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Frances Elisabeth Samworth


Birth: Sep. 23, 1825 Kent, England
Death: Aug. 20, 1864 Stalisfield Kent, England

Frances Elizabeth was born in Greenwich, Kent, England to John Samworth and his wife Elizabeth Sarah, who died when she was very young.

Frances Elizabeth was raised by her aunt Ann Samworth until her marriage to Jerome Nicholas Vlieland in 1852, who lived at the Stalisfield vicorage with her husband, children and aunt until her death.

She and her husband were buried under a huge yew tree in the north end of the church yard.
 Family links:
John Samworth (1790 - 1834)

Jerome Nicholas Vlieland (1825 - 1877)

St Mary Churchyard
Kent, England
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More about Frances Elisabeth Samworth

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The stork again

Where Prinsengracht meets  Reguliersgracht in Amsterdam you can see the famous seven bridges.

At night, the illuminations of the bridges gives the impression of a tunnel, "the tunnel of love" as this view is also called.

On the corner of these two canals, at the end of the 'tunnel', a midwife had her practice in the 17th century. A statue of a stork above the door is still visible as an early advertising sign of her business.

Also there is a church called de ooievaar (the stork)
In 1705 the parish bought the house in Barndesteeg that in the Middle Ages had been part of the Mary Magdalene-in-Bethanënklooster and had later become an inn ,owned by the widow Jacoba Roch-van Erp.
Her grandfather was the merchant Marcus Vogelaar, who captured his name in the stone. Thus came the church to its name.

The plaque with the stork comes from the former hidden church of Sts. Peter and Paul in  the Barndesteeg. 
There it was placed in the facade of the house on the garden side.
Because it was hidden by a wall no one knew of its existence. 
When the owner in 1954 tore  the wall down, the stone came out and went over to the Municipal  Monument Bureau. 
Now it was a  coincidence that the head of this agency was also a board member of the metropolitan Amstelodamum historical society, whose secretary, Jan Ringeling, was a member of the Old Catholic parish in the Ruysdaelstraat.
This was the Office, if it wanted to relinquish the stone to the parish on condition that it would be placed in the new  church.
 It so happened on Christmas Day 1954 and was unveiled by  pastor Heyligers .

Why are we so stork minded because  of the letter by Charles James Vlieland and because of the spoon.
Here is the letter  by  Charles James Vlieland.

June 11 1905

Dear Sir
In November 1902 you wrote me in answer of an advert, I put in a Dutch Newspaper
I have, owing to certain circumstances let the matter drop .for the time.
I am now desirious of getting certain information if possible.
A certificate of the birth of my grandfather which would I suppose give the name ,social position place of residence of his father also whether there was a family crest
Certain of my relatives think it was a stork with a snake in its bill.
The following details are all I can give you.
If you consider that with them it is useless to proceed please say so
I state you for giving such advice
If you think it is worthwhile kindly let me now what your charges will be ( inclusive)
I will tell you what I am prepared to do.
My Grandfather was born June 27 1796 his name was Jerome Nicholas Vlieland.
(like the island in the Zuijderzee) shown in maps of Holland
His ancestors supposed to have been de Vlielands
One of his grandchildren , a cousin of mine was christened Janson de Vlieland Vlieland
I do not know where in Holland he was born probably at or in near the Hague or Amsterdam
He came to this country with some other members of his family when probably about 25 years old.
He is said to have come as a “refuge” but why I do not know. personally he seems to have had some kind of hatred of the French
He is said to have had an uncle an officer in the Dutch Navy John Vlieland who was killed fighting by the French.
My Grandfather would have been a well educated man ,as he made his living as a professor of languages and wrote volumes in French German and Italian
I should say he was certainly not a Roman Catholic
I am
Yours faithfully

And here is the story of the spoon.
An interesting thing happened yesterday. I was looking for something in the depths of a cupboard when I found some silverware which belonged to my grandmother, I have not looked at these items for years, well I had a quick look through and spotted a spoon with a monogram on the handle, the monogram was a stork!! I suddenly thought I wonder if this is the same monogram that is spoken about in the letter. This stork does not carry the eel in it's beak but has it's foot raised on a cross, it is also standing on a twisted rope style ground.
One family member mailed

So here is the stork and of course there is a back on this spoon

Then another family member explains this back side .The duty mark. This is the monarchs head, in this case George III. This was to show duty had been paid to the crown on this spoon before it has its assay mark struck. In this case he is what is called “in cameo” as he has an oval mount around him.

Then the lion is what is called passant (standing on 3 legs) also he is not looking ahead of himself but at you. Hard to tell I know but if you saw one looking ahead you would see how it differs.

The date letter is a Roman uppercase K in a cartouche that is flat at the top with slants either side and a shield shape at the bottom.

Every year and City has variations of these things, the date letter especially, as it can be one of many fonts with a different surround.
The only place that has all these ingredients at one time is London 1805-1806.
And this is what the first familymember had discovered as well
The makers marks of
Thomas Wallis II

as you can see here as well .
So we know it is made in 1805 in London by Thomas Wallis .
And maybe it was apresent for someone born in 1805
Then the stork

The third familymember asked help at the Dutch heraldic society about the stork.
And they explained 
It is possible Anglo-Saxon, as the stork with the knob cross under his footand it  stands on a knot .

This is a so-called crest In the English part of the world it can be used separately without helmet marks on the weapon., As a kind of synecdoche.
Very heraldic and maybe quite understandable but it does not make sense for this familymember .

But we can conclude that it is British and about the time Jerome was born obviously we have no way of knowing if this was part of the Vlieland silver but it is nice to think it could be.

More about The stork

The stork is also a symbole of birth .
 Of the city of the Hague in Holland .
Of the Stork family in England

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Charlotte Amelia Hyde
Name: Charlotte Amelia Hyde
Event Type: Census
Event Date: 1911
Gender: Female
Age: 79
Birthplace: At Sea
Schedule Type: Household
Registration District: Poole
Sub-District: Poole
Parish: Poole
County: Dorsetshire
Collection: Charlotte Amelia Hyde, "England and Wales Census, 1911"

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Henry William George Priaulx

Surname: PRIAULX
Event: Baptism
Father/Spouse Surname: HENRY
Mother/Spouse Given Names: AMELIA
Day: 03
Month: 9
Year: 1830
Sex: M
Spouse Age:
Spouse Sex:
Registration Place: LAUNCESTON
Registration Number: 3634/1830

Reference: RGD 32

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Clarinda Priaulx on the Mary Shepherd

Surname: PRIAULX
Event: Baptism
Father/Spouse Surname: HENRY
Mother/Spouse Given Names: AMELIA
Day: 28
Month: 12
Year: 1834
Sex: F
Registration Place: LAUNCESTON
Registration Number: 6447/1835Reference: RGD 32
Daily Southern Cross, Volume XXII, Issue 2679, 16 February 1866, Page 4
We find Clarinda Priaulx returning to Australia.
It was a terrible passage .

Article image

Article image

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Amelia Hide

Amelia Hide
birth: 1804
st Peters port Guernsey
death: 1853
Davey Hobart Tasmanie

She married  Henry Priaulx 

She married Henry Priaulx and had at least 5 daughters.and one son 
Henry William Priaulx born 1 DEC 1830 Tasmania, Australia and died in 1858

Emily Hannah Priaulx born 12 SEP 1832 Tasmania, Australia who married William Heath Vlieland
Maria Margaret Priaulx born 31 JUL 1833 Tasmania, Australia who married Eugene Bellairs. 
Clarinda Elizabeth Priaulx born 03 JUN 1835 Tasmania, Australia
Louisa Priaulx born 26 OCT 1836 Tasmania, Australia marriage June 1865 ST Thomas
Marianne Helen Priaulx 19 jan 1839
Elizabeth Chapelier Priaulx 22 Nov 1843 marriage Dec 1865 Islington
Official sources give different dates for the births !

After her death Henry returned to England with his 5 unmarried daughters.

The  brother of Amelia Hide was William Hide master on the Wave .
He sailed from Hobarth to London and Guernsey.

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Marianne Helen Hannah Harward neé Priaulx

In the census we find the boarders of William Heath Vlieland in his boarding school.
Their names do not sound familiair so far.
However the name of the visitor does ring a bell .
She is mentioned in the prayerbook 
Emily Sarah Louisa Vere Vlieland born 15th April 1862 Hygeia House Prestbury Cheltenham.Her godfather was Henry Priaulx, Sarah Vlieland, Marianne Helen Hannah.(Harward) 
She is  the sister of Emily Priaulx
This visitor is named  Marianne H Harward F 29 Tasmania in the census .
Name:Marianne Helen Hannah Priaulx
Event Type:Marriage to  Charles William Harward .
Registration Quarter:Jan-Feb-Mar
Registration Year:1865
Registration District:Cheltenham
Event Place:Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Charles William Harward is her husband.
Surname: PRIAULX
Event: Baptism
Father/Spouse Surname: HENRY
Mother/Spouse Given Names: AMELIA
Day: 19
Month: 1
Year: 1839
Sex: F
Spouse Age:
Spouse Sex:
Registration Place: LAUNCESTON
Registration Number: 308/1839
Reference: RGD 32

The name Harward is also to be found in the matter of the inheritance of Henry Priaulx .

She never returns to Tasmania and dies June 1883 Brighton
HARWARD Marianne Helen H 44 Brighton 2b 136

Here the census of 1871.household of William H Vlieland, "England and Wales Census, 1871"


Self William H Vlieland M 33 Norwich, Norfolk

Wife Emily H Vlieland F 37 Tasmania

Daughter Emily S T Vlieland F 8 Prestbury, Gloucestershire

Daughter Edith C B Vlieland F 6 Prestbury, Gloucestershire

Daughter Florence A Vlieland F 4 Prestbury, Gloucestershire

Son William H B Vlieland M 2 Prestbury, Gloucestershire

Visitor Marianne H Harward F 29 Tasmania

Servant Anne Perry F 46 Stroud, Gloucestershire

Servant Jane Mathews F 22 Hanbury, Worcestershire

Servant Agnes Smith F 17 Hanbury, Worcestershire

Assistant Percival Peak M 23 London

Boarder George Jones M 14 Shrewsbury, Shropshire

Boarder Wiles M 14 Wootten, Gloucestershire

Boarder Wiles M 12 Gloucestershire

Boarder Wiles M 8 Gloucestershire

Boarder John Clare M 14 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Boarder William Clare M 9 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Boarder William Bevarton M 14 Birmingham, Warwickshire

Boarder John Browne M 15 Minety, Wiltshire

Boarder Geoffrey Smith M 11 Fern Hill, Worcestershire

Boarder Arthur Tayler M 13 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Boarder William Cole M 10 Sedgeberrow, Worcestershire

Boarder Harry Winnim M 14 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Boarder Daniel Nash M 13 Birdlip, Gloucestershire

Boarder Henry Ashwin M 21 Guiting Power, Gloucestershire

Boarder Charles Ashwin M 12 Guiting Power, Gloucestershire

Boarder John F Barnard M 14 Lydney, Gloucestershire

BoarderThomas Prichard M 14 Hereford, Herefordshire

Boarder Alfred Ashwin M 14 Sedgeberrow, Worcestershire

Boarder Samuel H Richardson M 13Grafton, Gloucestershire

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Edith Mary Parker

Name: Edith Mary Parker daughter of   John Parker and Maria Heath Vlieland.
Gender: Female
Christening Date: 21 Mar 1873
Father's Name: John Parker
Mother's Name: Maria Heath

?Marriages q1 1898 Edith Mary Parker = Edmund Albert B Curtis - Blofield 4b 303
(shown as Edmund A Curtis age 1 in 1871 census and Albert E Curtis age 10 in 1881 census "on the hill Postwick Norfolk" with parents Edmund and Ann)
1901 census: Shrubbs, Briston Road, Saxthorpe age 27 with spouse Albert E Curtis 30 Game Keeper b Postwick, Norfolk and son Archibald 1 b Saxthorpe

1911 census: Little Plumstead Norwich Norfolk 37 with spouse Albert 40 Head gamekeeper and children Archibald 11, Albert 8, Dorothy 5 and Mary 1 married 13 years 5 children 4 still alive

?Deaths q1 1946 (>99%) Curtis Edith M age 73 Acle 4b 42

Blofield includes Thorpe and I have browsed through all the parish registers for the local churches I can find - so far with no success. Could, of course, be non conformist...

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John Herbert Parker

John Herbert Parker Bapt.19 August 1866 Norwich St.Ethildred Norfolk England
John Parker and Maria Heath Vlieland.

Name: John Herbert Parker
Birth Date: 1866
Age: 22
Spouse's Name: Marsha Jane Lay (birth Martha)
Spouse's Birth Date: 1866
Spouse's Birthplace:
Spouse's Age: 22
Event Date: 12 Sep 1888
Event Place: Thorpe-Next-Norwich, Norfolk, England
Father's Name: John Parker
Mother's Name:
Spouse's Father's Name: Chester Lay
Martha Jane Lay was the daughter of Chester Lay and Juliana Lay 

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Arthur Heath Parker

Name: Arthur Heath Parker
Event Type: Marriage
Event Date: 17 Mar 1896
Event Place: Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada
Age: 25
Birth Year (Estimated): 1871
Father's Name: John Parker
Mother's Name: Maria Heath
Spouse's Name: Louisa Mayes
Spouse's Age: 22
Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated): 1874
Spouse's Father's Name: Francis Mayes
Spouse's Mother's Name: Annie Mahaffy
Registration Number: 014683
GS Film number: 1870916
Digital Folder Number: 4529264
Image Number: 00967
Collection: Arthur Heath Parker, "Ontario Marriages, 1869-1927"
Name: Arthur H Parker
Age (Original): 10
Gender: Male
Birth Year: 1871
Birthplace: Norwich, Norfolk, England
Relationship to Head of Household: Son
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Scholar
Address: Church Lane
Event Place: Norwich Thorpe, Norfolk, England

England and Wales Census, 1881,
HeadJohn ParkerM47Burgh St Peters, Norfolk, England
WifeMaria H ParkerF40Norwich, Norfolk, England
SonJohn H ParkerM14Norwich, Norfolk, England
SonWilliam E ParkerM13Norwich, Norfolk, England
SonCharles E ParkerM11Norwich, Norfolk, England
SonArthur H ParkerM10Norwich, Norfolk, England
DaughterEdith M ParkerF8Norwich, Norfolk, EnglandSon
Frank V ParkerM6Norwich, Norfolk, EnglandSon
Percy J ParkerM4Norwich, Norfolk, EnglandSon
George F ParkerM3Norwich, Norfolk, EnglandDaughter
Grace E ParkerF1Norwich, Norfolk, England
NieceEdith B VhelandF16Prestbury, Gloucestershire, England
ServantRosina GrayF23Reepham, Norfolk, England

The Niece in the census is Edith Constance Blanche Vlieland .
Why she was living there we have to find out 

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Grace Ellen Parker

Born PARKER Grace Ellen Norwich 4b 147 March 1880 daughter of John Parker and Maria Heath Vlieland.
She marries Leonard Parker

Name: Leonard Parker

Event Type: Marriage
Event Date: 12 Jul 1910
Event Place: Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada
Age: 33
Birth Year (Estimated): 1877
Father's Name: Edward Parker
Mother's Name: Lucy Kesson
Spouse's Name: Grace Ellen Parker
Spouse's Age: 30
Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated): 1880
Spouse's Father's Name: John Parker
Spouse's Mother's Name: Maria Vlieland
Registration Number: 003056
GS Film number: 1872068
Digital Folder Number: 4529579
Image Number: 00799
Collection: Leonard Parker, "Ontario Marriages, 1869-1927"

Event Type: Death
Event Date: 27 Jan 1937
Event Place: Forest Hill, , Ontario
Age: 55
Birth Year (Estimated): 1882
Father's Name: John Parker
Mother's Name: Maria Heath
Spouse's Name: Leonard Parker
Reference ID: 039810
GS Film number: 2435804
Digital Folder Number: 4530590
Image Number: 01602
Collection: Grace Ellen Parker, "Ontario Deaths,1869-1937 and Overseas Deaths, 1939-1947"

Name: Leonard Parker
Gender: Male
Christening Date: 28 Apr 1876
Christening Place: Suffolk, England
Father's Name: Edward Parker
Mother's Name: Lucy Emma

They had at least two children Hereward Parker and Earle E Parker 

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Charles Edward Parker

Charles Edward Parker of John Parker and Maria Heath Vlieland.
Bap.Sep 1869 Norwich

Name: Charles E Parker
Age (Original): 11
Gender: Male
Birth Year: 1870
Birthplace: Norwich, Norfolk, England
Relationship to Head of Household: Son
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Scholar
Address: Church Lane
Event Place: Norwich Thorpe, Norfolk, England
Record Type: Household
GS Film number: 1341468
Affiliate Publication Number: RG11
Piece/Folio: 1941 / 63
Page Number: 5
Collection: Charles E Parker in household of John Parker, "England and Wales Census, 1881"

Married Ethel Alison Maud Parker

Name: Ethel Alison Maud Parker
Event Type: Census
Event Date: 1911
Event Place: Croydon, South Norwood, Surrey, England
County: Surrey
Parish: Croydon
Sub-District: North Croydon
Registration District: Croydon
Gender: Female
Age: 33
Marital Status (Original): MARRIED
Birth Year (Estimated): 1878
Birthplace: Woolwich, Kent
Relationship to Head of Household: Wife
Record Type: Household

Household Role Sex Age Birthplace
Charles Edward Parker Head M 42 Norwich, Norfolk
Ethel Alison Maud Parker Wife F 33 Woolwich, Kent
Dorothy Lily May Parker Daughter F 10 Woolwich, Kent
Ivy Muriel Parker Daughter F 8 Woolwich, Kent
Phyllis Heath Daughter F 6 Woolwich, Kent

John Michael Anthony Parker

Air Commodore J M A Parker (607208)John Michael Anthony Parker son of Bruce Vlieland Parker and Winnifred May Lindsey 
b: 25 Jan 1930 Harrow d: 8 Dec 1983 
He was married Jill A Robson.
Their Children 

Robin Bruce PARKER

Caroline Lindsay PARKER

AFC – 1 Jan 1970, AIL, FBIM.

Plt Off: 12 Dec 1951, Fg Off: 12 Dec 1952 [12 Dec 1951], Flt Lt: 12 Jun 1954, Sqn Ldr: 1 Jan 1961, Act Wg Cdr: 21 Aug 1967, Wg Cdr: 1 Jan 1968, Gp Capt: 1 Jan 1973, Act A/Cdre: 28 Jan 1978, A/Cdre: 1 Jul 1978.
xx Apr 1949: Flight Cadet, 'C' Sqn, RAF College.
12 Dec 1951: Appointed to a Permanent Commission.
1957 Flight Commander, No 68 Sqn. (Meteor NF11)
23 Sep 1957: PSO to AOC in C, HQ Fighter Command.
21 Aug 1967: Chief Instructor, RAF College Cranwell.

2 Dec 1970: Air Attache, Amman.
22 Jun 1973: Officer Commanding, RAF Leeming.
13 Jun 1975: Group Captain - Training (Flying), HQ Training Command.
28 Jan 1978: Deputy Director (Military), Defence Operational Analysis Establishment.
3 Dec 1980: Defence and Air Attache, Paris.
5 Nov 1983: Director of Quartering (RAF)

He represented the RAF College at Tennis and Hockey, attained the rank of Under Officer and was awarded the Sword of Honour on graduation. In 1957, he led 'The Moonrakers', No 68 Squadron's aerobatic team of four Meteor NF11's. He was killed whilst flying in Cessna Citation, G-UESS, which crashed off the Isle of Lewis.

Saint Peter Churchyard
Rauceby, Lincolnshire County, England

Parker, Jill, b. 1938, d. 1983, w/o and s/w John Michael Anthony Parker

Parker, John Michael Anthony, b. 1931, d. 1983, ‘Air Commodore A.F.C, R.A.F’, h/o and s/w Jill Parker

Frank Vlieland Parker

Brother of Percy Jerome Parker 
Births Mar 1875 Parker Frank Vlieland Norwich 4b 134
1881 census: Church Lane, Norwich Thorpe with parents 8 siblings and servant age 6

Marriages Mar 1909 PARKER Frank Veiland x Alice Emily Godden - Isle of Wight 2b 934
Alice Emily was born Sept 1891 Isle of Wight

1911 census: Frank V Parker Chief Petty Officer on board HMS Antrim age 36 Married
Record of RN Personnel Lost on Ship: HMS Cressy "Frank Virland Parker" Rank: CPO Royal Navy 154010 Birth Date: 9 Dec 1874 Place: Lakenham, Norfolk Death Date: 22 Sep 1914 - Relatives Notified Widow: Alice E, 20, Players St, Ryde, I of W
Cause of Death: Killed or died as a direct result of enemy action Body Not Recovered For Burial Official Number Port Division: 154010. (Ch)
Frank Vieland Parker Commemorated on Panel 1 of Chatham War Memorial. 
The Memorial overlooks the town of Chatham and is approached by a steep path from the Town Hall Gardens.

HMS Cressy launched in December 1899 but by 1914 they and the sister ships in their class had been placed in the Reserve Fleet with no money spent on them.

 Each ship had over 700 officers and men from the Royal Navy reserves, many being middle aged family men from local towns and villages.

Capable of 19 knots, after weeks of daily patrols, their old engines could no longer even maintain much more than 12 and often as low as 9. 
On 17 September, in rough seas, the destroyers were sent back to Harwich. 
On 20 September the Rear-Admiral returned to port with HMS Euryalus, reducing the patrol to three ships, Cressy, Aboukir and Hogue. 
They continued to patrol until sunrise on 22nd . All would be sunk by U Boat U9.

At 6:20 AM on 22 September, HMS Aboukir was torpedoed by SM U-9 and sank in 35 minutes. 

Thinking she had struck a mine, and sinking fast, the order was given to abandon ship. 
Hogue and Cressy approached to pick up survivors, throwing anything that would float into the water for the survivors to cling to.
At 6:55,Hogue was struck by two torpedoes. U-9 dived and remained submerged. 
At 7:20, Cressy sighted a torpedo track, and the order was given "full speed ahead both", too late. 
Cressy was hit forward on the starboard side, and lurched high enough out of the water that a second torpedo passed under her stern. 
At 7:30, a third torpedo hit Cressy on the port beam, rupturing tanks in the boiler room and scalding the men. 
Cressy rolled to her starboard side, paused, then went bottom up with her starboard propeller out of the water. 
She remained in this position for 20 minutes, then sank at 7:55.Cressy's boats had been sent to pick up survivors from the other two ships, and returned already loaded with men. 
As many as five men clung to a single life vest, and a dozen men to a single plank. 
A total of 837 men were rescued, but 1,397 men were lost.

More about the Cressy   and the people that lost their lives.

We received a mail from his great grandson Leonard J. Parker 
He told us that Frank Vlieland Parker had a son Leonard Percy Parker , from the Isle of Wight , who sadly died aged 28 at Dunkirk , France during WWII. 
His son is Leonard Frank Maurice Parker.
Frank Vlieland Parker's other son , George Vieland Parker ( no 'l' ) also lived on the Isle of Wight and died in his mid-90s. 
I always wondered where his name originated from , and thanks to your wonderful family history blog , I now have my answer !

So Frank Vlieland Parker had a son Leonard Percy Parker , from the Isle of Wight , who sadly died aged 28 at Dunkirk , France during WWII.
His son is Leonard Frank Maurice Parker .
And his son send us a mail and pictures
Frank Vlieland Parker's other son ,George Vieland Parker ( no 'l' ) also lived on the Isle of Wight and died in his mid-90s at age of 97.

Thanks Len for this information and pictures

The other sons name is George Vieland Parker and he is born on the Isle of Wight June 1910 (free BMD)His marriage to Phyllis M.M. Cotton was in December 1938

Leonard Percy Parker is born June 1913.He married in Dec 1938 and died aged 28 at Dunkirk.

And there is also a Kenneth Wallace .Parker born Sept 1914

more about the Cressie

His middle name has changed He is Frank Vieland Parker .

1938 wedding photo George Vieland Parker born on the Isle of Wight June 1910 (free BMD)His marriage to Phyllis M.M. Cotton was in December 1938 
with his brother Len Percy Parker back left , and their mother Alice Parker neé Godden front left.