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William Hide

We try to find as much as possible on the internet about people mentioned in the blog .

So we did copy a lot about the Hide family .

And the writer wrote us and explains herself the family ties .
Henry Priaulx married Amelia Hide, Amelia's brother William Hide was my Gt. Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandfather. 

William born October 1770 in Sussex, (I believe not proven), married Town Church, St Peter Port Guernsey, Channel Islands, Marianne Le Lacheur on 29 July 1820.

Amelia and Henry married 10 April 1828 Town Church.

Soon after the family of William and Marianne and Henry and Amelia sailed on the ship "Wave" of which William was the Captain to Tasmania.

The records of the ship passengers do not indicate Amelia and Henry went on the same boat.

However, a newspaper report by another person much later on stated that Henry arrived on the ship the Wave in 1828.

It seems likely that this is correct.

William did not take up this land request but Henry did.

William instead returned home to live on Guernsey at La Porte King's Mills.

William had a son born at sea during the trip, William George Davey christened in Hobart Tasmania as George, then rechristened as W G D on Guernsey.

This son when he grew up returned to Hobart and possibly lived with his Uncle, as he also worked at the Commissariat in Tasmania.

WGD moved to Melbourne, Victoria when the gold rush developed and married an Irish lass, a Bullen related to Queen Anne Boleyn.

They had a son William George Henry and he had a son William Walter Wallace Washington Hide named after WGD's brothers born Guernsey and he had my father William George Hide.

I was Leonie Elizabeth Hide now Freeman.
Elizabeth Phillips mother of Amelia and William, was the daughter of Thomas Phillips and Eleanor Bond. 

She was born St Austell, Cornwall and married William Hide St Peter Port, Guernsey, 3rd June 1795.
The Phillips family with related families from Guernsey moved to Prince Edward Island, Canada in 1805 on the "Neptune".

Have not proven Elizabeth went out there as she remarried Guernsey 1907, although a grave on PEI apparently had all her details but, with a date well after her will was proven in London. This remains a mystery!

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Ann Laura Candler

Births q1 1858 Candler Anna Laura Henstead 4b 190
1871 census: Gremsley, Crook & Billy Row with parents 8 siblings and servant age 13 shown as ann laura?

13/11/1879: Hartlepool Mail - Keay - Candler - on the 6th inst., by the Rev. T. Dods, Joseph Hay Keay, MO. and M.B., of Manor Honse, Crook, to Anna Laura, eldest daughter of Laurence Candler, Esq., East Lodge, Crook.
census 1881

Joseph Hy Keay
Age (Original):31
Birth Year:1850
Birthplace:Scotland St Andrews 
Relationship to Head of Household:Head
Marital Status:Married
Occupation:General Practitioner M.B. C.M. M.A.Ednp ?
Address:Manor House
Event Place:Crook And Billy Row, Durham, England
Record Type:Household
GS Film number:1342185
Affiliate Publication Number:RG11
Piece/Folio:4927 / 144
Page Number:80
HeadJoseph Hy KeayM31Scotland
WifeAnnie Laurel KeayF23Saxlingham, Norfolk, England
ServantMargaret TurnerF18Beamish, Durham, England
ServantFrancis PhilipsonM16Crook, Durham, England
1911 census: age 53 with spouse Joseph Hay Keay 61 b Clunies Perthshire with children: Nora 26 b Perthshire and Kenneth Douglas 19 b Lancashire and 2 servants - cook and housekeeper (married 31 years with 4 children - 3 surviving)

(note: when brother Arthur dies Feb 1950 probate is to Anna Laura's son Kenneth Douglas Keay, minister of religion)

death: Anna L Keay q3 1934 Age at Death: 76 Portsmouth Volume: 2b Page: 647

Death: 8 Aug 1934 of 57 Beaches Avenue Carshalton Surrey, died at: the Manse St Michaels Rd Portsmouth admiinistration to (daughter) Nora Keay spinster - effects: £513 3s 10d

Probate Date: 21 Jan 1935 Registry: London, England

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Percy Philps Candler

Percy Philps Candler son of Lawrence Candler and Anna Maria Vlieland.born March 1876 Auckland.
Name:Percy P Candler
Event Type:Census
Event Date:1891
Relationship to Head of Household:Son
Birthplace:Crook, Durham
Schedule Type:Household
Registration District:Auckland
Ecclesiastical Parish:Stanley
Parish:Crook And Billy Row
1881 Census:East Lodge, Crook & Billy Row, Co. Durham - 5 with parents and 9 siblings
1891 Census: East Lodge, North Roddymoor, Crook - with parents age 15 - Colliery Clerk

14/02/1900 Northern Echo - Crook Rider pays heavy damages - Percy Candler, of East Lodge. Crook, assistant viewer, was sued for £25 4s for personal damages by Wm. Stoker and wife, of Sunniside....On 15th March last year... . Mrs Stoker was knocked down by a bicycle ridden by the defendant, ... 4 weeks in bed ... 12 in bandages ...She recieved a letter "from Mrs candler and Son" stating that they were sorry for what had occurred and enclosing half a crown which they returned, .judgement was found for the plaintiff in the sum of £20.
another article in Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough on Wednesday 14 February 1900 is appended

1901 Census: Peases West, Crook , Durham - age 25 - with parents and 3 siblings - Colliery Surveyor

and is this his death: CANDLER, Percy Mile End Old Town q4 1907 Age at death:34 Volume no: 1C Page no: 260

Percy Philps Candler's Grandad Lawrence Candler (1805-1892) married Susannah Philps
Wednesday 13 October 1830 Bury and Norwich Post - On Thursday last at the Friends' Meeting-house, in Goat Lane, Mr. Lawrence Candler, of Cringleford Mills to Susannah, daughter of the late Mr. James Philps, of High Wycombe, Bucks.

Percy Philps Candler's Father Lawrence Candler (1833-1912), who married Anna Maria Vlieland, had one sister Mariana Candler (1836-1917). She and husband John Brown Jr of Erith, Hunts (married 10/03/1864 at the friends meeting house Upper Goat Lane Norwich) had two sons, both Ackworth Scholars (a famous 'Friends' school). The younger was Oliver Philps Brown (b1880). The younger was John Lawrence Brown (b1875) - so both surnames were used!

thanks Ray

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Edwin Heath Candler

Edwin Heath Chandler son of Lawrence Candler and Anna Maria Vlieland.
Births Mar 1866 Candler Edwin H - Auckland 10a 241
1871 census: Gremsley, Crook & Billy Row with parents 8 siblings and servant age 5
1881 Census:East Lodge, Crook & Billy Row, Co. Durham - 15 with parents and 9 siblings - Colliery Clerk
Marriage: Edwin Candler x Jane Ainsworth q1 1886 Sunderland Volume Number: 10a Page Number: 679

christening: 31 May 1887 Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Willington, Durham, England.

2 Nellie 1901.
3. Ida Vlieland Candler 1904.

1891 census: 15, Mount Pleasant, Crook with spouse Jane (Ainsworth) and son1901 census: White Lea Square, Crook with spouse son and daughter age 35 - accountant
1911 census: Institute Terrace Peases West Crook - married 25 years - age 45 with spouse and 3 children - Colliery Accountant

Death: Edwin H Candler q3 1945 Age at Death: 79 Durham Central Volume: 10a Page: 309
Death: 9 Sep 1945 7 Middlefield Terrace Ushaw Moor Durham
Probate Date: 1 Jan 1946 Registry: Durham, England to solicitor - effects: £443 16s 11d

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Frank William Candler

Frank William Candler was born December 1873 Auckland as son of Lawrence Candler and Anna Maria Vlieland..

Frank William Candler
Age (Original):7
Birth Year:1874
Birthplace:Crook, Durham, England
Relationship to Head of Household:Son
Marital Status:Single
Address:East Lodge
Event Place:Crook And Billy Row, Durham, England

Friday, 24 May 2013

Julia Winifred Candler

Julia Winifred Candler was born 1871 Auckland the daughter of Lawrence Candler and Anna Maria Vlieland.

1881 Census:East Lodge, Crook & Billy Row, Co. Durham - 9 with parents and 9 siblings
1891 Census: East Lodge, North Roddymoor, Crook - with parents age 19 - Daily Governess
6 Dec 1921 London Gazette: Assignment of writing assistants - Health Ministry of: Julia Winifred Candler
5 June 1923 London Gazette: Assignment of writing assistants - Post Office—Julia Winifred Candler, from the Ministry of Health

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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Arthur Candler

Arthur Candler son of Lawrence Candler and 
Anna Maria Vlieland.

His parents marriage was 22 Jan 1856 at St Michaels Plea Norwich
Lawrence Candler Corn Merchant .son of Laurence Candler corn merchant.
22 Jan 1856 at St Michaels Plea Norwich to
Anna Maria Vlieland.

The Entry in The Shakespeare Birthday Book owned by Alice Stevens nee Vlieland.shows dob:
Births Sep 1864 CANDLER Arthur Witham 4a 302
1871 census: Gremsley, Crook & Billy Row with parents 8 siblings and servant age 6 - Auther
1881 Census:East Lodge, Crook & Billy Row, Co. Durham - 16 with parents and 9 siblings
1901 census: 1, Lime Grove, Hammersmith - age 36 - Bank Accountant
1911 census: 1 Lime Grove, Shepherds Bush 46 bank clerk single
1912: executor of father Lawrence's will - shown as 'bank clerk'
29 Jan 1947 executor of sister Edith's will described as: 'retired principal bank clerk'
20 Mar 1948 executor of sister Isabel's will described as: 'retired principal bank clerk' (both sisters live/die at 24 Hazlewood Rd)
death q1 1950 Age at Death: 85 Wandsworth Vol: 5d Page: 926
Death: 22 Feb 1950 - 24 Hazlewood road Putney Surrey,
Probate Date: 29 Apr 1950 Registry: London, England to Kenneth Douglas Keay, minister of religion effects: £14,527 16s 7d (note: sister Anna married Joseph Hay Keay - these are Kenneth's parents)

He was with his grandmother when she died .

Edith May Candler

She was born June 1867 Auckland as the daughter of Lawrence Candler and Anna Maria Vlieland..
Births Jun 1867 Candler Edith May Auckland 10a 249
1871 census: Gremsley, Crook & Billy Row with parents 8 siblings and servant age 3
1881 Census:East Lodge, Crook & Billy Row, Co. Durham - 13 with parents and 9 siblings
1901 Census: Peases West, Crook , Durham - age 33 - with parents and 3 siblings
1911 census: 5 Tavistock Road Wisbech age 43 with father and sister
death: Edith M Candler q1 1947 Age at Death: 79 Wandsworth Volume: 5d Page: 1111
Death: 29 Jan 1947 24 Hazlewood Road Putney London, England
Probate Date: 29 Mar 1947 Registry: London, England to Arthur Candler retired principal bank clerk effects:431 16s 6d

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Isabel Candler

Isabel Candler was the daughter of Lawrence Candler and Anna Maria Vlieland.
She was born 1861 Henstead and died at the age of 86 in March 1948 in Wandsworth
Births q3 1861 CANDLER Isabel Henstead 4b 183
(father Lawrence and family live at Saxlingham Thorpe, Norfolk)
1871 census: Gremsley, Crook & Billy Row with parents 8 siblings and servant age 9 mistranscribed Arabel
1881 Census:East Lodge, Crook & Billy Row, Co. Durham - 19 with parents and 9 siblings
1891 Census: East Lodge, North Roddymoor, Crook - with parents age 29 - student in Music
1901 Census: Peases West, Crook , Durham - age 39 music teacher - with parents and 3 siblings
1911 census: 5 Tavistock Road Wisbech school teacher age 49 with father and sister
Death: Isabel Candler q1 1948 Age at Death:86 Wandsworth Volume: 5d Page: 773
Death: 18 Jan 1948 24 Hazlewood road Putney London, Sw13
Probate: 20 Mar 1948 Registry: London, England to Arthur Candler retired principal bank clerk effects: £1,894 13s 3d
(note: not just Arthur but a couple of the sisters are shown as living at 24 Hazlewood road Putney when they die - Arthur in Feb 1950)

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Margaret Ellen Candler

Margaret Ellen Candler was the daughter of Lawrence Candler and Anna Maria Vlieland.
Born 1896 Sunderland

She married George H White in June 1917 in Sunderland.

their son is George H White and is born June 1919 Sunderland.

Crew list of Ships hit by U-boats

George Henry White
Merchant Navy. British

Born 1919 Sunderland
Died 25 Aug 1940 (21)

Roster information listed for George Henry White


Steam merchant

Fifth Engineer Officer

25 Aug 1940 (+)


Personal information

Son of G.H. and Margarat White, of Sunderland, Co. Durham.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Mrs Vlieland C.B.E

Saturday 01 January 1927 Exeter and Plymouth Gazette (extract)

No honour in the list is more thoroughly deserved than that. of the Commander of the Order of the British Empire which has been bestowed on Mrs. C. J. Vlieland, of Southernhay, Exeter, and it will give genuine satisfaction to her large circle of friends and those among whom he has worked so hard. The honour has undoubtedly to a great extent been given to Mrs. Vlieland in recognition of her untiring and unselfish work among the mothers and children of Exeter.

It is now 21 years since Mrs. Vlieland and a number of other’ enthusiastic members of the National Union of Women Workers embarked upon their infant welfare work in the city. The work was that of pioneers, for Exeter’s first infant Welfare Centre was started in the same year that the first similar organisation in London-St. Pancras -was established. ...

Mrs. Vlieland was one of the first lady Governors of the Royal Devon. and Exeter Hospital, for which her husband has done valuable work. She is also President of the Exeter Blanket Charity and a member of the Exeter Lying in Charity. In another phase of public work Mrs. Vlieland has done yeoman work. We refer to her work for the Conservative Party in Exeter. Up to quite recently she has been Chairman for a good many years of the women’s branch of the Conservative and Unionist Association.

Wednesday 11 December 1929 - Exeter and Plymouth Gazette (extract)

The Court having been opened, the Town Clerk read the resolution of the Council in regard to the freemanship. It recorded that Mrs. Alice Edith Vlieland, C.B.E., be admitted an honorary freeman of the City and County of the City of Exeter in recognition of the eminent services rendered by her to the city, and that a record of such admission be illuminated and suitably framed for presentation …

Mayoral Tribute “You, Mrs Vlieland, have devoted your life to the welfare of the city (Hear, Hear)…during the whole of the years that have passed you have devoted practically the whole of your life to those who have needed it most, to the helpless little children, especially the children of the poor, those who, without your help would not have bad half the chance of life your work has enabled them to have.”

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Francis Reginald Vlieland Peel

29/11/1907 Exeter and Plymouth Gazette - 27 Nov at Ajmor, India Francis Reginald Vlieland, dearly loved child of Reginald and Frances Maude Peel , aged 9 months

Thanks Ray

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Eveline Vlieland Candler

Eveline Vlieland Candler was the daughter of Lawrence Candler and Anna Maria Vlieland..
24/02/1915 Newcastle Journal - WEDDING AT SUNDERLAND.

She was born in 1875 East lodge Crook Durham.

The marriage took place yesterday. at the Friends’ Meeting House. Sunderland, of Mr Wm. Roach Thomas, of Bank House, Sunderland, who has lately retired on a pension from the management of the High Street Branch of Messrs Barclay’s Bank, with which he had been connected for forty years, and Miss Eveline Vlieland Candler, youngest daughter of the late Mr Lawrence Candler, of Crook, county Durham, The bride, who has resided in Sunderland for several years. is connected with the Society of Friends. After the bride and bridegroom had made the usual declaration, Mr Herbert Corder gave a short address, in which he offered congratulations, and felicitations on the event. The honeymoon will be spent at Edinburgh.


On 6 Apr 1875 a Marriage occurs at St Mary Putney (in the Borough of Wandsworth) between William Roach Thomas Full Age bank clerk and  Amy Morris. 
Their Fathers are Edward Morris a gentleman & William Henry Thomas bank clerk.

William Roach Thomas moves North and the 1911 census shows him at Banks House West Sunniside Sunderland. He is, by now, a bank manager, age 60 with his spouse Amy (65) and a companion Eveline Vlieland Candler.
The death of Amy Thomas, now 68 is registered in Q4 1913. (Sunderland vol 10a P 732). 
Eighteen months later, as we have already seen, he marries the companion,Eveline. He has, by now, retired on a pension (as shown in the previous article).

William dies 18 months later on 16th June 1917 at 2 Elms West Sunderland, Cumberland. (q2 1917 Age at Death: 67 Sunderland Vol: 0a Page: 693). Probate is granted on 18 Aug 1917 - London to Eveline Vlieland Thomas and Elizabeth Thomas widows effects: £841 16s 3d.

Eveline dies half a century later aged 91 on 30 Oct 1966 at 14 Vilette Path Sunderland and probate is granted to Muriel May Rawlinson - married woman. Her effects: £1,300. 

thanks Ray !!

The marriage was at the Friends ´meeting House in Sunderland.
The meeting place of Quakers or Friends 
In the past, Quakers were known for their use of thee as an ordinary pronoun, refusal to participate in war, plain dress, refusal to swear oaths, opposition to slavery, andteetotalism -- the opposition to alcohol. Some Quakers have founded banks and financial institutions including Barclays, Lloyds, and Friends Provident; manufacturing companies including Clarks, Cadbury, Rowntree, and Fry's; and philanthropic efforts, including abolition, prison reform, and social justice projects.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Samuel Vlieland Candler

Trying to find the East lodge in Crook we found a reference to Samuel Vlieland Candler born Jun 1863 Henstead and death in Newcastle upon Tyne 1929

He was the son of Lawrence Candler and Anna Maria Vlieland.
entree in the Tasburgh baptism register.
690 12/04/1863 Isabel CANDLER Lawrence CANDLER Miller Anna Maria
691 12/04/1863 Thomas Edward CANDLER Lawrence CANDLER Miller Anna Maria
692 12/04/1863 Samuel Vlieland CANDLER Lawrence CANDLER Miller Anna Maria
Baptisms 1813 to 1880 we find 3 Candlers baptised on the same date.
The parish of Tasburgh lies in central southern Norfolk south of the city of Norwich and adjacent to the main A140 road which links Norwich with Ipswich. As its name suggests the village lies in the River Tas valley. The village is built on slightly higher ground in the angle between the Tas and a major tributary arriving from the east. The heart of the village lies on an westward leading lane off the A140 and running just above the flood plain on dry ground.

St Mary's church is old possible Anglo-Saxon in part as evidenced by the well preserved round tower which is often indicative of an early date. The church, built at the western end of the village, sits in a pleasant churchyard with views over the Tas valley. Other than the tower the main body of the church is typical Norfolk Perpendicular with the almost obligatory Victorian improvements, in this case an excellent hammerbeam roof.

Mr. R. H. Oughton was appointed to draw up plans 
and specifications for the extensions, and in this work 
he had an able assistant in Mr. Samuel Candler, a son of 
the late Mr. L. Candler, East Lodge. Mr. S. Candler is 
at the present time a valued member of the committee. 

And about the Mechanics' Institute Crook .
In the last few years many improvements have been made.
The building contains a large public hall, holding seven hundred persons, a library of nearly one thousand three hundred volumes, reading room and ante-rooms, and a bilhard room containing two tables. The billiard players attached to the place have always been of more than average local ability.
The membership varies from two hundred and fifty to three hundred,
paying an annual subscription of four shillings ; ladies paying two shillings.
Mr. Edward Milburn, now residing at Tow Law, was secretary for some years.
He was succeeded by Mr. Thomas Burnip, the present respected secretary of the local Co-operative Society.
Mr. Burnip held the post of secretary for twenty-seven years, and much of the
success attaching to the Institute has been the result of his capable handling of its affairs.
Mr. E. F. Peart is the present secretary, and Mr. Samuel Candler, a prominent townsman, is president.
The Institute possesses a handsome cup, valued at fifty-five guineas, which was won outright in a miners' billiard competition some years ago.
The billiard team, since that success, has also won the Bishop Auckland and
District League championship on five occasions, and the Crook and District League once.

he married Margaret Ellen Brougham on the 24 December 1888 in Durham .
The was a special license needed because the bride was to young.
Their son is Arnold Brougham Candler born dec 1889.Auckland.

Thursday, 16 May 2013


Also  our trip took us to Durham .The place were Sarah Heath lived with her daughter and her family after the death of Jerome Nicholas Vlieland and where she was buried.

death cert shows death at home at East Lodge, Billy Row, Crook from pleura-pneumonia (4 days) and exhaustion (3 days) - Arthur Candler (grandson) in attendance17/11/1882
Crook and Billy Row, Durham, England.

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Rereading the text of yesterday .This passage made me try and find out once more about ship and captain.
Silliman says - our packet was called the Johanna Wilhelmina (Captain Vlieland.)

=This very packet was built for a gun-boat for the invasion of England ; she was taken in action by the English, purchased of them by a Dutch captain, and converted into a packet to sail between Rotterdam and London. She was however, in every respect inferior to the American gunboats., except that she was deeper in the hold, but, still we could not any where stand upright.=

Back to our gunboat in Dutch kanonneerboot.

Not many gunboats were auctioned of .

These are the only ones to be found in the newspapers.

In 1805 we find 
NICOLAUS MONTAUBAN VAN SWYNDREGT en WILLEM VAN DAM J.H.Zoon, Makelaars, zullen, op HEDEN den 12 Maart 1805, 's namiddags ten 3 uren, Rotterdam, in 't Logement het Zwynshoofd, aan den meest biedenden, (zonder Afding) verkoopsn, een extra welbezeild BOMSCHlP, genaamd JOHANNA WILHELMINA, laatst gevoerd door Schipper Ary Vlieland, lang over Steven 37 voeten. hol 9 voetenenl duim, wyd, i9voeten. Bieder by de Inventaris en bericht by de gemelde Makelaars. NICOLAUS MONTAUBAN VAN SWYNDREGT, Makelaar te Rotterdam
which means .
The ship Johanna Wilhelmina last sailed by captain A Vlieland will be sold on 12 March 1805 Rotterdam.

More about the Johanna Wilhelmina
and the passage to Rotterdam .
Lloyds registers 
and more about the Wilhelmina which is probably the same ship.

There was even a gunboatwar during the Napoleontic war .

Monday, 13 May 2013


Mixing holiday and hobby we ended up in Harwich .
The story of captain Vlieland who sailed from Harwich to Holland on his converted ship is told by Benjamin Silliman.
We did see the things he mentioned in this book ,as the custom house and the pier are still there .

they are 16th century so not from captain Vlieland.

half penny pier