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clergyman´s family

Kentish Chronicle 28 January 1865

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Clifford Vlieland Peel baptism

in the side line

"An interesting event took place at Exeter Cathedral yesterday afternoon, when Clifford Vlieland Peel, son Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Peel, and grandson of Dr. Vlieland, of Southernhay, was christened by the Rev. T. Foweraker". - 31 March 1909 - Western Times
More on Clifford Vlieland Peel

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Barbara Vlieland Peel

Today in the Telegraph: Thursday 25 August 2016

In Memoriam: Barbara Petter, neé Barbara Vlieland Peel

25 November 1911–25 August 1976.
Remembered on the 40th anniversary of her death. Barbara.

Barbara (later Ware) née Vlieland Peel. 25/11/1911-25/8/1976. Barbara.

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Barbara was married to Archibald Graham Petter .


The Straits Times, 22 May 1935, Page 12

The Straits Times, 20 September 1939, Page 10

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Richard Hayward Pidsley birth

First name(s)Richard Hayward
Last namePidsley
Birth year1823
Birth date09 Nov 1823
Baptism year1823
Baptism placePinhoe
Father's first name(s)John
Father's occupationFarmer
Mother's first name(s)Susanna
ArchiveSouth West Heritage Trust
Record setDevon Baptisms
CategoryBirth, Marriage, Death & Parish Records
SubcategoryBirths & baptisms
Collections fromGreat Britain

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Phoebe Vlieland

The 1939 Register was taken in Sep 1939.  Phoebe was living in Buckinghamshire; at "Upalong" Oxford Road , Eton. 

Dudley had been dead for many years.  Like many of the female respondents, Phoebe took a year of her age and is shown as a housewife ("unpaid domestic duties" ).  Many of the men were already missing on expected war duties and the right hand column shows the expected additional war work of those who remained.  She was shown as a member of the Women's Voluntary Service, a billeting Officer for the expected evacuation

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Vera E Vlieland from Liverpool to New York

First name(s) VERA E
Last name VRIELAND
Gender Female
Marital status S
Occupation SPINSTER
Departure year 1910
Departure day 13
Departure month 8
Departure port LIVERPOOL
Destination port NEW YORK
Destination NEW YORK
Country United States
Destination country United States
Ship name ARABIC
Ship official number 118023
Ship master's first name WILLIAM
Ship master's last name FINCH
Shipping line WHITE STAR
Ship destination port NEW YORK
Ship destination country USA
Ship square feet 17446
Ship registered tonnage 15801
Number of passengers 671
Record set Passenger Lists leaving UK 1890-1960
Category Travel & migration
Subcategory Passenger lists
Collections from Australasia, Great Britain, Ireland, United States

In the index her name cones uo as Emily Vere Vlieland?

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C.A:Vlieland 1 assistant Secretary

The Singapore Free Press, 19 December 1925, Page 8

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Luncheon party

he Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser (1884-1942), 29 June 1937, Page 11

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The Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser (1884-1942), 5 July 1924, Page 16

more about Sungei Ujong

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Mrs Vlieland and her pretty daughter

The Straits Times, 5 April 1936, Page 21

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Mr C.A.Vlieland secretary to resident

The Straits Times, 7 October 1924, Page 8

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Annie Chamberlain Monfries

Richard Morgan & Annie Chamberlain Monfries
marriage Jun qtr 1885 Cardiff 11a 429

MORGAN—MONFRIES.—June 23rd, at- the Presby- terian Church. Cardiff, by the Rev. J. D. Watters, M.A., Richard, eldest son öf Charles Morgan, of Iloath, Cardiff, to Annie Chamberlain, fourth daughter of the late James Laurie Monfries, of Pwllypant. No cards

Annie is the mother of Dorothy Margareth Morgan.
She is mentioned in the book `The asbestos mask`by her son in law .Charles Archibald. Vlieland 

She was born as a daughter of James Lawrie Monfries and Charlotte Monfries (born Chamberlain).

In the census of 1901 we find
1901 Census Station Rd Llanishen
Richard Morgan 39 Sec to Ltd Co b Cardiff
Annie C wife 37 b Guernsey
DOROTHY M 14 b Cardiff
Margery dau 11 b Cardiff
Charlotte Monfries m-in-law widow 77 Living on own means b Exeter
Marion Monfries s-in-law 41 Living on own means b Guernsey
Sarah Jones 23 servant
Annie Preece 22 Cook

Name:James Lawrie Monfries
Wife:Charlotte Chamberlain
Daughter:Annie Chamberlain Monfries

Other information in the record of Annie Chamberlain Monfries

from Channel Islands Births and Baptisms
Name:Annie Chamberlain Monfries
Birth Date:10 May 1863
Birthplace:Guernsey, Channel Islands
Father's Name:James Lawrie Monfries
Mother's Name:Charlotte Chamberlain

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Richard Morgan

891 Census 20 Ruthin Gdns St John Cardiff
Richard Morgan 29 Secretary to Coal Company b Cardiff
Annie C wife 27 b Guernsey
DOROTHY M dau 4 b Cardiff
Margery M dau 1 b Cardiff
Minnie Jones 20 servant

1901 Census Station Rd Llanishen
Richard Morgan 39 Sec to Ltd Co b Cardiff
Annie C wife 37 b Guernsey
DOROTHY M 14 b Cardiff
Margery dau 11 b Cardiff
Charlotte Monfries m-in-law widow 77 Living on own means b Exeter
Marion Monfries s-in-law 41 Living on own means b Guernsey
Sarah Jones 23 servant
Annie Preece 22 Cook

1911 Census Hillerest Llanishen nr Cardiff
Richard Morgan 49 Chartered Secretary to Ltd Co b Cardiff
Annie Chamberlain Morgan wife 47 b Guernsey
Dorothy Margaret Morgan dau 24 b Guernsey
Eveline Hall 28 cook
Rose H Hood 29 servant

Richard Morgan & Annie Chamberlain Monfries
marriage Jun qtr 1885 Cardiff 11a

MORGAN—MONFRIES.—June 23rd, at- the Presby- terian Church. Cardiff, by the Rev. J. D. Watters, M.A., Richard, eldest son öf Charles Morgan, of Iloath, Cardiff, to Annie Chamberlain, fourth daughter of the late James Laurie Monfries, of Pwllypant. No cards Richard worked as a secretary for the coal company of John Cory

The control of the affairs of the Company was in the hands of five directors, Messrs’ John and Richard Cory and their sons Messrs’ S. Campbell Cory, Herbert B. Cory and Clifford John Cory, Mr John Cory being chairman. The secretary of the Company is Mr Richard Morgan. Seeing that the chairman of the company Mr John Cory now 78 years of age has throughout his life been intimately connected with colliery owning, coal exporting, ship-owning and railway work, it goes without saying that he possesses an unequalled commercial experience. But, in addition, Mr John Cory presents an example of untiring energy. Irrespective of his own firm, which is the largest exporting firm in the world, he is deputy-chairman of the Barry Railway and a director of the Vale of Glamorgan Railway.

the account of the death / funeral of Richard Morgan in 1919.
"Mr. Richard Morgan. of Mill Crest. Llanishen, has died at Porthcawl, after a long illness at the ago of 57 ... spent the whole of his commercial life with Messrs Cory Bros and Co, colliery proprietors ... 27 years secretary of the company ...having started as a junior over 40 years ago - 21 June 1919 - Western Mail"
He was father of Dorothy Margaret Morgan who married 'Archie' Vlieland.

His sister, Margaret Mary Morgan (BIRTH 10 APR 1889 • Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales, DEATH 19 FEB 1970 • Ashford, Kent, England) is even more interesting. She joined the Red Cross in WW1 and was 'demobilised' exactly 100 years ago, in May 1919, during that time she had a meteoric rise through its ranks.
was recruited in April 1916 to Samuel House Auxiliary Hospital Cardiff as a Kitchen maid and later cook, moving to Dunraven Castle Auxiliary Hospital, Southerdown, she became its quartermaster and finished the war as its Commandant!

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C.A.Vlieland visiting Ceylon

The Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser (1884-1942), 9 April 1930, Page 3

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Bright colours for Mrs Vlieland

The Straits Times, 3 May 1936, Page 21

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Adelphi speaker Charles Archibald Vlieland

Every time I watch Indian Summers  it reminds me of Charles Archibald Vlieland  .
The Mister Wheland in this episodes could be our Charles .
If you think the name rings a bell this blog once more.
The people and the time give an indication of what it looked liked allthough it is fiction and in India. It is all filmed in Malaysia by the way.

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Champions of Johore

Allthough it is not an Olympic event is was quite thrilling
The Straits Times, 18 November 1936, Page 5

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Thomas Vlieland

Barbara researched Henry Crofts Sercombe in the hope that our Vlielands were banking there and guess what.
She received a letter from a very helpfull lady that reads
We have a record of a Thomas Vlieland, who was apparently a customer of Drummonds Bank in 1780. Drummonds is one of our private banks in London and we have an excellent set of customer ledgers which detail income and expenditure.
Thomas Vlieland's account only covers one year, so I don't know how interesting it would be even if he is related to your family, but I thought you might like to know that there was definitely a Vlieland in London in 1780!

I think this must be Thomas Michiel Vlieland .
He came from Belgium to settle in Zeeland a part of the Netherlands .
He bought and sold a house there .
He worked for the Dutch East India Company.
So maybe that is the reason for banking in London for one year.

He attended a funeral in Sri Lanka.

Middelburgsche Courant | 1770 | 
But so far that is all we know.

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Emmeline Pidsley neé Haydon

She married Richard Hayward Pidsley in March 1874 and their son Richard Hayward Pidsley was born in June 1874.
After the death of her husband in March 1877  she had a lodging house .
Looking for more information on Emmeline we find this .

Will of William Lambert of Wallon, Esq., only son of William Lambert, otherwise William Lambert Gorwyn, of Wallon deceased, 1853

Bequeaths to his son William Lambert the younger Waterland in Cheriton Bishop, previously in the possession of John Gale and now in the possession of the testator. Also bequeaths to William 5 properties with shop, garden, orchard and field called the Three Lions previously in the possession of John Gale and then in that of Samuel Gregory, all of which descended to the testator as heir in law of his uncle John Lambert Gorwyn.
Bequeaths £400 to the Rev. William Ponsford and his brother John Ponsford, both of Drewsteignton, in trust for his granddaughter Elizabeth Emily Lambert, only child of his deceased son John, to go to her on reaching the age of 21 or marriage if earlier, with remainder to his son William. During her minority the income is to be used for her upkeep and education.
Bequeaths to the same trustees Wallon and the property called Millhouse with Wear Mill, both now in the occupation of the testator and William Phillips, in trust for his son William during his life and then to his second son Charles James and his male heirs, with remainder to the younger sons of William and their male issue, and failing them to William’s eldest son William Henry and his heirs. His son William may during his life rent out part or all of these properties for a term not exceeding 21 years.
Bequeaths to his son William all his other estate real and personal, including estates vested in him as mortgagee. Aloso appoints William his executor.

Source: DRO, a copy of the will having been preserved as a document in an 1875 legal case involving Emmeline Pidsley, possibly his daughter-in-law remarried. William’s dates were 1780-1853 (see Table 3).
I think there is a mix up.
Emmeline Pidsley is Emmeline Haydon and she married in 1874 Richard H.Pidsley.
In the census of 1891 she is 44 .So born in 1847.

In her lodginghouse are living three members of the Gould family .probably relatives from her husbands first wife Anne Gould.

The other Emmeline is Emmeline Mary Cole born 1824.
 William Lambert Gorwyn (1810-1887) .Has Twin  
He became a solicitor in Exeter, with chambers first in Queen Street and the Castle Street.  In 1851 he was living at The Close with his family, plus an articled clerk, 2 nurses, a cook and a housemaid. He and his family dropped the Gorwyn from their name.
m. Emmeline Mary Cole (1824-1891) in 1844. Daughter of Rev. Nathaniel Cole of Whitestone. Her dates were 1824-1891. They had five children:

(6) William Lambert  (c. 1845-1878).  Apparently unmarried.

(6) Emmeline Elizabeth Lambert (1849). She died in 1849 aged 10 weeks.

(6) Charles James Lambert of Exeter (1850-1923). Unmarried. He became a well-known solicitor in Exeter and died seems to have owned property in Exeter as well. Left effects (excluding real estate) of £1,747. Devon County chess champion –

(6) John Speare Lambert of Exeter (C.1855-1928). He became a medical officer in the Royal Navy, serving on a number of different ships and retiring in 1904 with the rank of Deputy Inspector-General of Hospitals and Fleets.  Unmarried. When he retired he went to live with his brother in Exeter.

(6) Emmaline A.  Lambert, b. about 1857. She was living with parents in 1881 at 6 The Crescent, but appears to have died not long after.

Will of Henry Lambert of Wallon, Drewsteignton, surgeon, 1853

  • Bequeaths £500 to his niece Elizabeth Emma Lambert, the daughter of his brother John. If she dies under 21, the funds are to be distributed between the children of his brother William Lambert. During Elizabeth Emma’s minority, the money is to be invested in government securities and used for her maintenance and education.
  • Bequeaths £1000 to his dear father.
  • Bequeaths £19 19s each to his sisters-in-law Emily Eliza Lambert and Emmeline Lambert; and to his nephews William Henry Lambert and Charles James Lambert.
  • Bequeaths his real estate and the rest of his personal estate to his brother William absolutely. William is also appointed his executor.
Source: Inland Revenue Wills. Henry Lambert’s dates were.1818-1853 (see Table 3). His effects valued  at  £3000

Sydenham E.S. COX, born in Malta about 1861. In 1881 living in Tiverton, Devon, in the household of his aunt Emma C. Pidsley

Richard Hayward Pidsley Marriages Mar 1874 Emmeline Haydon

Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 20 March 1931