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Jerome Nicholas Vlieland

He was born 27-06-1796 Rotterdam and baptised on 03-07-1796.
His name is then Jeroen Nicolaas Jansen de Hollander.
He died 13 June 1865 in England.

His father is Jan Jansen Hollander
(Who was born in 1756 and died we assume 12-07-1803 in Rotterdam.)
His mother is Katreina Fres also written as Catharina Trits, Catharina Fust, Caatje Frits, Katreina.
She was born 27-11-1756 Leiden.
She died on 13-03-1841 Great Yarmouth and was buried 28-03-1841 decentors graveyard Market street grave 300)

witnesses at his birth are: Georg de Wolff and Maria van den Berg.
His brothers and sisters are
Joannes Hollander baptised 30-05-1786 Rotterdam
Jan Jans Hollander (John Vlieland)was born on 27-01-1789 as son of Jan de Hollander and Catharina Trits.
Died 28-02-1842 Great Yarmouth
Seijke Hollander(Suzan Vlieland)born 25-10-1790 te Rotterdam .Baptised 31-10-1790 and Died 21-10-1849 Great Yarmouth.
Maria (Mary)born on 31-12-1792 and baptised 03-01-1793 daughter of Jan Hollander and Catrina Frits.
Jeroen Nicolaas Hollander(Jerome Nicholas Vlieland)
Here is the census of 1841

and of 1851

1851 Jerome and Sarah.

1861 Jerome and Sarah

Then we start our story again in Great Yarmouth:
First there is the name change from Jeroen Nicolaas Jansen de Hollander to Jerome Nicolas Jansen de Vlieland.
Why we do not know yet.
From Rotterdam to Great Yarmouth as a professor of languages must have been quite a step .
The whole family,mother,brother and sisters went with him as well.
The story in the family is that he hated the French ,but he was a profesor of French all his live.
In a add he even says he is from Paris .
In the Norfolk Chronicle Saturday 6 July 1822.
Maybe he was a prisoner of war during the Napoleontic war which happened quite a lot to the fisherman and was captured in France .
The prisoners were not kept in prison but were allowed to do some scrimsawwork, needlework or learning or teaching to read and write.
Maybe they already knew familymembers of the Heath family as a William Heath lived in the house of Gerrit Vlieland and received lessons in navigation and French.Although there are years in between.

First mentioned in Great Yarmouth 1822-1823 as a French teacher living in Kingstreet Great Yarmouth over the next fourthy years he taught French,German, Italian and dancing,wrote many books on languages.

He must have been an excellent teacher as he is mentioned in William Vernons memoires.

At marriage called Jerome Nicholas Jansen de Vlieland. Of the parish of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, bachelor an married Sarah Heath of the parish of Hemblington, (daughter of Large landowner and genter of the parish).

Jerome Nicholas was also the teacher of Sarah Heath.
They eloped and were allowed to marry.
His wife ,Sarah Heath

They had 10 children.
Their first daughter was named after his sisters.
His son Jerome Nicholas Vlieland wasVicar in Stalisfield
Tekst niet beschikbaar
he married Frances Elizabeth Samworth,daugther of John.About the legacy On which site of the family this seal belongs is not known.It could be like the memorial plate with the stork belong to the Vlieland family.
They are buried "on the north side of the church and East of the path to the porch
Frances Elizabeth wife of the Rev. J. N. VLIELAND Vicar of this Parish. Died 20th August 1864 aged 38 and The Rev. Jerome Nicholas VLIELAND for 18 years Vicar of this Parish died 22nd January 1877 aged 51."
[from The Monumental Inscriptions in The Church and Churchyard of Stalisfield, Kent. Taken in September 1920 by Leland L. Duncan. Typed up by Christine Pantrey, checked by Zena Bamping]

Stalisfield Church
We received lots of information From Jan Wood .
We quote "I finally found the first Jerome Vlieland, wrongly indexed as Jerome Herland. He was living in Norwich, which is the main city in Norfolk, in a parish called St John Maddermarket. and was a teacher of languages. His age was given as 40as for that census, ages had to be rounded down to the nearest 5 years. He was living with his wife Sarah and five of their children, and also 2 servants. His son Jerome the Younger was not at home, so was probably studying away from home.
Jerome Vlieland the Elder (born 1796) and his wife Sarah must therefore have died after June 1841 when the census was taken".
Today you can read the book a complete course of study for Englismen to obtain the French language from 1827 at home of Jerome Nicholas Vlieland digital on your computer.
One of his books is inscribed to Colonel George Anson M.P.
In his book he has a review by the Norfolk newspaper.
Years ago we were asked to look for the roots of Jerome Nicholas Vlieland in Holland by his relatives in England
His great great grandson told a lot about him as he still did know him.
Jerome Nicholas told him he was a Hollander .His father was Jan and his father again a Jan .
So that made him Jan Janszoon(John John) Vlieland.
He hated the French because they killed his brother Jan .And he was born in 1796.
And so started our research.After years of searching ,we found him in Rotterdam .Jerome Nicholas Hollander born in 1796 and son of Jan Janssen .
So he was not only a Hollander, he was named like that as well
So that was it.We found him, his father and mother ,but why did he go to England, why was he called Vlieland and not Hollander. He married and had children.
His son was a vicar.
It is always on your mind if you are looking in Rotterdam in the archives in the Napoleontic time.
And today we found in Rotterdam a Jan Vlieland .Maybe the brother who was to be killed later.
He was captain on the ship Wilhelmina .Imprisoned by the French and escaped from the cachot by burning the wood of the prison with the hinges of his bed.
It is an even better story then Les Miserables we think.
So help make the puzzle of this man complete by giving us some pieces of information .
All we know you can find,here
More about his books.

During his teaching he placed many adds in the newspapers .
In the Norfolk Chronicle Saturday 6 July 1822.

In this add Jerome is a native of Paris and his mode of teaching is pursued from the university of Leiden

The search for Jerome Nicholas Vlieland started with this letter from his great grandson.

June 11 1905

Dear Sir
In November 1902 you wrote me in answer of an advert, I put in a Dutch Newspaper
I have, owing to certain circumstances let the matter drop .for the time.
I am now desirious of getting certain information if possible.
A certificate of the birth of my grandfather which would I suppose give the name ,social position place of residence of his father also whether there was a family crest
Certain of my relatives think it was a stork with a snake in its bill.
The following details are all I can give you.
If you consider that with them it is useless to proceed please say so
I state you for giving such advice
If you think it is worthwhile kindly let me now what your charges will be ( inclusive)
I will tell you what I am prepared to do.
My Grandfather was born June 27 1796 his name was Jerome Nicholas Vlieland.
(like the island in the Zuijderzee) shown in maps of Holland
His ancestors supposed to have been de Vlielands
One of his grandchildren , a cousin of mine was christened Janson de Vlieland Vlieland
I do not know where in Holland he was born probably at or in near the Hague or Amsterdam
He came to this country with some other members of his family when probably about 25 years old.
He is said to have come as a “refuge” but why I do not know. personally he seems to have had some kind of hatred of the French
He is said to have had an uncle an officer in the Dutch Navy John Vlieland who was killed fighting by the French.
My Grandfather would have been a well educated man ,as he made his living as a professor of languages and wrote volumes in French German and Italian
I should say he was certainly not a Roman Catholic
I am
Yours faithfully

Norfolk Chronicle 11 January 1823