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Probate Kate Heaton Petter

Squire Heaton birth

Squire Heaton son of James Heaton and Elizabeth 

Squire Heaton (Squire Eastwood’s father) turns out to have been a schoolmaster in the romantically named but probably very poor settlements of Attercliffe-cum-Darnall (1851), Eccleshall Bierlow (1861) and Nether Hallam (1871), all outside Sheffield. The workhouse in Eccleshall Bierlow had a certified schoolmaster in residence in the 1860s, and I wonder if that was him, I can only at present find the incumbent in the 1880s.
Also, 321 High Holborn, Squire Eastwood’s trading address when he died in 1918, had an amazing history, housing a bankrupt lacemaker (1835); John Blissett, the foremost gunsmith in England, with a Royal Warrant (1851–1876), and John Walker, a society jeweller; The Unicorn Press (1930s), who published cutting-edge fiction and poetry; and Favre-Leuba (1960s), the oldest and most prestigious Swiss precision watchmaker!

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Squire Eastwood visitor

Squire Eastwood Heaton at the age of 58 in the census

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by Hugh Chesterman

King Winter sat in his Hall one day,

And he said to himself, said he,

“I must admit I've had some fun,

I've chilled the Earth and cooled the Sun,

And not a flower or tree

But wishes that my reign were done,

And as long as Time and Tide shall run,

I'll go on making everyone

As cold as cold can be.”

There came a knock at the outer door:

“Who's there?” King Winter cried;

“Open your Palace Gate,” said Spring

“For you can reign no more as King,

Nor longer here abide;

This message from the Sun I bring,

‘The trees are green, the birds do sing;

The hills with joy are echoing’:

So pray, Sir—step outside!”

Gladys Mary Heaton

In this census we find Florence Nightingale together with Margaret Phoebe Heaton and Gladys Mary Heaton 

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Kangaroo Brown by Linda Chesterman

Kangaroo Brown O

Jump to Australia in this energetic workout with a simple rhythm. Try singing at different speeds with leisurely long jumps for a tired kangaroo or fast little ones as Kangaroo Brown hurries off to town. Words by Linda Chesterman.

Younger children can move individually to the music. Older ones can synchronize actions with those of a partner.

Verse two and three added by Dany Rosevear

Jump, jump, Kangaroo Brown!
Jump, jump, jump off to town!
Jump, jump, up hill and down!
Jump, jump, Kangaroo Brown!

Hop, hop, Hippetty Hare!
Hop, hop, hop up in the air!
Hop, hop, hop here and there!
Hop, hop, Hippetty Hare!

Bounce, bounce, Wallaby Woo!
Bounce, bounce, to Kalamazoo!
Bounce, bounce, can we come too?
Bounce, bounce, Wallaby Woo!

Monday, 17 April 2017

The Pirate

THE PIRATE By Hugh Chesterman

He walks the decks with a swaggering gait
 (There’s mischief in his eye)
Pedigree pirate through and through
With pistols dirk and cutlass too
A rollicking rip with scars to show
For every ship he’s sent below.
His tongue is quick, his temper high,
And whenever he speaks they shout,“AY AY!”
To this king of a roaring crew.
His ship’s as old as the sea itself,
And foggity foul is she.
But what cares he for foul or fine?
If guns don’t glitter and decks don’t shine?
For sailormen from East to West
Have walked the plank at his request,
 And if he’s caught you may depend
He’ll dangle high at the business end
Of a tickly, tarry line

illustrated by Hugh Chesterman 

He wrote and illustrated a lot and in the Enid Blython Society we found this list.

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the magna carta

The Magna Carta - A Childhood Memory

The Magna Carta: A Childhood Memory
by Louise Rule

Back in the day when I was a gangling nine-year-old, with a mass of freckles and the ubiquitous large bow in my hair, we had a Magna Carta Day at school. We were all so excited at the prospect of this. It was 15th June, 1956, a Friday it was, and we were allowed to wear our best clothes for the occasion.

We were lucky in having a teacher who had the knack of making every lesson interesting. Thinking back, I am sure she could have made the telephone directory interesting. She would just sit on the corner of her desk, and, well, just teach. Time flew in her class. Teachers like that are a gift to a child. She was my gift, and she nurtured my love of history. I will never forget her.

HRH Queen Elizabeth II
Queuing for sweets at 
the end of rationing
So, to continue; there hadn't been much to celebrate since WWII had ended, save for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953, and another landmark of 1953 for us children was the end of sugar rationing. We formed endless queues outside the sweet shop to buy our humbugs, barley sugars, and gobstoppers. Just don't get me started on gobstoppers with a different colour for each layer.... Sorry, I digress... Magna Carta. We were all excited when our teacher told us of the poem that we would all learn. It was simply called 'King John', by Hugh Chestermann (b. 20.03.1884 - d. 03.11.1941). It can be found in Brian Moses' anthology Blood and Roses: British History in Poetry, which was published by Hodder Children's Books in 2004.

King John
We were given it as a print-out. The teacher put the copies on the front desk, and asked us to take a copy and pass the rest back. This we did, until we each had our own. We were a class in excess of 45 children, being 'baby-boomers'. We were informed that we would be reciting it as a 'round', where one child would recite the first two lines, then the next child, the next two lines, and so on. That is why it would be done as a 'round'. By the time it had been recited many times, it stuck in my head. Over the years, however, I have only remembered the first four lines, but on seeing it again, it all came back to me. 

So, the poem

'King John'

John was a tyrant, John was a tartar
John put his name to the Great Big Charter.
Every baron from Thames to Tweed
Followed the road to Runnymede.
Every baron had something to say
To poor perplexed King John that day.
"Pray sign your name," said Guy de Gaunt,
"It's easily done and it's all we want."
"A J and an O and an N" said Hugo, Baron of Harpenden.
Quietly spoke the Lord Ranbure, 
"Oblige Lord King with your signature."
"Your name my liege, be writ just here,
A mere formality," laughed de Bere.
"A stroke of the pen and the thing is done,"
Murmured Sir Roger of Trumpington.
"Done in a twinkling," sniffed de Guise.
Said Stephen Langton, "Sign if you please!"
So many people egging him on
I can't help feeling sorry for John.

(There is an alternative ending...)

Too many people he did wrong
We have no cause to pity John.

I think it is safe to say, that whichever ending of this poem you prefer, there has never again been a king named John.

I am sure that my continued love of history stemmed from my teacher's enthusiasm for our Magna Carta Day. It conjured up in my mind all the colourful costumes, and the striped tents with their pennants flying in the breeze. I had seen Quo Vadis and Knights of the Round Table at the cinema, starring Robert Taylor, and it was those Hollywood images that were in my mind.

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On the internet we found the history behind the game of thrones .
Surprise to find Hugh Chesterman and Jerome in it .
Here is to prove why there are already more then 6000 hits for Hugh on this post

The text of the short poem about King John is on this page It’s some way down the page so if anyone follows it, it might be worth doing a search for “John was a tyrant” on the webpage. This Yahoo answers page also references it While searching I came across a more recent poem about King John written in northern English dialect (I think in the style of the late Stanley Holloway) I think this poem is written by Marriott Edgar. This extract is written for humour but I think accurately depicts the attitude prevalent to the “small folk” in medieval times:-

“it were all right him being a tyrant

To vassals and folks of that class,

But he tried on his tricks with the Barons an’ all,

And that’s where he made a ‘faux pas’. ”

North American people may be most familiar with Stanley Holloway from his portrayal of Eliza Doolittle’s father, a cockney dustman in the 1960s “My Fair Lady” film, but he was also known for northern (British) English rhyming monologues. I also found a site which gave information about the poet Hugh Chesterman

“Tartar” here is a variation of “tatar” – though there are of course other meanings (I think Grumpy Cat’s real name is Tartar Sauce). It might be falling out of use now but in my youth one might say about a strict teacher “She’s a bit of a tartar” like one might say “She’s a bit of a dragon” – the sense I think coming from when the Tatars were allied with Genghis Khan’s mongols. Yes, King John was Richard I’s brother.

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Susan Vlieland

Susan Vlieland
England and Wales Census, 1841
Name Susan Vlieland
Event Type Census
Event Date 1841
Event Place St Nicholas, Norfolk, England
Residence Note Chapel Square
Gender Female
Age 30-34
Age (Original) 30
Birth Year (Estimated) 1807-1811
Birthplace Foreign
Registration District Great Yarmouth
Book Number 1
Parish St Nicholas
County Norfolk
Page Number 29
Registration Number HO107
Piece/Folio 794/42
Affiliate Record Type Household

0thers on this census record

Susan Vlieland F 30-34 Foreign
John Vlieland M 45-49 Foreign
Mary Vlieland F 28-32 Foreign
Louise Murray F 38-42
Ann Brown F 24-28 Norfolk
Elizabeth Brown F 18-22 Norfolk

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Ann Brown

Today we go back to what we think are the children of Catherine Frisch .
allthough the birthdates does not match  is is a good guess untill proven otherwise..
We first find them in the census of 1841.
Together with three other people .

Louise Murray
One of them is Ann Brown

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Elizabeth Brown

Today we go back to what we think are the children of Catherine Frisch .
allthough the birthdates does not match  is is a good guess untill proven otherwise..
We first find them in the census of 1841.
Together with three other people .
Maybe if we can find out who the other people are it explains more 

Susan Vlieland F 30-34 Foreign
John Vlieland M 45-49 Foreign
Mary Vlieland F 28-32 Foreign
Louise Murray F 38-42 not from this country 
Ann Brown F 24-28 Norfolk
Elizabeth Brown F 18-22 Norfolk
 We cannot find Elizabeth Brown or Ann Brown 

Monday, 10 April 2017

Dutch ganseys

60 ganseys from 40 Dutch fishing villages.

In the period between 1875 and 1950, Dutch fishermen wore sweaters with distinctive knit and purl stitch patterns and sometimes cables. The sweaters were knit out of sturdy blue, natural, grey or black wool. The women from the fishing villages along the Dutch coast would use their own patterns, and because of the close-knit character of many fishing communities, these patterns could be linked to specific towns. A fisherman could be identified by his gansey: the motif could for instance be traced back to Urk or Katwijk.
Stella Ruhe collected many patterns and motifs and had the ganseys reknit using modern yarns.

This book contains historical and new photographs, sketches and charts for all the ganseys, which you can use to knit a gansey from your favourite fishing village.
Of course, the historical context of these ganseys is as important as the objects themselves. That is why the book is also full of stories and interesting facts about the daily life of fishermen – with a few fishy stories as well.
The combination of history and modern patterns makes Dutch Traditional Ganseys a unique book for knitters, and a great read for everyone interested in craft, culture and heritage.

here you find some pictures  of the sweaters  worn by our ancestors and their children.

In Noordwijk there was the bramblestich
Blz. 62 Bramensteek Noordwijk:
1ste nld: averecht.
2de nld: *brei uit 1 st 3 st: 1 r, 1 av,1 r zonder de lus af te laten glijden, 3 av samenbreien*. Herhaal wat tussen * * staat tot het einde van de nld. 3de nld: averecht overbreien.
4de nld: zoals 2de nld, maar dan versprongen: 3 st uit 1 breien boven de samengebreide st en 3 st samenbreien boven de steken die zijn gemeerderd.
5de nld: zoals 3de nld.

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Message in a bottle

Remember the first of april ......
We found the persons involved.

Name:William Frederick Chapman

Birth Date:1850
Age 25
Spouse's Name:Mary Anne Angel
Spouse's Birth Date1849
Spouse's Age 26
Event Date 23 Oct 1875
Event Place Christ Church, Chelsea, Middlesex, England
Father's Name William Chapman
Spouse's Father's Name William Angel

Name Mary Ann Angel
Event Registration

Registration QuarterOct-Nov-Dec
Registration Year1849
Registration District Freebridge LynnCountyNorfolk
Event Place Freebridge Lynn, Norfolk, England
Volume13Page131Line Number57

And you wonder if their descendants know of this message in a bottle?
If so let us know.

Saturday, 8 April 2017

The miniaturist

 At the moment a filmcrew is filming in Leiden (and not Amsterdam) a new BBC thriller.
We know Leiden from this blog and from the city were the mother of Jerome Nicholas Vlieland was born.
Another well known person who is born there is Rembrandt.
To see what is looks like ......we present Spring in Leiden.
And you will find  the name Vlieland advertised on a petshop.

BBC One announces adaption of Jessie Burton’s sumptuous period thriller The Miniaturist

It's an almost indescribable thrill to know the characters and story I invented in The Miniaturist are going to be given a new life in such an exciting way. Jessie Burton

BBC One has commissioned a three-part adaptation of Jessie Burton’s The Miniaturist. Produced by The Forge, the adaptation will be written by John Brownlow (Fleming, Sylvia). A haunting period thriller, The Miniaturist tells the story of a house where, beneath the lavish beauty and privilege, lies forbidden passions and dangerous secrets.

Set in 1686, eighteen-year-old Nella Oortman knocks at the door of a grand house in the wealthiest quarter of Amsterdam. Full of hopes and dreams, she has come from the country to begin a new life as the wife of wealthy merchant, Johannes Brandt. But instead of Johannes, she's met by his cold sister Marin and quickly realises that nothing is as it seems in the Brandt household. When Johannes finally appears he presents her with an extraordinary wedding gift: a doll's house replica of their home. It is to be furnished by an elusive Miniaturist, whose tiny creations mirror what is happening within the house in unexpected ways and seem to be predicting and unravelling the future with unsettling accuracy.
Afbeeldingsresultaat voor poppenhuis rijksmuseum boek
As Nella begins to uncover its secrets and those of the Brandt household she realizes the escalating dangers that await them all. Does the Miniaturist hold their fate in her hands? And will she be the key to their salvation or the architect of their downfall?

The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton was one of the fastest selling debut novels in a decade, it has sold well over a million copies in 37 countries following Juliet Mushens's (UTA) sale to Picador. It has also gone on to win multiple awards including Waterstone's Book of the Year, and the National Book Awards Overall Book of the Year 2014.

On the television adaptation of her debut novel, Jessie Burton said: “It's an almost indescribable thrill to know the characters and story I invented in The Miniaturist are going to be given a new life in such an exciting way. John Brownlow's script is perfect, and I know that Kate Sinclair at the Forge will make magic happen in production. Short of actually being published, it's the best news I've ever had.”

Kate Sinclair, Executive Producer, The Forge said: “I read and pursued The Miniaturist in manuscript for over a year before publication, so utterly passionate was I about its astoundingly beauty and its rich and diverse characters. Jessie has created an exquisite gem, making the world of seventeenth century Amsterdam live and breathe in incredible detail whilst also delivering a fast paced thriller full of intrigue and dark secrets. John Brownlow has done a wonderful adaptation and I feel privileged to be making this for the BBC. Think Wolf Hall meets Tulip Fever.”

Elizabeth Kilgarriff, Executive Producer, BBC said: "The Miniaturist is a book much loved by many people and I'm thrilled that we'll be bringing this compelling and beautiful story to life on BBC One. Jessie Burton's haunting thriller, brilliantly adapted by John Brownlow, plays out against the extraordinary backdrop of seventeenth century Amsterdam and promises a truly original and visually stunning treat for our audience."

The Miniaturist is a 3 x 60’ series and will be produced by The Forge for BBC One. It was commissioned by Charlotte Moore, Director of BBC Content, and Lucy Richer, Acting Controller of BBC Drama. Executive Producer is Kate Sinclair for The Forge, and Elizabeth Kilgarriff for the BBC. Filming will take place over the winter in both Holland and the UK, the series will transmit in 2017.

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Victoria Cicely Grafton West

Victoria Cicely Grafton West.
Birth Oct 1897 Uxbridge, Middlesex
Daughter of Joseph Walter West and Ada Caroline Wyse .
Name Victoria Cicely C West
Birth dd mm year
Death mm 1977 city, Greater London, England

She was the sister of Sylvia Wyse West and sister in law of Hugh Chesterman.
Her father was Joseph Walter West.
NameVictoria Cicely C WestEvent TypeDeathRegistration QuarterOct-Nov-DecRegistration Year1977Registration DistrictHillingdonCountyMiddlesexEvent PlaceHillingdon, Middlesex, EnglandBirth Date (available after June quarter 1969)17 Aug 1897

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Charles Edward Swinnerton

Charles Edward Swinnerton was born on July 29, 1881. 
He had one son with Grace Dover in 1917. 
He died on February 22, 1951, at the age of 69.
he was the father of Charles Guy Dover Swinnerton

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Charles Guy Dover Swinnerton

When Charles Guy Dover Swinnerton was born on June 5, 1917, in Borneo, Pichincha, Ecuador,( I think this is not correct ) his father, Charles, was 35 and his mother, Grace, was 24. He had two children with Ann Fairly and one child with Elizabeth Chesterman.. He died on February 15, 1968, in Henley, Suffolk, England, at the age of 50.
He married Ann Fairly and had two sons . She died on October 22, 1964, in Wallingford, Berkshire, England.
He married Elizabeth Chesterman. she was born in June 1930 in Uxbridge, Middlesex, England, her father, Hugh, was 46, and her mother, Sylvia, was 34.
She had one son with Charles Guy Dover Swinnerton.
She had one sister.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Elizabeth Chesterman

Elizabeth Chesterman. was born in June 1930 in Uxbridge, Middlesex, England, her father, Hugh Chesterman was 46, and her mother, Sylvia Wyse West, was 34. 
She married and had one son with Charles Guy Dover Swinnerton :Nicholas John Swinnerton
She had one sister Jenifer Chesterman

When Charles Guy Dover Swinnerton was born on June 5, 1917, in Borneo, his father, Charles, was 35 and his mother, Grace, was 24. He had two children with Ann Fairly and one child with Elizabeth Chesterman. 
He died on February 15, 1968, in Henley, Suffolk, England, at the age of 50.

First he married Ann Fairly and had two sons . She died on October 22, 1964, in Wallingford, Berkshire, England.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Jenifer Brown neé Chesterman

Birth: May 31, 1927, England as daughter of Hugh Chesterman and Sylvia Wyse West.
Death: Sep. 14, 2002, England
She married William .J.Brown

Jennie Chesterman
England and Wales Census, 1911
Name Jennie Chesterman
Event Type Census
Event Date 1911
County Berkshire
Parish Reading
Sub-District St Giles
Registration District Reading
Gender Female
Age 21
Birthplace Abingdon, Berkshire

Name Jennifer Chesterman
Event Type Marriage Registration
Registration Quarter Apr-May-Jun
Registration Year 1950
Registration District Ploughley
County Oxfordshire
Event Place Ploughley, Oxfordshire, England
Spouse Name (available after 1911) Brown

Islip Cherwell District Oxfordshire, England

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Marjory Grace Holborn West

Miss Marjory Grace Holborn West
She was the sister of Sylvia Wyse West and sister in law of Hugh Chesterman.
Her father was John West.

He used her as a model for bookcovers.
Could this be her ??
This girl on the cover of the Studio.

We found this information on the British Red Cross
FORENAME: Marjory Grace Holborn 

ADDRESS: The Vane, Northwood, Middlesex 
COUNTY: Middlesex 
SERVICE FROM: 17/09/1917 
SERVICE TO: 31/03/1919
Mil Hos. Wandsworth
COMMISSION: Middlesex/10 
HONOURS AWARDED: One Scarlet Efficiency Stripe 17.10.18

In the V&A is a bookcover of MGHWest made by her father
Physical description
Bookplate of Marjorie Grace Holborn West.
Place of Origin
Great Britain (printed)
Date1907 (made)
Artist/maker West, Joseph Walter R.W.S., born 1860 - died 1933 (printmaker)
Materials and Techniques
Photo-engraving on paper
Height: 2.8125 in, Width: 2.4375 in
Descriptive line
Print by Joseph Walter West, bookplate of Marjorie Grace Holborn West, photo-engraving, Great Britain, 1907
Bibliographic References (Citation, Note/Abstract, NAL no)
Victoria & Albert Museum Department of Prints and Drawings and Department of Paintings, Accessions 1928. London: HMSO, 1929
Subjects depicted
Prints; Books
Prints, Drawings & Paintings Collection

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April Fools

You can read the play online 


Reading in the old newspapers to see if a familymember pops -up. we found this announcement.

Mary Ann Angel and William Frederick Chapman were married

Name:William Frederick Chapman

Birth Date:1850
Spouse's Name:Mary Anne Angel
Spouse's Birth Date1849
Spouse's Age26
Event Date23 Oct 1875
Event Place Christ Church, Chelsea, Middlesex, England
Father's Name William Chapman
Spouse's Father's Name William Angel

looking for a  W.F Chapman we found the play Aprils Fools

the author .........


so there is our link .