Saturday, 31 October 2009

Sailing letters,

In the British National Archives are Dutch sailing letters to be found.
The letters we mentioned before.
And were taken to England by the fishermen.
They were captured with the ships and ended up in the British archives where they were found in 1890 by Braunius.
Once a month one of these letters is published in Holland.They can be found in the KB.
And one day we hope to find a letter from our ancestors.
Hier volgt het interview uit het Leidsch Dagblad van 31-10-2009 met de Leidse maritiem historica Els van Eijck Heslinga.

Friday, 23 October 2009


So we know there must be a connection between Jan and Jerome but it is difficult to establish a relationship.For a coincidence there are to much similaritys.
What are the facts .
We know the names and birthdays and the family tree of Jan Vlieland and of his brother Jeroen.
We know what happened to Jan .And we know the start in England from Jerome.
As a Dutch mariner Jan spoke Dutch, but also English and probably also french.We know he was a captain of a fishingboat. He escaped from a French prison in Holland .Where he was convicted because he was with other Dutch fisherman involved in bringing letters and passengers from England to Holland and back.
We don´t know what happened to Jeroen.We find him giving permission for the marriage of his daughter in Delft.So he must have had a reason not to return to Noordwijk.He is found in the taxtabelof Noordwijk as `at sea `.But so far we did not find his death.
So if there is someone who can make the connection ,that would be great.
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Monday, 19 October 2009

Jeroen Vlieland

During the time that our fishermen were involved with Marivault and the French.
They were captured and escaped from prison in Holland, Went to England and came back with letters or passengers.
Jeroen sailed with his ship the Topsham Post from Topsham to Rotterdam and back with mail.

In 1811 this ship is publicly sold in Rotterdam and in the advertisement it says ``Sailed lately by Jeroen Vlieland.``
We assume he is captured and ended as prisoner of war in a prison in England possibly Yarmouth.
The family later lived at friars walk in Yarmouth.
Other familymembers sailed to Malaga,France Riga and we know that is was very difficult with those small ships.several newspapers
They can be found in in Holland,the London gazette.We give you the index .so you search on all the different Vlieland captains.
Captain Vlieland arrived from ...sailed to.
Allthough his name is Jeroen it is also spelled as Yarhan at his sons wedding or in this clipping from thursday 07/01/1802 in the morning Post as Jarien

Also his ship l ésperance was sold

This is the family we are talking about.
And we can find in this family our Jan Vlieland,his brother Jeroen (Jerome in English)All can be found in the dutch newspaper as well in the London Gazette.
The whole familytree can be found here.
Jeroen Vlieland sailed on several ships including the Beatrix and look what we found.

1. Arie Aldertsz VLIELAND, gedoopt (RK) te Noordwijk op 30-07-1741.
2. Pieternelletje Aldertsdr VLIELAND, gedoopt (RK) te Noordwijk op 08-08-1743.
3.Jeroen Aldertsz VLIELAND, gedoopt (RK) te Noordwijk op 04-02-1745.
4. Jan Aldertsz VLIELAND, gedoopt (RK) te Noordwijk op 02-10-1746.
5. Hendrik Aldertsz VLIELAND, gedoopt (RK) te Noordwijk op 29-01-1748.
6. Cornelis Aldertsz VLIELAND, gedoopt (RK) te Noordwijk op 04-08-1749.
7. Trijntje Aldertsdr VLIELAND, gedoopt (RK) te Noordwijk op 27-12-1751.
8. Willem Aldertsz VLIELAND, gedoopt (RK) te Noordwijk op 22-12-1753.
9. Jacob Aldertsz VLIELAND, gedoopt (RK) te Noordwijk op 15-05-1756.
And where do Jeroen and Jerome meet????? and when is Katherine coming in his life.
All his ships in the newspaper.

More about Jeroen Vlieland 
He was born in Noordwijk a small village on the coast of Holland .
His father and brothers are captains on herringships and small merchantships.
he married 
1.Ariaantje Klaasdochter Mooiekind in 1768 she died in 1795.
He sails from and probably lives in Rotterdam for a while.
They had several children who died soon after their birth .
Their daughter  Maartje Jeroensdochter Vlieland is the only surviving daughter.

Vastleggen in volledig scherm 21-2-2014 220528.bmp.jpg wordt weergegeven
Vastleggen in volledig scherm 21-2-2014 220035.bmp.jpg wordt weergegeven

When Maartje wants to get married her father  Jeroen has to give permission .
Instead of going from Rotterdam to Noordwijk he gives his permission via the notary. Maartje lives in Bruges Belgium with her Dutch captain and her children.

From Jeroen we have not found the date or place  of death.
We find him and his ships regularly in the English or Dutch newspaper.
The last one wherein he is named is the auction of his ship in 1811 last sailed by Jeroen Vlieland.

We assume he met Catherine and her children when they were all living in Rotterdam and they all went to England.
So Jeroen is the stepfather of the children of Jan Hollander and Catharine Fris.

To prove this theory we need the deathdate of Jeroen Vlieland and Jan Hollander and a marriage between Jeroen and Catharine.
So we keep looking .

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Jan Hendrik Berkenkamp

Bij het overlijden van Jan Vlieland op 10 januari 1864 in Delft ,staat de volgende aantekening
Zich ook genoemd hebbende Jan Hendrik Berckenkamp Vlieland.
Overledene Jan Vlieland , 60
Moeder Marijtje Vlieland
Plaats Delft
Datum overlijden 10-01-1864
Opmerkingen zich ook genoemd hebbende Jan Hendrikse Berckenkamp Vlieland
Bronverwijzing Delft186431
Ook deze naam komen we weer tegen in het Rotterdams jaarboekje en de kranten .

We gaan weer even terug naar de barones Minckwitz
Marivault hoorde van barones Minckwitz dat ze met behulp van Boutmy zijn koffers uit Katwijk naar London had laten sturen met een schuit die zogenaamd op haringvangst ging. Door deze verklaring liet de Marivault dadelijk bij Boutmy huiszoeking doen en hem op 27 oktober in het dolhuis opsluiten.
Onder de bij Boutmy in beslag genomen papieren vond men ook een briefje van Berkenkamp
Syndic de la marine (Trustee van de marine) te Katwijk. De Marivault droeg een onderzoek naar Berkenkamp op.
Hij moest daarbij de eerbied in het oog houden die men aan een ambtenaar verschuldigd was.
Berkenkamp wist zich lange tijd afwezig te houden.
Tenslotte moest hij toch aan een verhoor geloven en nu bleek dat ook Kruijt zijn collega in Noordwijk, met Boutmy contact had.
De bewijzen tegen de beide trustees schijnen geen gevolgen te hebben gehad
De Marivault maakte de commissaire van de marine er wel op attent dat Berkenkamp adjunct van de burgemeester was en dat deze functie niet gecombineerd kan worden met die van Trustee en vroeg hem dan ook scherp op Berkenkamp te letten.
Berkenkamp kwam er met een berisping van af. Hij legde de belofte af dat hij ijver en toewijding zou tonen. Berckenkam was ook in het Katwijk, van 150 jaar geleden een respectabel heer.
De bewijzen moesten overtuigend zijn;in afwachting daarvan nam de politie hem onder bewaking. Over Boutmy schreef de Marivault aan de minister van politie dat hij opdracht had gegeven tot nader onderzoek naar meneer Boutmy.
Boutmy wist Marivault milder te stemmen door enkele brieven aan hem te overhandigen en hij werd dan ook vrijgelaten uit het dolhuis.
Marivault liet alle goederen van Haeton verbeurd verklaren .Daarbij was ook het vissersschip Emanuel met kapitein Hermanus Luijk.
from the london Gazette
London, March 29, 19 fft
is hereby given to the officers and com-
pany of His Majesty's hired armed ship Charles,
John Mitchell, .Esq. Commander, who were actually
on board at the capture of L'Emanuel, Humanu$
Von Leick, -Master, qn the 18th, day of August
1812, that account sa,l& of the vessel and cdrgo will
be delivered into the Registry of the High Court of
Admiralty and Greenwich- Hospital, hgreeable to Act
of Parliament, David K. Whytt, Agent

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Jan Vlieland also known as Jan Hollander

Today we continue our story of Jan Vlieland.
After leaving two passengers on shore who were afraid of the bad weather .
The crew tried to flee back to sea.
They did not manage to go back to sea and drifted on the Maas to Dordrecht.

The crewmembers of the Wilhelmina are captain Jan Vlieland said Hollander, Johan Letzer of  Zeeland ,and a Greek Constantino Variotti.

Jan Vlieland ,already under surveillance since 1811 by the head of police Marivault was already once escaped to England.
Now with the ship Wilhelmina he returned.
The ship was anchored near tavern"de Gouden Leeuw" .
With help of the landlord a man named Karsbergen,our Jan managed to sell the Wilhelmina for 200 guilders to the Helmont brothers.
He already bought a new ship and he sailed with a permit from Zierikzee to Amsterdam under the name of captain Wullaart.
But he and his crew were arrested and sent back to Rotterdam.
On October 15, they were sent to the rasphouse annex prison.

The two other passengers still on the ship ,were also captured just as the landlord of de Gouden Leeuw.
They were all released after a few days except for Jan.
During the night of 29 on 30 november, Jan Vlieland managed to escape from the prison with Jan Baptista van der Voodt and Pieter Messu .

The way they escaped reads like a novel.
If it was not in the newspaper at the time you would not believe it .
The escape.
They heated the iron hinges of their beds in the fire that was in their prison and burned through a plank.
After widening the hole,they came into a loft.With the blankets,tied together they could reach a small street on the outside of the prison.

Marivault was very angry and tried everything he could to capture this three men.
Later he found out that they escaped from Beijerland to England.

Dordtse courant 7-7-1796
HELVOETSLUIS, den 4 July. Gisteren namiddag arriveerde
Jan Vlieland van Emden, Christiaan J. Rickels en Jan Hermanus
van Riga.
Arrival in Hellevoetsluis .
Yesterday afternoon Jan Vlieland coming from Embden ,J.Rickels  en jan Hermanus from Riga .

HELLEVOETSLU1S, den 14 January.1805'
Het Schip dat gisteren in 't gezigt was, is gevoerd  van Bordeaux.;
dezelve is met behulp ven 3 sloepen op de haven gekomen.
De Zydfe Bom,: de GoereefcheHaven ligt, is
gevoerd door J.Vlieland, van. Emden De "wind Z. Z. W,
, Den 15 dito. Niets gepasseerd. De,Wind z: Z. W.

The ship that was in sight yesterday coming from Bordeaux in with the aid of three sloupes brought into the harbour .
The Bom that is in Goeree Harbour is sailed Bu J.Vlieland from Embden
Wind SSW
15 as well nothing happened to the ship  Wind SSW

Also we found the story told by Silliman.

Also we find a Jan Vlielander captain of the ship de Faam .

and also

more about this ship

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Barones Minckwitz

Still looking for our ancestor we find this story in de London Gazette AND Rotterdam newspaper of 1813,
During this years was Marivault appointed by Napoleon the authority in Holland.
He tried everything to stop the smuggling of goods,information and letters from and to England.
The fishermen of Katwijk and Noordwijk were known to do this job.
One day Jan Vlieland came back with some other passengers from England.
Today we tell a story of one of those passengers.
The barones Minckwitz.
Marivault captured the ship "Wilhelmina"and took all passengers prisoner.
And send them to Dordrecht to a rasphouse.
Which is on the picture on top.
After one day in the rasphouse The Barones Minckwitz told Marivault everything he wanted to know.
She declared that in London she had a salon where all kind of people came to play.
So she knew a lot gossip and she told everything.
She was released the next day and went to live with Lady Forsyth and the widow Kinnard in Rotterdam.
After some time they went to Den Haag.And when they left there they forgot to pay for their wigs.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

The three brothers

In 1803 we read in a Dutch newspaper about the capture of different ships by either the French or the English .Also a fishingship of local fishermen"de drie gebroeders" was seized .Maybe that was the start of Jeromes adventures.