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Auction sales

Waunakee News August 4, 1898

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Alice Vlieland

Waunakee Tribune July 31, 1913

Waunakee Index December 24, 1914

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Theodore W.Baker

Theodore W. Baker
Waunakee, Wis.
Spouse's Name:
Ellen M. Ford
Spouse's Birthplace:
Viena, Wis.
Event Date:
13 Apr 1893
Event Place:
Madison, Dane, Wisconsin
Father's Name:
Samuel Baker
Mother's Name:
Sophia Baker
Spouse's Father's Name:
Lawrence Ford
Spouse's Mother's Name:
Amelia Henderson

Waunakee News June 19, 1896
census 1930

Name: Theodore W Baker
Event Type: Census
Event Year: 1930
Event Place: Waunakee, Dane, Wisconsin, United States
Gender: Male
Age: 68
Marital Status: Married
Race: White
Race (Original): White
Relationship to Head of Household: Head
Relationship to Head of Household (Original): Head
Birth Year (Estimated): 1862
Birthplace: United States
Father's Birthplace: Nova Scotia
Mother's Birthplace: Nova Scotia

Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
Theodore W Baker Head M 68 United States
Ellen M Baker Wife F 65 United Stat


Union Cemetery of Vienna
Vienna, Wisconsin, United States

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Ellen M Baker

Farm of the Bakers 

Vlieland´s property

Waunakee News May 27, 1897

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H E Vlieland

Waunakee Tribune August 5, 1971

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Fannie Vlieland

Waunakee Index December 27, 1907

preparing to move

Waunakee Tribune November 6, 1941

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Waunakee Tribune July 25, 1935

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Bransby Williams

The Shop at Sly Corner, another smash hit of April,1945, transferring from The St Martin‘s Theatre to the provinces a year later and advertised at the Opera House Theatre, Cheltenham, in October 1946 as ’London’s Sensational Thriller by Edward Percy, After 16 Months at the St Martin’s Theatre – and Still Running!’ This tale of murder, blackmail and closet homosexuality was made into a film in 1947 and also played on Broadway with Boris Karloff in the lead. In Cheltenham and Exeter, the lead was taken by Bransby Williams,

a celebrated actor, comedian and monologist, topping the musical bills in 1890–1930 with impersonations such as ‘The Cabman’s Railway Yarn’ or ‘The Aristocrat’ and a wide range of Dickens’ characters.

more about Bransby Williams

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Waunakee Tribune March 20, 1896

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12 bars of soap

Waunakee Index September 11, 1896

Elsie and Alice

Waunakee Index December 24, 1914

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Ellen Malvina Ford

She was Born in Vienna, Dane, Wisconsin, USA on 10 Jan 1865 to Laurence A Ford and Amelia Henderson. Ellen Malvina married T W Baker. She passed away on 29 Dec 1935 in Waunakee, Dane, Wisconsin, USA.

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Herberts golden wedding

He married on the 22-09-1886 Waunakee USA to Jenny Amelia Ford.

His daughter mailed us ...I do have the cake top and some little porcelain dolls that were on the table at the celebration.

fair store

Waunakee News July 14, 1898

wounded in action

Grand Forks herald., September 12, 1918, Image 2
We found a lot in the newspaper library in ads 
we will try to put them all in the blog

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Michael Peel

Name: Michael Peel
Event Type: Birth Registration
Registration Quarter: Jan-Feb-Mar
Registration Year: 1929
Registration District: Westhampnett
County: Sussex
Event Place: Westhampnett, Sussex, England
Mother's Maiden Name (not available before 1911 Q3): Violet Grant
fathers name  Reginald Peel
Volume: 2B
Page: 498
Line Number: 73

He married Maria and had a daughter Pamela

Violet with second hubby and "her daughter in-law Maria and daughter Pamela, Maria's husband was Michael Peel son of Reginald and Violet."

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The shop at sly corner

22 november 1946 Exeter Gazette

15 november 1946 Devon Gazette

The play was written by Edward Percy Smith 

trailer of the movie 

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Biggleswade courier March 10 1944
and Bedfordshire Times 17 March 1944

There is also blackmail the movie 

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The Grant family in India

  • The Grant Family in india : "George Nelson with pipe in hand, lady stood unknown, lady sat is Violet and the young boy is Horace, the two young men could be George jnr and Arthur."
  • again with "George Nelson snr with wife Mary Jane holding the young Horace my grandfather, George Copeland and Arthur Edward stood either side of George snr and Violet stood all in white."
  • Violet with second hubby and "her daughter in-law Maria and daughter Pamela, Maria's husband was Michael Peel son of Reginald and Violet."
After Reginald Peels death Violet married Horace Grant in Hove in 1945 and died in 1992

Ray found these great pictures for us .

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Nicholas Vlieland index of performers

University of Bristol Theatre Collection: index of performers on the London stage, 1920s and 1930s
Jill at the University of Bristol Theatre Collection very kindly searched their archives for us and found Nicholas listed for ten productions, as actor, stage manager or assistant stage manager.
1927: The Revue, White Birds, at His Majesty’s Theatre, London, which ran for 80 performances.

1927: The Heroic comedy in 5 scenes, Cyrano de Bergerac, at the Apollo Theatre, London; Nicholas played 1st Lackey and Baron d’Antignac-Juzet. The play was also broadcast on Radio 2LO London (the fledgling BBC), on 11 April 1927 and had originally opened at the Garrick Theatre, London, in March 1919, when Robert Loraine created the lead role that he reprised in the radio broadcast. He was famed as an intellectual actor, who could portray the thoughts of the character he was playing as if they were his own.
1930: The Comedy, The Command to Love, at Daly’s Theatre, later transferring to the Savoy Theatre, London; Nicholas played Don Esteban Galvez. The play had opened at the Longacre Theatre, Forty Eighth Street New York, on 7 November 1927, with Mary Nash and Basil Rathbone in the leads, and run for 247 performances.
1931: The 1-act drama, A Night at an Inn, at the Savoy Theatre; Nicholas played the 1st Priest of Kesh.
1931: The Tragedy, Salome, at the Savoy Theatre; Nicholas played a Slave.
1935: The Play in 2 parts, The Hangman, at the Duke of York’s Theatre; Nicholas played the Young Man.
Stage manager
1929: The Exciting improbability in 3 acts, Afraid of the Dark, at the Royalty Theatre, London.
1930: The Psychic drama in 3 acts, Through the Veil, at the Duchess Theatre, London. The play’s author, Cecil Madden, was later instrumental in the birth of BBC TV.
1931: Farce with music, The Gay Princess, at the Kingsway Theatre, London.
Assistant stage manager
1929: The Fantasy, The Devil in the Cheese, at the Comedy Theatre, London. On Broadway, in 1925–6, the play had starred both Frederick March and Bela Lugosi.
This information is drawn from J.P. Wearing’s indexes of performers on the London stage: The London Stage 1920–1929: A Calendar of Plays and Players, vol. I: 1925–1929 (Metuchen, NJ and London: The Scarecrow Press, 1984); vol. II: 1930–1934 (1990); vol. III: 1935–1939 (1990).

We like to thank the University of Bristol for their help .

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The Gainsborough evening news and Nicholas Vlieland

The Gainsborough Evening News
Barbara has been hunting in the pages of the Gainsborough Evening News, which had a regular column on productions from the King’s Theatre, where Nicholas Vlieland was producer and then producer-manager of the repertory company in the 1940s and 1950s, staging 270 different plays.
22 July 1952: Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca, starring Nicholas as Maxim De Winter
29 July 1952: Nicholas plays in An Apple a Day, a comedy by Ralph Timberlake; a cutting of 5 August has ‘Author Praises “Rep” Company’, where Timberlake enthuses about the acting standards at the King’s Theatre
19 August 1952: ‘Terrific Success of Nicholas Vlieland’s 200th Production’, Oscar Wilde’s An Ideal Husband; a cutting headed ‘Big Success of 200th Production’ mentions ‘a full house and an audience that showed its appreciation’

28 April 1953: Nicholas and his company returned with Ted Willis’ No Trees in the Street, a noir piece set in the slums of London before the Second World War

November 1953: Nicholas plays Max Blacker in another Ralph Timberlake play, The Quiet Streets, again set in the morally uncertain climate of post-war Britain

15 December 1953: The professional players were given a week’s notice and the theatre temporarily closed during the run of The Tiger Lily, after Nicholas had had a breakdown following a collapse on stage

also in 1953
theatre programme from The King's Theatre, Gainsborough; the 1953 production of 'Moths' by the 'Kings Theatre Company' produced by Nicholas Vlieland;

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Nicholas in The Stage

Nicholas Vlieland in the pages of The Stage, 1929–55
The Stage was the premier newspaper of the performing arts, and particularly the theatre, founded as The Stage Directory – A London and Provincial Theatrical Advertiser in 1880 and published weekly as The Stage after 1881. They have kindly given Barbara the cuttings from their archives that they have on Nicholas Vlieland.
31 October 1929: Nicholas is appearing at the King’s Theatre Glasgow
12 June 1930: Nicholas is mentioned in a big piece on ‘London Theatres’
8 and 17 June 1943:  Nicholas is appearing at the Theatre Royal Nottingham, which may have been one of his bases during the war
23 July 1943: Nicholas is appearing at the Golders Green Orpheum in North London, which opened in 1930 and featured hearthrob stars such as Ronald Colman
14 July 1949: The cutting mentions the Theatrical Employers’ Registration Acts, 1925–1928, so one guesses Nicholas had infringed the law in some way
18 December 1952, King’s Theatre Gainsborough: ‘Nicholas Vlieland presents The Christmas Card, A new and seasonal comedy in three acts by Ralph Timberlake’
8 July 1954: ‘Rep Manager fined £20 [for] Insurance Offences’
1 December 1955: Nicholas was in the Magistrates’ Court for breaking the Theatres Act 1843 by presenting ‘plays on unlicensed premises’