Monday, 28 September 2015

IFrench Chitchat 1834. we found this in the book .
he must have so popular that he was copied.
more books 

Sunday, 27 September 2015


On the 25 th I received a special birthday present.
A leaflet about Holkham hall.

What has Holkham Hall to do with Vlieland you wonder .

Jerome Nicholas Vlieland dedicated  this volume of his book  to Colonel George Anson MP.
And  calls himself a most obliged and obedient servant.

to the honourable
Colonel George Anson,M.P.
this volume
is most respectfully inscribed
by his obliged
and most obedient servant,
the author

This George Anson was living in Holkham Hall Norfolk and was 
the second son of Thomas Anson, 1st Viscount Anson, and his wife Anne Margaret, daughter of Thomas Coke, 1st Earl of Leicesterof Holkham Hall, Norfolk. Thomas Anson, 1st Earl of Lichfield was his elder brother. He was educated at Eton College.

The coat of arms of the Coke family is an ostrich .
It is a logo still used in Holkham.
And we thought it might be "the Stork" we are always looking for.

So we can tell you that George Anson and Jerome Nicholas Vlieland knew each other .
That George Anson was living at Holkham .
And that it is likely our Jerome visited Holkham two hundreds years ago.
And I am very happy with my leaflet.Thanks Gilly !

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Hon secretary

Western Morning News 10 May 1922

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Jerome Nicolas Vlieland census 1861

Census of 1861

it is Sunday

What did you do this Sunday.....?
Well I looked at some records  on the internet.
All related to the Vlielands in the blog .Just a bit more information or a real record instead of a transcription.
So  what did you find ...... well look for at the clippings and look at the revised articles on the blog.
Because finding it is one thing ,you have to fit everything in as well .
So the clues are in the records ..see if you can see where they belong 

census Richard Shillitoe ,wife son and 2 servants.
Bapt.Bernard Rickman Shillitoe 4 June  1882
Banns of marriage Charles Archibal Vlieland and Dorothy Margaret Morgan.
Bapt Violet Mary Shillitoe April 9th 1879

marriage between Charles Archibald Vlieland and Dorothy Margaret Morgan.
Violet Mary Shillitoe visitor
Shares in the great western Railways.
Mary Heath Shillitoe in the census living with her daughter Violet Mary Page
Probate of Richard Morgan   father of Dorothy Margaret Morgan.
Census of Susan , John and Mary Vlieland on the Nelson ward in Chapel street.
Census Towerroad Susath and Mary Vlieland
Census George Henry Vlieland and Mary Vlieland.
census Frank Alice and Vieland Parker
census William Ernest Parker and Annie Isobel Grieve

Census Edward Candler and Ida Vlieland Candler.
census Jerome ,Sarah and maria Vlieland and servant Harriet Parker.
Census Archibald Graham Petter
census Archibald Graham Petter
census Archibald Graham Petter
passengerslist Archie Graham artist

census Emily Vlieland
census Catherine Veri Vlieland only the children and servant .without Jerome and Sarah Vlieland.
census William Heath Vlieland
probate Sarah Ann Vlieland
census Charles Vlieland  and family at Syndale
Bapt of Charles Archibald Vlieland.
census Charles James Vlieland and family.
census Archibald Graham Petter
Thomas Shillitoe father of Richard Shillitoe.
Census Archibald Graham Petter
Census Archibald Graham Petter
Guesthouse in Hastings
passengerlist Archie petter

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