Sunday, 27 November 2011

Birthday of the mother of Jerome

Today is the birthday of the mother of Jerome Nicolas.
Did they celebrate during her lifetime birthday or christenings ?
And although there is not much written about such a common thing we found some things.
The sending of cards was only for the elite.
But if possible there would be something special to eat.Cakes for example.
And as it is a windy and rainy day today I will give you some recipes from 1760 to make you´re own birthdaycake.
So start baking and celebrate Katharina´s birthday for the 255th time.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Stork ,Saint and swig

Always looking for interesting facts for the blog and bearing in mind that one thing can lead to another we keep searching.
While searching in Amsterdam for the still not found Jan Hollander .
We find a distillery `de ooievaar `or the stork in Amsterdam.
bearing in mind the story of C.J.Vlieland about the stork we investigate this one.
That is open and where you can buy liqueur
The distillery is founded in 1752.
Maybe Jan and his wife had a drink there to celebrate their wedding.
But it turned out different .It was founded in The Hague in 1782 and later moved to Amsterdam .
The building in The Hague still excist.
So while looking for this building in 1782 in the Hague we found a print of the entry of Saint Nicholas in the Hague.
If you look at it more closeley you can see rioting of the Orangists .
Riots in 1782 !!

Today Saint Nicholas is visiting the Hague as well. He will be staying there and every other town or village in Holland untill the fifth of December to celebrate his birthday.
Then he will return to Spain where he lives .
Then Santa will take over and will visit us .
This is how The Hague looked in 1785.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

once again the family tree of Catharina Fris

I.1 Andries Corsten.

Gehuwd ca 1675 met Marijtje Adams.

Uit dit huwelijk:

1. Adam Fris (Frits)

II.1 Adam Fris (Frits), geboren ca 1681 te Leiden, overleden 1737 te Leiden.

Ondertrouwd op 21-10-1702 te Leiden (getuige(n): zijn schoonvader Huijbert van der Burg en haar moeder Cornelia Jans), gehuwd 1702 met Maria Witmans (De Wit).

Uit dit huwelijk:

1. Andreas Fris (Andries Tris) (

2. Adam Fris

3. Johannes Fris, geboren 1706, gedoopt (rk) op 24-03-1706 te Leiden (getuige(n): Johannes Vilvoorde).

4. Adam Fris, geboren 1707, gedoopt (rk) op 29-03-1707 te Leiden (getuige(n): Andreas de Wit).

5. Jacobus Fris, geboren 1709, gedoopt (rk) op 16-02-1709 te Leiden.

6. Cornelis Fris, geboren 1712, gedoopt (rk) op 22-02-1712 te Leiden.

7. Gertrudis Fris, geboren 1714, gedoopt (rk) op 28-03-1714 te Leiden.

Ondertrouwd (1) op 03-05-1732 te Leiden (getuige(n): zijn neef Matthijs Crispijn en haar moeder Maria Witmans), gehuwd op 24-05-1732 te Leiden met Jan Van den Berg, geboren ca 1710 te Leiden.

Ondertrouwd (2) op 22-07-1752 te Leiden (getuige(n): zijn vader Pieter Engelbregt en haar moeder Maria Witman), gehuwd op 12-08-1752 te Leiden met Abram Engelbrecht, geboren 1729, gedoopt (rk) op 21-05-1729 te Leiden, zoon van Pieter Engelbrecht en Catharina Gerrits Crosser.

8. Cornelia Fris, geboren 1716, gedoopt (rk) op 15-05-1716 te Leiden.

9. Johannes Fris, geboren 1718, gedoopt (rk) op 03-08-1718 te Leiden, overleden voor 1724.

10. Johannes Fris

11. Jacobus Fris, geboren 1728, gedoopt (rk) op 16-01-1728 te Leiden.

III.1 Andreas Fris (Andries Tris), geboren 1703, gedoopt (rk) op 14-08-1703 te Leiden.

Ondertrouwd (1) op 06-03-1723 te Leiden (getuige(n): zijn vader Adam Fris en haar aanbehuwd moeder Annetje Braakman), gehuwd 1723 te Leiden met Pieternelletje Sehee, geboren 1697, gedoopt op 27-05-1697 te Leiden, dochter van Jan Sehee en Maria Kenbeek (Kenbe). Geen kinderen gevonden.

Ondertrouwd (2) op 18-04-1739 te Leiden (getuige(n): zijn moeder Marijtje Witmans en haar moeder Marijtje de Vrij), gehuwd op 09-05-1739 te Leiden met Francijntje Van der Wouw.

Uit het tweede huwelijk:

1. Maria Fris, geboren 1740, gedoopt (rk) op 05-05-1740 te Leiden.

III.4 Adam Fris, dekenwerker, geboren 1705, gedoopt (rk) op 19-01-1705 te Leiden.

Ondertrouwd (1) op 16-08-1727 te Leiden (getuige(n): zijn vader Adam Fris en haar moeder Jacobmina van Oolen), gehuwd 1727 met Jacoba Casteel, geboren ca 1706 te Leiden. Misschien is dit Jacomina of Lebruna, dochter van Estienne Casteel (Chateau) en Jacobmijne Van Olen (Jacoba Jans van Hooren).

Ondertrouwd (2) op 13-08-1729 te Leiden (getuige(n): zijn vader Adam Fris en haar moeder Anna Seerde), gehuwd op 03-09-1729 te Leiden met Elisabeth Bakker, dochter van Anna Seerde.

Uit het eerste huwelijk:

1. Maria Fris, geboren 1727, gedoopt (rk) op 16-11-1727 te Leiden.

2. Jacoba Fris, geboren 1728, gedoopt (rk) op 15-12-1728 te Leiden.

Uit het tweede huwelijk:

3. Anna Fris, geboren 1730, gedoopt (rk) op 15-10-1730 te Leiden.

4. Andreas Fris, geboren 1732, gedoopt (rk) op 21-01-1732 te Leiden.

III.16 Johannes Fris, geboren 1724, gedoopt (rk) op 10-01-1724 te Leiden.

Ondertrouwd op 25-04-1744 te Leiden (getuige(n): zijn stiefvader Johannes Engelbregt en haar stiefmoeder Marijtje Witmans), gehuwd op 16-05-1744 te Leiden met Maria Engelbrecht, geboren 1723 te Leiden, gedoopt op 17-03-1723 te Leiden, dochter van Johannes Engelbrecht (Engelbregt) en Maria Frie (Ferie Parrie).

Uit dit huwelijk:

1. Cornelia Fris, geboren 1750, gedoopt op 27-01-1750 te Leiden.

Ondertrouwd op 09-01-1778 te Leiden (getuige(n): zijn broer Johannes Heusden en haar moeder Marijtje Engelbregt), gehuwd op 24-01-1778 te Leiden met Abraham Heusen, geboren 1745, gedoopt op 22-05-1745 te Leiden, zoon van Arnold Heusen en Catharina Goetdorp.

2. Maria Fris (Frits, Trits), geboren 1753, gedoopt (rk) op 19-09-1753 te Leiden.

Ondertrouwd op 27-04-1781 te Leiden (getuige(n): zijn moeder Johanna Kuijters en haar moeder Marijtje Engelbrecht), gehuwd op 12-05-1781 te Leiden met Joannes Joannesz Biegstraten, geboren 1755, gedoopt (rk) op 03-10-1755 te Leiden, zoon van Joannes Biegstraten en Anna Kuijters (Johanna).

3. Catharina Fris, geboren 1756, gedoopt (rk) op 27-11-1756 te Leiden.
marriage 1785 Jan Janszoon Hollander

4. Johanna Fris (Maria Frits), geboren 1760, gedoopt (rk) op 05-02-1760 te Leiden.

Ondertrouwd op 22-04-1784 te Leiden (getuige(n): zijn vader Arnoldus van Soest en haar moeder Marijtje Engelbregt), gehuwd op 15-05-1784 te Leiden met Theodorus Van Soest, geboren 1758, gedoopt (rk) op 03-10-1758 te Leiden, zoon van Arnoldus Van Soest en Rijmpje Godschalk.

5. Arida Fris, geboren 1763, gedoopt (rk) op 31-01-1763 te Leiden.

6. Angela Fris, geboren 1765, gedoopt (rk) op 28-11-1765 te Leiden.

Friday, 11 November 2011

The Vlieland papers

Still busy to find more about Charles Vlieland.
We find googling all kind of references to `the Vlieland papers `
We find that Charles wrote his memoirs during the sixties

Secretary of Defence, Malaya, 1938-1941.
Typescript, 'Disaster in the Far East, 1941-42', an unpublished account of his experiences.
Vlieland later wrote: "I do not suppose Churchill's decision ...
How far is it from Atlanta GA to? - Distance Calcul

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Audrey Louisa Hanhart

She was the second wife of Charles Archibald Vlieland.
Audrey was born as Audrey Louisa HANHART birth registered Hampstead, Middx, June quarter 1900
Audrey Hanhart is on the 1901 census with her parents Michael Hanhart born c1850, St Pancras, London and Helen Louisa Ann nee PEARCE c1863, Hampstead, Middx, family living at 47 Constantine Rd, Hampstead,
Michael Hanhart is a lithographic artist
here an example of his work.
We find
M. & N. Hanhart
Established in Mulhouse in 1830 by Michael Hanhart who initially worked with Godefroy Engelmann in London. The firm, established at Charlotte Street, Fitzroy Square, was named after his two sons Michael and Nicholas. Artists like Joseph Wolf, Joseph Smit, J G Keulemans and others worked for him to produce natural history illustrations that were used in the Ibis (1859-1874), Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London (1848-1900) and a range of books. The company wound up in 1902 after the death of Nicholas Hanhart and the rise of new printing techniques.

Audrey Hanhart marriage registration to Arthur H.J. Hubert, Hendon, Middx 1925.
Audrey L. Hubert married Charles Vlieland 1956, September quarter, Holborn, London Middlesex, Volume 5c page 2134,

Her death registration 1970 St Albans, Hertfordshire .
Thanks Jan.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Clifford Nicholas Vlieland Peel

Was a son of Reginald Peel and Frances Maude Vlieland and they had more children
1.Francis Reginald V. Peel Registered Apr May Jun 1907 - Exeter 5b 412
2.Clifford Nicholas Vlieland Peel born 1908
3.Barbara Peel born 25 November 1911.

in the sideline

Clifford Vlieland Peel grandson 2 b ExeterThis Clifford is the son of Frances Maude and Reginald Peel .He was sickly and after his birth stayed with his grandparents,He is the boy on the right at the opening of the Rougemont Gardens.His sister Barbara came after the death of their mother also to stay with him at his grandparents house.

We find Clifford Vlieland Peel in the census grandson 2 b Exeter living with C.J.Vlieland,because after Frances Maude Vlieland died 4 February 1914 in Sewri Bombay India at the age of 28 the children went to live with their grandparents in England
She died of malignant malaria she is described as 'wife of R. Peel
We find him at a fancydress party at his grandparents house.

And also
At the wedding of mrs Willey her godson Master Clifford Peel was wearing a pretty page costume.

He used the stage name Nicholas Vlieland actor.
He was born 21 Dec.1908 died 18 Sept 1982.
He is the son of Reginald Peel and Frances Maude Vlieland
Because his mother died he stayed with his grandparents.
Other children from Reginald and Frances Maude are,
1.Francis Reginald V. Peel Registered Apr May Jun 1907 - Exeter 5b 412
2.Clifford Nicholas Vlieland Peel born 1908
3.Barbara Peel born 25 November 1911.
Clifford Vlieland Peel grandson 2 b ExeterThis Clifford is the son of Frances Maude and Reginald Peel .He was sickly and after his birth stayed with his grandparents,He is the boy on the right at the opening of the Rougemont Gardens.His sister Barbara came after the death of their mother also to stay with him at his grandparents house.
He was an actor.
Theatre programme advertising a play produced at the Duke of York's Theatre entitled THE HANGMAN. The programme is dated, "21st October, 1935"
Duke of York's Theatre, St Martin's Lane, Westminster, London, England
author : Lagerkvist, Par, Mr., 1891-1974
actor : Vosper, Frank, Mr., 1899-1937 (actor and dramatist)
actor : Lomas, Herbert, Mr.
actor : Seabrooke, Elliott, Mr.
actor : Lefeaux, Charles, Mr.
actor : Fletcher, Wilfred, Mr.
actor : Glenville, Peter, Mr.
actor : Banbury, Frith, Mr., b.1912
actor : Seymour, Barbara, Miss
actor : Stewart, Marjorie, Miss
actor : Edwards, Kathleen, Miss
actor : Carr, Marjorie, Miss
actor : Vlieland, Nicholas, Mr.
actor : Goring, Marius, Mr., 1912-1988
actor : Jones, Wickham, Mr.
actor : Howell, Kenneth, Mr.
actor : Wheatleigh, Edward, Mr.
actor : Church, Esme, Miss
actor : Merrett, Viola, Miss
actor : Blomfield, Derek, Mr., 1920-1964
actor : Wickham, Tony, Mr.
actor : Collis, Margot, Miss
actor : Pusey, Arthur, Mr.
actor : Anderson, Betty, Miss
actor : Moore, John, Mr.
actor : Davey, Murray, Mr.
actor : Grey, Earle, Mr.
actor : Clifford, John, Mr.
actor : Skillan, George, Mr.
actor : Swinton, Edward, Mr.
actor : Gamble, Rollo, Mr.
actor : Langton, Basil, Mr.
actor : Gart, John, Mr.
actor : Fletcher, Wilfred, Mr.
actor : West, Edward, Mr.
actor : Edmundsen, Phyl, Miss
actor : Hume, Muriel, Miss
actor : Carr, Marjorie, Miss
actor : Edwards, Kathleen, Miss
actor : Stewart, Marjorie, Miss
actor : Downes, Hubert, Mr.
actor : Hart, Jake, Mr.
actor : Murray, William, Mr.
actor : Davis, Frank, Mr.
actor : Morgan, John, Mr.
actor : Williams, Charles, Mr.
actor : Gray, Andrew B, Mr.
actor : Edwards, Alan, Mr., 1892-1954 (sometimes credited as Allan or Allen Edwards)
actor : John, Christian, Mr.
actor : Crossman, C, Mr.
actor : Johnson, Onie, Mr.
actor : Coleman, John, Mr.
actor : Straker, Roy, Mr.
actor : Garman, Jean, Miss
actor : Wickham, Roma, Miss
actor : Greene, Margaret, Miss
actor : Best, Frank, Mr.
actor : Marriott, Digby, Mr.
actor : Woolgar-Mellon, May, Miss
actor : Wickham, Tony, Mr.

Elizabeth Chater

Actor, working for the King's Theatre Gainsborough, 'outreach' theatre for Holloway Prison in the 1950s, acting in repertory.

conducted by
Ewan Jeffrey 10/03/05

So I arrived up there and was met by Mr Nicholas Vlieland who was a wonderful character who had been in theatre all his life, he couldn't bear to live without a theatre, so he met me and took all the cases and I think took me to my digs of course, because apart from during the war when I'd been billetted for a year in Bletchley Park, because that where I was working, I hadn't really been into digs. However that was a detail, I soon got used to that, and they got used to me somehow. And that probably that first evening I went down to theatre and there was my name on the programme "Elizabeth Havelock" as Stage Management, so I thought, well that was alright, and I think probably the second evening I was backstage watching a lot of things happening, and during the day I started off tramping round G looking for props because if there was anything the prop company hadn't got in, I think props were kept above the theatre entrance, I think upstairs in the theatre loft. There was obviously a collection of props that was a s good as they could muster. I by this time was getting terribly excited and cycled from the King's Theatre which is still there in Gainsborough, and sort of 19th-century, I could draw it but I can't describe it, but it doesn't really matter.
Richard of Bordeaux" (Touring Company Production of the Drama at Theatre Royal, Newcastle) - Theatre Programme
Newcastle, Theatre Royal. 1934, First Edition. Pamphlet, 5.5 x 8.5". Unpaginated, but 8pp - This is the souvenir programme for the touring company production of Gordon Daviot's "Richard of Bordeaux". at The Theatre Royal, Newcastle where it played for one week beginning on 23 April, 1934. The play premiered at New Theatre St Martin's Lane in 1933, where it ran for more than 14 months. Daviot was a pseudonym of Elizabeth Macintosh, whose better-known pen-name is Josephine Tey. The cast included Glen Byam Shaw as Richard, and Patricia Bradfield as his wife and queen, Anne of Bohemia. Others in the cast were: Paul Dornhorst, Graham Watson, Bellenden Powell, Charles Cautley, Frederick Keen, Robert Morley, T. A. Shannon, Cyril Fairlie, Alan Webb, Helen Fuller, Mavis Edwards, Richard Warner, Antony Eustrel, Frith Banbury, Peter Du Calion, Evelyn Russell, Felix Irwin, Godfrey Bond, Nicholas Vlieland, Katherine Carlton, and Noel Cass. Roy Langford was General Stage Director, Fred Dixon was Stage Manager, Frederick Thompson was Assistant Stage Manager and, J. G. Grahame was Business Manager. Hermann McLeod conducted The Theatre Royal Piano-String Quartette featuring Leo Beers on Violin, James Griffiths on Cello, and Karl Livock at the piano. The show was produced by Bernard Gordon, PROVENANCE: this item comes from the collection of H. W. Roxburgh's extensive collection of theatrical ephemera. It was purchased at Fellows and Sons Auction, Birmingham (UK) in Aug, 2007.

Dorothy Margaret Morgan

Dorothy Margaret Morgan was the wife of Charles Archibald Vlieland .
Their marriage was in December 1914 in Cardiff.

She was born in June 1886 in Cardiff as daughter of Richard Morgan and Annie Chamberlain .(11a 364)
She died at the age of 55 in March 1942 in Leicester( 7a 481).
Which would indicate this is probably her family.

891 Census 20 Ruthin Gdns St John Cardiff
Richard Morgan 29 Secretary to Coal Company b Cardiff
Annie C wife 27 b Guernsey
DOROTHY M dau 4 b Cardiff
Margery M dau 1 b Cardiff
Minnie Jones 20 servant

1901 Census Station Rd Llanishen
Richard Morgan 39 Sec to Ltd Co b Cardiff
Annie C wife 37 b Guernsey
DOROTHY M 14 b Cardiff
Margery dau 11 b Cardiff
Charlotte Monfries m-in-law widow 77 Living on own means b Exeter
Marion Monfries s-in-law 41 Living on own means b Guernsey
Sarah Jones 23 servant
Annie Preece 22 Cook

1911 Census Hillerest Llanishen nr Cardiff
Richard Morgan 49 Chartered Secretary to Ltd Co b Cardiff
Annie Chamberlain Morgan wife 47 b Guernsey
Dorothy Margaret Morgan dau 24 b Guernsey
Eveline Hall 28 cook
Rose H Hood 29 servant

Richard Morgan & Annie Chamberlain Monfries
marriage Jun qtr 1885 Cardiff 11a 429

In a letter to a miss Davies het mentions his beloved mother in law.
"Dear Miss Davies
Thank you very much for your efforts over the Birmingham Mail. I am very glad to have the extra copies - one I shall now be able to send to my beloved mother in law, who is the Anne of the dedication (To Another Anne whose spirits as unquenchable as my love for her) and will be thrilled to bits!
I return your copy of the book endorsed on the title page.
Yours sincerely
Archie Wheeland"
Also we know now that his beloved mother in law is the Ann of the dedication in this book.

Charles dedicated his books to

The Grand Hotel on Granby Street, designed by Cecil Ogden in 1898.

Occupying a prominent corner position in Granby Street the Grand Hotel serves to remind us of the scale of new hotels built at the end of the 19th Century. Built of red brick and stone in a grandiose style, it replaced the Blue Lion Coaching Inn, a Victorian public house, which was demolished along with the Carlton Hotel and the Conservative Club to make way for the Grand, one of Leicester’s premier hotels. The main part of the hotel was designed by Cecil Ogden in 1898 in a grand Franco-German Renaissance style reminiscent of the sixteenth century Two years later a corner addition was added by Amos Hall. The design here seems to have been influenced by the churches designed by Sir Christopher Wren.

A small hotel brochure from 1901 describes the hotel in glowing terms and it is clear which type of clientèle it attracted in its heyday: “Under its appropriate title ‘the Grand Hotel’ has formed the temporary home of the elite of English Society and of notabilities sojourning in Leicester. It is a favourite house with our Canadian and American cousins, and is generally admitted to be the finest hotel not only in Leicester, but in the Midlands’”

For its distinguished visitors it offered the best of amenities including a coffee room, drawing room and a Palm Court. One of the handsomest public rooms was the King’s Hall with walls and pillars decorated with Californian onyx and two large, carved, open, marble fire-places. Daily rates were from seven shillings and sixpence a day for sitting rooms and four shillings and sixpence a day for bedrooms. Visitors’ servants were charged five shillings a day for board and bedrooms were from two shillings and sixpence a day, according to position.

The hotel is now owned by Mercure Hotel Group and is called Mercure Leicester City Hotel. The hotel is now described as a place where ‘Victorian charm and elegance meets modern comfort’.


Banner, J. 1994 Out and About in Leicester, Leicester: Leicester City Council

Taylor, M. 1997 The Quality Of Leicester, Leicester: Leicester City Council.

The other marriage of Charles is to   Audrey Hubert. nee Audrey Louisa Hanhart 

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Charles Archibald Vlieland once again

In the Singapore newspaper there is a lot of information about Charles Archibald Vlieland.
That is where we found this rare illustration.

Charles Archibald Vlieland..
Years ago ,we found on internet a clipping in a book The asbestos mask with a photograph of Jerome Nicholas as is says under this picture and a signature of his alter ego Archie Wheeland.
All combined in one person Charles Archibald Vlieland.

And as we all can see it really is the same person.

There was also a note inside that tells us even more.

"Dear Miss Davies
Thank you very much for your efforts over the Birmingham Mail. I am very glad to have the extra copies - one I shall now be able to send to my beloved mother in law, who is the Anne of the dedication (To Another Anne whose spirits as unquenchable as my love for her) and will be thrilled to bits!
I return your copy of the book endorsed on the title page.
Yours sincerely
Archie Wheeland"
Also we know now that his beloved mother in law is the Ann of the dedication in this book.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Dudley Batty

Dudley Batty was the son of Dudley Davison Batty and Emma Rouse
he married Phoebe Mary Vlieland the daughter of Charles James Vlieland and Alice Edith Millen.
Christening: 05 FEB 1888 Ospringe, Kent
She married Dudley Eugene Batty in Jun 1912.

They had one child Aubrey Batty who was born and died in December 1914 in FullhamShe and Dudley lived in a beautiful Arts and Crafts house in Buckinghamshire, full of Dudley's pictures.

* If you look up 'Upalong, Oxford Road Gerrards Cross' on Google, you will find three lists of residents – Dudley in 1929, Phoebe in 1938 and 1940, in a Directory with lovely pre-World War II typography.

Their one child died an infant cot death.
This information we have from Phoebe Mary's great-niece!

The house  named Upalong and was at Gerrards Cross.
The well known John Hislop visted there and mentiones it in his book.
Connections to Phoebe Mary, the strongest by far is Emily Anthony, about whom all we know is her death in Gerrards Cross in 1972 and the fact that, employed as nursemaid to the son who died, she stayed as devoted companion to Phoebe through Dudley's death until (assuming Phoebe died after her) the end of her life.
Dudley Eugene Batty was born September 1873
He was an electrical engineer and joined AEI (Associated Electrical Industries Ltd), the innovative scientific company, in 1929
He died December 1933.

Interior photographs of the drawing room at Rouse Hill House. This photograph is one of three within the Rouse Hill House & Farm collection taken by Dudley Batty (1875-1933), son of Emma Batty nee Rouse (1843-1928) and Dudley Davison Batty(1845-1878), and great-grandson of Richard Rouse, the builder of the house.

Photo Richard Rouse
Dudley Batty and his younger brother Aubrey, both born in England, made an extended visit to their Australian relatives in 1894, staying for some time with their uncle Edwin Stephen Rouse at Rouse Hill. Dudley Batty became a member of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain in 1920.
About Rouse Hill house.
TN THE SUPREME COURT OP NEW SOUTH X WALES.-Probate Jurisdiction.-In the Estate of EMMA BATTY late of Hove Sussex England Widow deceased.-Application will be made after foui teen days tiom the publication hereof that Letters of Administration with an exemplification of the Probntc of the Will of the abovenamed de- ceased granted by the High Court of Justice an- nexed may be granted to REGINALD NEVILLE DANGAR and RODNEY ROUSE DANGAR the duly constituted Attorneys of DUDLEY EUGENE BATTY and EDMUND HARGRAVE PEACH tho Executors named In the said Will for the use and benefit of the said Dudley Eugene Batty and Edmund Hargrave Peach limited until the said Dudley Eugene Batty and Edmund Hargrave Peach shali apply or take out representation in this Honourable Court and all persons having any claim against the Estate of the said deceased are required to forward par- ticulars thereof to the undersigned within the saidFix this text period and all notices may be served at the under- mentioned address. PURVES and MOODIE, Proc- tors for the Applicants, Ile Castlcrcagh-strect,


South Kensington seems to have been the Batty family home – Comeragh Road, where Phoebe and Dudley lived at Aubrey's birth is just round the corner from Redcliffe Gardens, where Dudley's elder sister was stillborn (20 November 1872, Sydney Herald 27 January 1873) and where he and his wife Emma lived on their marriage (20 July 1871) – officiated by Dudley's two brothers, Edmund and George Staunton, both Reverends (Sydney Herald, 2 October 1871)!

from the Devon and Exeter Gazette June 26 1912 
The marriage of Dudley Batty and Phoebe Mary Vlieland 

AN EXETER WEDDING. Walsh, photograph frame; Mrs. Edgar Ware, tot pins; iMir., JVlrs., and the Misses Wright, silver cigarette case. The Lord Bishop of Marlborough's gift to the bride was a pa.per-knifg in case, with heavy chased silver handle, and on the long ivory blade were engraved miniature representations tlie Cathedral, the Guildhall, the Cap of Maintenance, and the City Arms. In addition, it (bore the following verse, written by hie lordship:— Forget not, Bride, whatever lot be thine, Tihe .Ever Faithful .City and its Shrine ; The City where thy parent sat as head, The Holy (Shrine in whidh his ohi'ld was wed. lave worthy both, all happiness -be thine. The honoured parent and tihe Holy Shrine. The design was the work Messrs. Depree and Young, Exeiter. - During afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Batty lerflt for the Continent to spend the honeymoon in Belgium and Holland. The bride's travelling dress was of saxe blue silk eolienne, with coatee of laoe the same colour, and sash of silk. Her hat was white bagel, with blue Lancer plumes and shaded pansies. The costume was supplied Messrs. Bros., as also other portions her trousseau. Mr. W. J. Coombes, the Princes Nurseries, St. Thomas, supplied .the wedding bell and sniilax decorations at the Guildhall, the flowers, palms, etc., at the Cathedral, and a bouquet for the Mayoress. A canopy at the Guildhall, the carpeting of the nave at the Cathedral, and the erection of the porch the West door were the work of Mr. R. M. Flint, of Exeter. The wedding ,cake was supplied by Messrs., Goff, and Co., Broadgate. They also were entrusted with the catering. The bride's dresses and those of the bridesmaids and the bride's mother were designed and made by Messrs. Green and Son, Exeter. Messrs. Rush and Co. supplied the wedding bouquetsy Mr. J. Browning, art photographer, of Exeter, took the wedding portraits. 'Die silver fl-ay and the brooch that were the City's gifts the bride were supplied Mr. W. U. Lisle, Fore-street, Exeter. "

Dudley Eugene Batty: experimental engineer
After education at Wellington College and University College, he gained wide practical training as an engineer at companies such as Harland and Wolff shipyards and Willans, Robinson who manufactured steam engines, diesel motors and generators. His artistic heritage seems to have come out in design and innovation: he worked in the research laboratory of Mather and Platt and was then appointed Superintending Engineer with British Westinghouse, a major US firm of gas and electrical engineers; he later returned to the company in charge of gas engine sales.
In 1916 he joined the Associated Equipment Co. (AEC), who were at the forefront of passenger and heavy goods’ vehicle manufacture; after the First World War  he was appointed Experimental Engineer, and held the position until his death in 1933, at the age of 58.
He was clearly well regarded in the profession, being elected a member of the Institution of Automobile Engineers in 1923 and serving on its Council from 1931 until his death.
In June 1924, he patented a device to regulate and improve speed in vehicles such as trolleybuses (US 1497474 A):
To all whom it may concern:
Be it known that I, Dudley Batty, a subject of the King of England, residing at West Kensington, London, England, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Speed-Regulating Devices for Electrically-Driven Vehicles.

Thanks go to Grace’s Guide to British Industrial History and the Institution of Automobile Engineers, and to Nick Ezra, Editor of the AEC Gazette, for part of this information.

Friday, 4 November 2011

The Mantua

Today something different.
Charles Archibald Vlieland worked for years in Malaya.
Transport from Singapore to England took quite some time.
The only way Charles Archibald Vlieland his wife and children could visit England was by boat.
We read in the newspapers they went several times with the Oruba .

In 1931 Charles Archibald Vlieland went home on the Mantua .

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Frederick Cornell

The husband of Emily Sarah Louisa Vere Vlieland was Frederick Cornell.
He was the son of Frederick Cornell born c 1834 Lambeth, Surrey and Sarah Ann nee BRAY
Son of Frederick Cornell and Emily Vlieland was William Frederick Gordon Cornell born Sept 7 1888 at 2, Goldington St, St Pancras.
her her marriage certificate
The 1911 census shows Frederick and Emily living at 61 Stanley Buildings, Clarence Passage, St Pancras.
Emily states she has had 2 children, both living, but neither are living with them.
1.William Frederick Cornell
Emily Vlieland was the daughter of Emily Priaulx and William Heath Vlieland.
The story of the heartless robbery springs to mind.