Monday, 22 October 2018

Jan Kemp and his bathing machine

Today we introduce you to Jan Kemp.
He was not only a captain who sailed to London on his ship "the good expectation" -de goede verwachting-and owned another two  ships.
He also sailed together with Jan Vlieland.
Later he sold his three Bomships.  He invested in an English  bathing machine
He brought this bathing machine to Noordwijk aan Zee his hometown and started tourism this way.

This advertisement was in the newspapers.

The undersigned  advertises here ,that he ,owner, of ,a new manufactured  in England ,
extra well equipped bathing machine,intends, to ,start in the month of June this year,by his own ,to gentlemen and ladies ,who desire this ,to give them  opportunity to use a COLD SEABATH:
may sign up at his house in Noordwijk aan zee .which is also equipped for the arriving,before or after the use of the Bath, to feel comfortable :and also use some refreshments.-The undersigned flatters himself ,that this establisment,perfectly satisfied, will be to the desire ,here,in a decent and secure way.utilize this pleasant and healthy Seabath,and will do anything ,to satisfy all his beneficiaries.
Noordwijk aan Zee 25 th May 1819. Jan Kemp

I am trying very hard to find out where he, Jan Kemp, ordered this bathing machine .But so far I have not found an English  manufacturer or an advertisement in a newspaper or an auction.
Maybe Jan Vlieland brought it back on his ship the Maria Elisabeth.

Here are some advertisements

selling his ships .

in 1825 he is a custom officer .

In the exellent blog Noordwijkse Huizen we find more on Jan Kemp and the start of the tourism in Noordwijk as a seaside resort .

Ray send us more on the bathing machine and his family in Margate,
to be continued