Wednesday, 30 September 2009

No copy of the last page.

So far the search for a copy of the last page of the prayerbook has been in vain.
A question on the BBC messageboard did not lead to anything positive either.
So that is the end to that lead.
As we still like to find out more about Jerome we will keep looking for new clues.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Looking for the prayer book

The knowledge of the birthdate of the first Jerome Nicholas Vlieland is from a prayer book.
Jerome Nicholas Vlieland had a son William Heath Vlieland.
On a visit to his uncle`the bishop of London`he was given the prayerbook.
Soon after 1881 he recorded his family births, marriages and deaths .
Entered in the rare cover it says `my father Jerome Nicholas Vlieland born 27 June 1796.
Florence Adele Vlieland had the book when she married.
She and Douglas Anderson had three children.
Beryl Audrey Anderson was the daughter who inherited the prayerbook.
She married with Mr.Burt and they had a son Clifford Burt.
So through this line the Vlieland prayer book went to the grandson of Florence Adele.
And here they are.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Susanna Maria Vlieland

Susanna Maria Vlieland is the daughter of Jerome Nicholas Vlieland and Sarah Heath.
She was born 04-08-1826 Great Yarmouth Norfolk.
She died as
name: Susanna Maria Vlieland Johnson
gender: Female
burial date: 22 Aug 1826
burial place: Hemblington, Norfolk, England