: Lengte: 1.692 mtr.
Vader /father
Cornelis Pieter Vlieland
Moeder /mother
Anna Clara Lijbering

First name(s) C P
Last name VLIELAND
Gender Male
Departure year 1932
Departure day 22
Departure month 7
Departure port LONDON
Destination port SINGAPORE
Destination SINGAPORE
Destination country SINGAPORE
Ship name RANCHI 

SS Ranchi SLV Allan Green.jpg
Ship official number 148130
Ship master's first name C
Ship master's last name BROOKS
Ship destination port YOKOHAMA
Ship destination country JAPAN
Ship registered tonnage 8849.75
Number of passengers 505

First name(s) C P
Last name VLIELAND
Title MR
Gender Male
Age 37
Birth year 1886
Occupation ENGINEER
Departure year 1923
Departure day 21
Departure month 9
Departure port LIVERPOOL
Destination port RANGOON
Destination RANGOON
Country BURMA
Destination country BURMA
Ship name CHINDWIN
Ship official number 129521
Ship master's last name ESSLEMONT
Shipping line P HENDERSON & CO
Ship destination port RANGOON
Ship destination country BURMA
Ship registered tonnage 4071
Number of passengers 98

He married E.M.Arnold on the 12 th of January 1927 in Rijsenburg witnesses are Her father and his uncle.

They had a son

First we have Cornelis Pieter Vlieland born in 1853
his son is Cornelis Pieter Vlieland born in 1886 
and we have a Cornelis Pieter Vlieland born in 1928

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Annie Vrieland from Glasgow to New York 1901

And a WM Vrieland could be William aged
First name(s) ANNIE
Last name VRIELAND
Title MRS
Gender Female
Age 23
Birth year 1878
Marital status M
Occupation NIL
Departure year 1901
Departure day 23
Departure month 5
Departure port GLASGOW
Destination port NEW YORK
Destination NEW YORK
Country United States
Destination country United States
Ship name ANCHORIA
Ship master's last name WADSWORTH
Ship destination port NEW YORK
Ship destination country USA
Ship square feet 7033
Ship registered tonnage 2713
Number of passengers 154
Record set Passenger Lists leaving UK 1890-1960
Category Travel & migration
Subcategory Passenger lists
Collections from Australasia, Great Britain, Ireland, United States

10-12 months 

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Nursery maid

Kentish Chronicle 14 November 1863

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Elizabeth Gibson

Western Times 15 January 1909

Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 11 January 1909


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competitory examinations

16 January 1858 - Norfolk News - Norwich, Norfolk, 

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Winifred Langhorne

I see the next baptism after Clifford was Winifred Langhorne.
Her father Richard was a priest at the Cathedral and much-loved head of the choir school and would have officiated at Phoebe's wedding in 1912. Barbara was at school with the Langhorne girls (Winifred, b. 1909; Eleanor, b. 1911; Margaret, b. 1913; Ruth, b. 1917; Janet, b. 1919); the eldest child, Eadward (b. 1907) got an MBE for his RAF service (he joined up on the first day of the Second World War). Victoria, Richard's wife, was only 19 when they married in 1906, and the gaps in the births probably mean lost children. Sadly, the Langhornes are best remembered in Exeter for the fact that on 25 April 1942 a bomb intended for the Cathedral on a Baedecker raid hit and demolished Abbot's Lodge, their home in the Cathedral close, and the next door choir school, killing three of the staff and Margaret Langhorne. Richard never got over it and died two years later.

Banns marriage Peel Vlieland