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The Smith family

Edith Constance Blanche  Vlieland married Edward Robert Smith .
We find them in the census of 1891
SMITH Edward R Head M M 27 Drapers Clerk(Em'ee) Norfolk - Morningthorpe
SMITH Edith C Wife M F 24 Gloucestershire - Prestbury Cheltenham
SMITH Jeayford Brothr S M 31 Dairyman Norfolk - Morningthorpe Forename Unclear
Page: 28/7 SMITH Ethel V Dau - F 3m Norfolk - Great Yarmouth
VLIELAND William H Fa-Law W M 52 Depending On Family Norfolk - Norwich Disability Serebritis
and so we know that William Heath Vlieland is then living with his daughters family.
We know that there are other children apart from Ethel from this marriage 
Ethel Vlieland Smith bapt.1891 St Nicolas Yarmouth Norfolk.
Jessica Florence Vlieland Smith Bapt,1894 St Nicolas Yarmouth Norfolk
Dorothea Constance Vlieland Smith Bapt 1896 St Nicolas Yarmouth Norfolk.
but we could not find nothing only the date of their birth.
Thanks to Curious Fox and Adrian Vieler we now can tell you that there was also a Douglas Vlieland Smith.
FreeBMD Birth Index, 1837-1915
Name: Douglas Vlieland Smith
Date of Registration: Oct-Nov-Dec 1898
Registration district: Mutford
Inferred County: Suffolk
Volume: 4a
Page: 1018
So in  1901  the family looked like this.
No sign of Edward though.
1901 England Census
Name: Dorothea Smith
Age: 5
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1896
Relation: Daughter
Mother's Name: Edith Smith
Gender: Female
Where born: Great Yarmouth
Civil parish: St Helen
Ecclesiastical parish: St Helen
County/Island: Suffolk
Page Number: 22
Household Members: Name Age
Edith Smith 33
Ethel Smith 10
Hilda Smith 8
Jessie Smith 6
Dorothea Smith 5
Douglas Smith 2
Eleanor also belongs to this family 

So thanks and we will continue to see what happened to this family.

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The Straits Times, 6 November 1905, Page 4

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Sir Edward Chaytor

The Straits Times, 20 June 1939, Page 14

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Tanglin Club Tournement

The Straits Times, 4 August 1937, Page 14


Instead of  Olympic sports ..............the Tanglin Tournament 
Could not find a Vlieland or familymember going  or attending the Olympic Games .

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cheerful parties

The Straits Times, 1 December 1935, Page 29

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Ch.Vlieland Vanity of Vlendale

Looking for more Charles Vlieland in the newspaper.
We found this ...It turned out completely different.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

the advertisement from Charles James Vlieland

Today we found the add in the Algemeen Handelsblad  placed by C.J.Vlieland on the 8th and 16th of 1902.

To all pedigreeholders(Genealogists) one
asks for ,name ,adress,residence en occupation
so there was one of the father of JEROME
NICHOLAS (DE?)VLIELAND,born the 27 June
1796 ,Probably in Amsterdam or The Hague.
Letters with statement of fee and so on to
Dr.C.J.Vlieland ,Exeter ,England (30991)

We know there was an answer to this advertisement .
As we learn from the letter in the Dutch archives which was the reason to start our research.
Here is the letter once more.

Never thought to find it in the newspaper anymore.

All over the world from England to Holland to Australia, to India to Canada and South Africa and all places in between we all still ask the same question .
We now know his father is Jan Janszoon Hollander.
We know he was married with Catharina Fris from Leiden in Amsterdam.
When they were married they lived on the big shipwharf Oostenburg where the ships for the V:O:C: were built.
We know they moved to Rotterdam soon after the marriage .
One year alter their first child is born there.
And also on the 27 of June 1796.Jeroen Nicolaas Hollander.also known as Jerome Nicholas Vlieland.was born.

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the estate of Henry Priaulx

Henry Priaulx was Emily´s Father 

Henry PRIAULX , assistant-commissary-general, Linden cottage, West hill Budleigh Salterton Devon.

in 1879 it was owned by William Drage.

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What happened to Susan Errington?

Remember the part about the Erringtons of Great Yarmouth ?

The great, great, great great grandson of George and Harriet Errington read it as well .
He  gave us some inside information and some unsolved questions.
Harriet (George's wife) emmigrated to America  with four daughters (Harriet, Elizabeth, Charlotte and Georgianna) and one son (Benjamin). 
The emmigration is documented in the ships log of 10 October 1832 of which he  has a copy. 
He has no record of when Harriet's husband George nor their son George Washington Errington emmigrated although both appear in historical records of New York and Michigan respectively. 
The only record he  has of George and Harriet's daughter Susan is her baptism in St. Nicholas. 
Unless she married and emmigrated to America or stayed in Great Yarmouth living under her husbands name He  has no clue.
So maybe we can solve this puzzle and answer that question for him.
And also there is a question about a date of the severe storm in which the Erringtons lost their livelihood
and chose to move to America as the result of losing many ships in a severe storm. 
However, the date of the storm is unknown to us. He can't support the 1836 date mentioned in the Blog.
As the family moved in 1832.
So maybe someone knows the right date and will let us know.

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Shuthonger house Twyning Gloustershire

Residents flee country house fire

Trusted article source icon
Tuesday, October 19, 2010
Profile image for This is Gloucestershire
A DEVASTATING fire has left people living in a country house near Tewkesbury homeless.
People living in flats within Shuthonger House fled when the Regency building was severely damaged in Sunday night's blaze.
Pete Smith was one of those who had to get out of the building when the fire took hold just before 7pm, in the hamlet of Shuthonger.
He has not yet been able to go back in to his flat to see how badly it is damaged, but he fears many of his personal possessions have been destroyed.
The 54-year-old said: "I was very lucky. My dog was barking and there was an acrid smell.
"The building was already well alight by then. The whole of the roof was burning by the time I came out."
He said all five people and their pets escaped safely from the flats.
Neighbours said the owners, who also live in part of the building, were on holiday at the time of the fire. They face returning from abroad today to find their home, which they have recently refurbished, seriously damaged.
The roof and top flats in the three-storey building have been badly affected.
Danny Parrish, who lives close to Shuthonger House, said: "We were having dinner with some friends when we could smell smoke. I opened the front door and I could see flames going up into the sky."
He said it was the first major fire in the village since its manor, which is next door to Shuthonger House, was wrecked 40 years ago.
Tea and coffee were laid on at the village's pub, The Crown, for those affected by the fire.
Residents face having to find somewhere else to live while the building is repaired and landlord Mark Thomas did his best to comfort them.
Police said it was believed the fire may have been caused by an electrical fault and were not treating it as suspicious.

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Hof van Holland: Rekesten om mandement, 

Datum rekest: 1808-05-05

Date 1808-05-05
Mandement Mandament Crimineel
Suppliant prosecuters  - in name of the kings general  over the former  departement Holland
against John Sleaven, residing in  Amsterdam;in agreement with  Anthonie Frisch,
owner of a fishingboat and with  Arie Vlieland,
who´s duty is to transport persons and goods to England for the price of 1600 guilders
  - Which will be paid by John Sleaven ,whilst he himself received in payment 2000 guilders against a receipt
and filed at certain office in Rotterdam.
The journey was prevented.

Considering John Sleaven has broken the penal laws against trade and communication with England
and this has to be punished. 
Decision of the court Fiat mandament and summons in person.
details Pro Fisco
source  Number:, inventorynumber: 3255, folionumber: 013

The original is not yet available in scan but in the index is another entry to this court case also naming 
Cornelis van Prooijen commissionair of the pilot and signalling service in den Briel .
And John le Vasseur who sold the transport together with John Sleaven .

With this court record it is proven that Arie Vlieland skipper on a fishing vessels ,
transported people and goods to England for a lot of money .1600 guilders for the trip.
Van Prooijen claimed 800 guilders for the pilots and signalling.
Arie claimed 4 or 5 % of the cargo which was 1600 guilder.
We do not know what happened to Arie later in life and if he received his money .
He died 04-09-1831 Rotterdam at the age of 52.

SuppliantTegenpartijBetreftDatum rekest

De Procureurs - generaal des Konings over het voormalig departement HollandJohn Sleaven, wonende te Amsterdam; overeenkomst met Anthonie Frisch, eigenaar van een vissersvaartuig en met Arie Vlieland, die als schipper diende - transporteren van personen en goederen naar Engeland voor een som van 1.600 guldens, welke som zal John Sleaven betalen, terwijl hij zelf van onderscheidene personen te samen ontvangen heeft een som van 2.000 guldens tegen een quitantie aan ieder gegeven heeft, gedeponeerd op zeker kantor te Rotterdam. De reis verhinderd is geweestJohn Sleaven heeft overtreden de poenale wetten tegen de handel en communicatie met Engeland geëmaneerd en dat moet gestraft worden05-05-1808
De Procureurs - generaal des Konings over het voormalig departement HollandArie Vlieland, schipper, wonende te Rotterdam, voor 4 à 5 % van de vracht met Anthonie Frisch, eigenaar van een vissersvaartuig; John Le Vasseur en John Sleaven - overeenkomst over vervoeren van passagiers en goederen naar Engeland en met andere passagiers terug te brengen voor een som van 1.600 guldens; Cornelis van Prooyen, commissaris van de loodsen en seinposten in BrielOvertreding van de poenale wetten tegen de handel en communicatie met Engeland geëmaneerd en dat moet gestraft worden05-05-1808
De Procureurs - generaal des Konings over het voormalig departement HollandCornelis van Prooyen, wonende in Briel, commissaris van de loodsen en seinposten met zijn boeier de personen en hun goederen te brengen naar Engeland. Mitsgaders: John Le Vasseur; Arie Vlieland; John Sleaven; Anthonie Frisch - voor Cornelis van Prooyen een som van 800 guldensOvertreding van de poenale wetten tegen de handel en communicatie met Engeland geëmaneerd en dat moet gestraft worden05-05-1808

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Arie Jeroenszoon Vlieland

Somewhere along the line of the familytree two family´s merge into one .
From Hollander they change to Vlieland 
Today we try to find out more of one of the brothers of this  Vlieland family.
As we still do not know why the Hollander familyname is  changed into Vlieland.
Why do they mix?
We investigate everything.
It is  always  the same Vlieland family we end up with.
And still we did not solve the puzzle.
This family originates in Noordwijk Holland and is into fishing and shipping.
They all name one of their children Jeroen (Jerome).
Which  is not a common name in Holland ,only in Noordwijk as it is their  Patron Saint
They stay for their affairs in Rotterdam.
And their name is Vlieland and they are all involved with shipping during the Napoleontic wars.
We already focused on Jeroen Vlieland and his Topsham post.
And now we like to introduce his son to you.
So here his family tree in short.
Jeroen Aldertsz VLIELAND, captain  bapt (Rc) on 04-02-1745 Noordwijk aan Zee,ZH,NL (witness : Jan Jeroense and Neeltje Pouwens).
Banns  20-02-1768  Noordwijk,ZH,NL, wedding  06-03-1768  Noordwijk,ZH,NL witness  Grietje Jans van Steenvoorden and Maartje Jeroens Duijndam)  he married Ariaantje Klaasd MOOIJEKIND , 25 years old  bapt  (RC)  04-12-1742  Noordwijk aan Zee,ZH,NL witness  Cornelis Piterse, Geertje Cornelis), died 22-03-1795  Noordwijk,ZH,NL at the age of 52  She was buried  27-03-1795 Noordwijk,ZH,NL,
She was the daughter of  Claas Cornelisz MOOIJEKIND, coxswain on a herringship .
Noordwijk in 1757,1758, the census  In 1768  he worked the pumps of the firebrigade  Noordwijk) and her morther is  Maartje Jansd VINK.
From this marriage of Jeroen and Ariaantje Claas
1. Maartje Jeroensd VLIELAND, born 13-05-1768 te Noordwijk aan Zee,ZH,NL witness Jan Alderze Vlieland and  Piternellitje Vrieland), died  30-04-1773  Noordwijk,ZH,NL 4 years of age .

2. Maria Jeroensd VLIELAND, Bapt (RC) 17-03-1770  Noordwijk aan Zee,ZH,NL witness: Cornelis Moeijenkind en Leijbje Moeijenkind).

3. Naarje Jeroensd VLIELAND (Maartje), bapt (RC) op 25-11-1775 te Noordwijk aan Zee,ZH,NL witness Hendrik Aldertze Freland, Feitje Aldertze Freland), died   06-12-1775 te Noordwijk aan
Zee,ZH,NL, 11 days old
4. Maartje Jeroensd (Naartje, Naatje) VLIELAND (Marijtje FRELAND)
5. Arie Jeroensz VLIELAND (FRELAND)
So today we have Arie Vlieland in the spotlight .Why because he is mentioned in the national court records.
Although born in Noordwijk he moves to Rotterdam where he marries 30-07-1802 Maria Waterreus.
They have only one child Adriana Johanna Maria VLIELAND, bapt (RK Steiger) 07-01-1804 te Rotterdam,ZH,NL
In the archives of Rotterdam we found today a court record of this Arie Vlieland .
The record is from 1808 and involves a lot of people.
Arie  shipped people and goods to England .
He did this for an English gentleman John Sleaven who lived in Amsterdam and for the owner of the ship Anthony Frisch.for which he received 1600 guilder in 1808.

Tomorrow we will continue this story

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Carina Mary Marcelle

Edward John Clervaux Chaytor  remarried after the death of Margaret Frances Morgan Vlieland .

He married Carina Mary Marcelle .
Then we quote from the Peerage
Carina Mary Marcelle (?) married, secondly, Brigadier Edward John Clervaux Chaytor, son of Maj.-Gen. SirEdward Walter Clervaux Chaytor and Louisa Jane Collins, on 28 October 1970.1
Her married name became Anderson.1 Carina Mary Marcelle (?) usually went by her middle name of Marcelle.1From 28 October 1970, her married name became Chaytor

We find in the census
name: Carina Mary Marcelle Anderson
event: Census
event date: 1911
gender: Female
age: 1
birthplace: Bishopthorpe York
record type: Household
registration district: York
sub-district: Bishopthorpe
parish: Bishopthorpe
county: Yorkshire (East Riding)
So there are a lot of different last names involved.
So we find her born in York Sept 1910 as Carina Mary Marcell AndersonShe married in Sept 1931 Marylebone Patrick Martin
and in March 1945 Chelsea to .James M.R Harrison..But there is more .
Tuesday 07 November 1944 Derby Daily Telegraph - GENERAL CITED IN BUXTON DIVORCE SUIT A decree nisi, with agreed damages of £3,000, was granted in the Divorce Court to-day to Mr. Patrick Martin, of Burbage Old Hall, Buxton, on the ground of the misconduct of his wife, Carina Mary Marcelle Martin, with the corespondent, Major - General James Murray Robert Harrison. Mr. Martin was described as holding an important position with a well-known company. His case was that in 1941 he and his wife made the acquaintance of General Harrison. On occasions afterwards she used to go, with her husband's consent, to stay in London. When she came back she would tell him that she had seen the general, but he thought it was only a passing friendship. IN LOVE WITH HIM In the summer of last year Mrs. Martin told her husband that she was in love with General Harrison, and was going away with him. Although he tried to dissuade her, she left home in September last year. Later, information was received that she and General Harrison had stayed-together at a London hotel. Costs were awarded against the co-respondent.

Q1 1945 Chelsea - married James M.R Harrison.

thanks Ray !

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To summarise

To summarise what you have kindly provided and my own research: interesting to note that by the time of the Second World War he was Secretary for Defence, Malaya; serving from 1938 until 1941. Singapore Governor, Sir Shenton Thomas and his Confidential Assistant noted in their recollections that “the course of Japan’s plans and campaign was predicted with great accuracy by Malaya’a Defence Secretary in whom Thomas had placed great confidence” but a new Army Commander in Chief, whist admitting that he “had a brain” did not like him and the army contingent on the defence committee wanted him sacked.

Henry Robert Moore Brooke-Popham had been a WW1 flyer; a staff officer with no combat experience. Air defence commander of Britain, then air officer commanding in Iraq and finally for the entire Middle East, he had long retired and became governor general of Kenya in 1937. He is described in the Pacific War Encyclopedia as “called out of retirement when the European war broke out ... the bottom of everyone's priority list ... elderly and prone to falling asleep during meetings” and that “he badly underestimated the Japanese, refusing to believe they would form an intelligent fighting force”. He spoke of “various sub-human specimens dressed in dirty grey uniform, which I was informed were Japanese soldiers”. He verbally attacked Charles (Archie) Vlieland in a final meeting which saw the influential ‘civilian’ removed. Brooke-Popham “was relieved on 27 December 1941 and thereafter played no significant role in the war”. It was far too late.

The Services had complained that it was ‘difficult to deal with the Civilian Authorities’ in Malaysia (no doubt, partly, because they disagreed with the hopelessly incorrect conclusions drawn by them). Recent BBC anniversary programmes on the fall of Singapore confirm that a British ‘spy’ had issued a report suggesting not only the areas from which the Japanese would invade, but even down to the exact beaches. This was ignored in favour of other less accurate counsel. Reports suggest that it was difficult to recruit able offices to the Far East whilst the war raged elsewhere. Archie was a veteran of the region. One wonders whether history would have been any different had the Governor stood up against the army contingent and followed the views of their Defence Secretary. Did the faulty intelligence stem mostly from Brooke-Popham or did others in England already share the same blinkered view?

The fall of Singapore to the Japanese Army on February 15th 1942 is considered one of the greatest defeats in the history of the British Army and probably Britain’s worst defeat in World War Two. Letters to the Times from his Milford Oswestry home in 1945/6 dealt extensively with Malays and the Malayan Union and, much later, his authoritative article on 'Singapore: the legend and the facts' appeared in the Daily Telegraph in 1967. Still recognised as a well remembered and authoritative commentator his Memoir and associated items are held at the Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives. Prof. Anne E Booth BA (Wellington), PhD (ANU) the Professor of Economics with reference to Asia at London University and Member of the Centre of South East Asian Studies recently extensively quoted research by Vlieland in major articles.

His wife died in 1942 and at the end of the war he launched a successful career writing crime novels under the pseudonym ‘Jerome Nicholas’. The Sketchreviewed his second novel ‘the Asbestos Mask’ [1948] as ‘a very exciting spy story’. The main character in his first, 'The Widows Peak' has just returned from Malaysia to the UK and at the conclusion of the novel marries the beautiful war widow. (Oh, and he uses the name Archie for his boss). It could be no more than a coincidence but years later on Thursday, Aug 02, 1956 The Timesreported an “Engagement announced and the marriage will take place shortly quietly between Charles Archibald Vlieland ... and Audrey, widow of Arthur Henry John Hubert daughter of Mr and Mrs Michael Hanhart of Hampstead”. Arthur Hubert had, indeed, died in 1943 during the war.

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William Heath

Ray send us a mail with more information about William Heath.
`I have been trying to do this (with the aid also of Gilly) with our 'William Heath's'. There are too many of them for my poor brain As far as I can make out: `

William Heath of Blofield died July 1747 (buried at Hemblington - and noted as such in the parish register (which as you probably all well know, has only a few such records for the periodadded to the front of the parish register as records of past events since no parish register was kept from 1727 to 1777) Memorial Inscription: William Heath the son of Edward Heath who departed this life July 14th 1747 aged 31 years. (birth date: 18 Jan 1716 Baptism 19 Jan 1716 married to Mary and his children included William baptised 22nd October 1745)

William Heath died May 3rd 1765 age 70 (Memorial Inscription Hemblington) ? baptism poss * August 1697 - parents Edward and Thomasin

William Heath the Younger died August 1777 (shown as 'the younger by his attorneys/advert). (?William the son of William Heath & Sarah his wife was baptised 9th December 1735 - Blofield Parish Church register Memorial Inscription at Hemblington to William Heath gent. who died August 5th 1777 "aged 44".)

William Heath Senior died July 1781 (no day shown in Hemblington parish register but fortunately shown as Snr!) ? baptism poss 24 Oct 1700 ??...

Norfolk Chronicle - Saturday 05 October 1776 On Thursday fe'nnight was married at Hemlington, Mr. Baker Rackham, an eminent farmer at Gooton Hall, to Mifs Mary Heath, only daughter of William Heath, Efq. an agreeable young lady with a handfome fortune.

Norfolk Chronicle - Saturday 9 and Saturday 16 August 1777 SUCH Perfons as have any Demands upon the Eftate and Effects of Mr. WILLIAM HEATH the Younger, late of Hemblington Norfolk, deceafed, are, to fend an Account thereof to Mr. Sibel, at South Walfham; or Meffrs. Fofter and Cooper, Attorneys, in Norwich, that the fame may be difcharged. And all Perfons indebted are defired to pay their Debts to the faid Mr. Sibel, or Meffrs. Fofter and Cooper, to prevent further Trouble.

Norfolk Chronicle - Saturday 01 May 1784 On Wednefday laft was married at Lutham, Mr.' William Heath, of Hemblington, in this county, to Mifs Ann Johnfon, daughter Mr. John Johnfon of Ludham a young lady whofe many amiable qualifications cannot fail making, happiness the certain attendant of the connubial ftate.

Norfolk Chronicle - Saturday 19 June 1784 BLOFIELD and SOUTH WALSHAM HUNDREDS – The next Meeting of the Subscribers ....held in Blofield Subscribers: ... Hemblington: Mr. William Heath.

Norfolk Chronicle - Saturday 02 September 1786 MARRlED.—Norwich Tuefday laft, at St. Giles's church, Mr. Robert Clayton, of Yarmouth, to Mifs Heath.

Norfolk Chronicle - Saturday 14 February 1795 NORFOLK. AT a Meeting of the Committee for the INTERNAL DEFENCE and SECURITY of the County, held the Shire-Houfe, Norwich, Feb. 7, 1795 ... Refolved—that Mr. William Heath be recommended to the Lord Lieutenant, as Lieutenant,

Norfolk Chronicle - Saturday 30 April 1803 Monday last an inquisition was taken by William Colls, Gent, Blofield, on the body of Edward Heath, aged 60, who a fit of lunacy hanged himself.

Norfolk Chronicle - Saturday 06 October 1804 Commiffions figned by the Lord Lieutenant of Norfolk ... Pioneers attached the 3d Regiment of Yeomanry Cavalry. ..William Heath Gent to be Second Lieutenant

Norfolk Chronicle - Saturday 28 May 1808 Blofield and Walsham Association. The annual Meeting of the Subscribers ....held at the Queens Head Acle Subscribers: ... Hemblington: Mr. William Heath.

Bury and Norwich Post - Wednesday 14 June 1809 On Saturday s’ennight died in the 24th year of his age William Heath jun of Hemblington

Norfolk Chronicle - Saturday 21 April 1810 Tuesday last in the 75th year of her age respected by all who knew her, Mrs. Heath, relic of the late William Heath, Esq. of Hemblington, in-this county.

John Allcot = Sarah Heath marriage:08 Aug 1803 Hemblington, Norfolk, England indexing project (batch) number:I07349-1 source film number: 1526737 – AND: Norfolk Chronicle - Saturday 02 January 1819: Tuesday sennight, Mrs. Allcott, Wife of J Allcott, Esq. of Portsmouth, A daughter of the late Wm. Heath, Esq. of Hemblington.

Norfolk Chronicle - Saturday 28 May 1814 BYC - Gentlemen of the BLOFELD TROOP are requested to assemble at Blofield Globe, on Saturday June 4th at three o'clock - WILLIAM HEATH, Captain - Hemblington May ??th 1814

Norfolk Chronicle - Saturday 06 April 1816 - SOLD by AUCTION Thursday, April 18th, 1816, HE HOUSEHOLD "FURNITURE, Brewing Utensils, &c. of Mr. WILLIAM HEATH, of Hemblngton, near Blofield, Norfolk; consisting of Brussels carpets, six yards by five, mahogany chairs, hair seats and brass uaiied, jamb glass gilt frame, inches by 21, mahogany card and dining tables, tour-post bedsteads with chintz furniture, tent bedstead, bordered feather-beds and bedding, mahogany chest with drawers, dinner service, blue and white foreign china, in lots, useful had ornamental glass, brewing copper with cock to brew five coombs, lead wort pump, two coolers, beer vessels and uteusils, mangle, six servants' bedsteads and featherbeds, gig lined, bay horse, used harness, large copper boilers, quantity of pewter kitchen requisites, with variety of useful articles, which will be expressed in catalogues to be had on Tuesday before the sale, at the lobe, Blofield; Queen's Head, Acle and of the Auctioneer, St, Giles's, Norwich.. sale wilt commence, in consequence of the lots, at eleven o'clock precisely.

Bury and Norwich Post - Wednesday 22 October 1823 Sunday sennight, at her niece's, St. Peter Permountergate, Mrs. Martha Heath, aged 79, formerly of Hemblington, in this county.

Wednesday, August 24, 1825 The Bury and Norwich Post - Thursday last aged 63 Mr William Heath of Hemblington in this County

Norfolk Chronicle - Saturday 10 May 1851 Thursday last, at his residence, Lambeth, Surrey Thomas Leath Clayton, Esq.

Norfolk News - Saturday 13 November 1852 HEATH —On Sunday last, at .Great Yarmouth, aged 58 years, Lieut. Philip Heath, R.A., third son of the late

Saturday 21 November 1863 Norfolk Chronicle - On Tuesday last, in Surrey-street, aged 69, Susan, third daughter of the late Capt. W. Heath, of Hemlington, and sister to Mrs. Vlieland, of this city.

William Heath freemason

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Mr and Mrs William Glen Vlieland

from the newspaper

February 24,1975- 6 AND VLIELAND by Wanko at Asistencia Honeymooning at nearby mountain resorts are William Glen Vlieland of Anaheim and Cynthia Wanko.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Wanko, 39 West Hilton avenue,are the parents of Cynthia Wanko.

He is the son of William Virgil Vlieland and Velma Irene Hickman
name:William Glen Vlieland
event date:09 Oct 1951
event place:Los Angeles, California, United States

Citing this Record
"California, Birth Index, 1905-1995," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 30 Sep 2012), William Glen Vlieland, 1951.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Carl F Mikkelson

Carl F.Mikkelson was the husband of Alice Ellen Vlieland 
They had two children Fred Arthur Mikkelson and Marilyn Mikkelson.
Name: Carl F Mikkelson
Titles and Terms:
Event Type: Census
Event Date: 1940
Event Place: Shorewood, Shorewood Village, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
Gender: Male
Age: 38
Marital Status: Married
Race (Original): White
Race: White
Relationship to Head of Household (Original): Head
Relationship to Head of Household: Head
Birthplace: Wisconsin
Birth Year (Estimated): 1902
Last Place of Residence: Same House
District: 40-42
Family Number: 217
Sheet Number and Letter: 10A
Line Number: 23
Affiliate Publication Number: T627
Affiliate Film Number: 4501
Digital Folder Number: 005461211
Image Number: 00686

Household Gender Age Birthplace
Head Carl F Mikkelson M 38 Wisconsin
Wife Alice Mikkelson F 37 Wisconsin
Son Fred Mikkelson M 12 Wisconsin
Daughter Marilyn Mikkelson F 10 Wisconsin

Citing this Record:
"United States Census, 1940," index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 15 Aug 2013), Carl F Mikkelson, 1940.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

William Heath


Biolgraphical History of Gonville and Caius College 1349-1897

From this we learn that William Heath was born in 1777 aged 44 was born in 1733,
His son William was born 1762 .
And he was the father of Sarah Heath.