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family tree Jerome

In a blog you can tell the story behind a person.
but sometimes you need a family tree to see who is who.

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Albert Oliver Fillback

Albert Oliver Fillback was the husband of Frances Elisabeth Vlieland
In the census of 1930 we find them and their 6 children as well .
The name is sometimes spelled with one and sometimes with 2 L´s or as Filback
Frances E Filback
event: Census event date: 1930 event place:Warren, St. Croix, Wisconsin
gender: Female age: 38
marital status: Married
race: White
birthplace: Wisconsin
estimated birth year: 1892
immigration year:
relationship to head of household: Wife
father's birthplace: England
mother's birthplace: Wisconsin
enumeration district number:0034 family number: 186 sheet number and letter: 8B
line number: 56 nara publication: T626, roll 2611 film number: 2342345 digital folder number:
4547579 image number: 01077
head  Albert O Filback

M 49 Wisconsin
wife Frances E Filback
F 38 Wisconsin
son Oliver E Filback
M 19 Wisconsin
son Arthur R Filback
M 17 Wisconsin
daughter Bernice M Filback
F 16 Wisconsin
son Dale W Filback
M 14 Wisconsin
son Bert Filback
M 11 Wisconsin
son Francis E Filback
M 8 Wisconsin

Albert Oliver Fillbach

From the children we found the following information .
The obituary of Bernice M Filback.their only daughter
She was born on Aug. 29, 1913, in Hudson
Her obituary
PLATTEVILLE, Wis. - Bernice Marie (Fillbach) Gray, 91, of Platteville, passed away on Monday, May 30, 2005, at Southwest Health Center Hospital, Platteville, following a short illness.
Services will be at 11 a.m. Thursday at Lutheran Church of Peace, Platteville. Burial will be in the Hazel Green (Wis.) Cemetery. Friends may call from 4 to 8 p.m. today at Bendorf Funeral Home, Platteville. Friends also may call after 10 a.m. Thursday at the church.
Mrs. Gray led a very active life, and was currently still the administrator of Gray's Nursing Home in Platteville.
She was 91 at that time !

PLATTEVILLE, Wis. - Bernice Marie (Fillbach) Gray, 91, of Platteville, passed away on Monday, May 30, 2005, at Southwest Health Center Hospital, Platteville, following a short illness.
Services will be at 11 a.m. Thursday at Lutheran Church of Peace, Platteville. Burial will be in the Hazel Green (Wis.) Cemetery. Friends may call from 4 to 8 p.m. today at Bendorf Funeral Home, Platteville. Friends also may call after 10 a.m. Thursday at the church.
She was born on Aug. 29, 1913, in Hudson, daughter of Albert O. and Frances E. (Vlieland) Fillbach.
Mrs. Gray led a very active life, and was currently still the administrator of Gray's Nursing Home in Platteville.
Bernice moved from Roberts when she was 15 years old to live with her uncle, Dr. Harold Fillbach, founder of the Fillbach Hospital in Hazel Green.
She graduated from Hazel Green High School in 1931, and went to Methodist Hospital School of Nursing in Madison, and graduated in 1935. The day she graduated from training, she took a bus back to Hazel Green and started working that night for Dr. Harold Fillbach.
She married Eldon W. Gray on Jan. 18, 1936. After her marriage, they lived in the Madison and Milwaukee area for several years, where she was a nurse.
She returned to become director of nurses at Hazel Green Hospital from 1958 to 1964.
and the marriage of Dale W Filback he married at the age of 23 on 29 Aug 1941 in Bozeman, Gallatin, Montana with Charlotte Marie Vogel daughter of R.Vogel and Mary Yuber.
name: Francis E Fillbach
event: Death
event date: 28 Sep 1975
event place: Los Angeles, California, United States
birth date: 22 Aug 1922
birthplace: Wisconsin
gender: Male
Birth: Sep. 15, 1851
Iowa County
Wisconsin, USA
Death: Jun. 19, 1931
Hazel Green
Grant County
Wisconsin, USA

Family links:
  Johannes Fillbach (1818 - 1907)
  Katharina Margarethe Seher Fillbach (1816 - 1899)

  Augusta E Anding Fillbach (1856 - 1929)*

  William George Fillbach (1878 - 1957)*
  Albert Oliver Fillbach (1883 - 1956)*
  Wilbert Fillbach (1891 - 1905)*

  Louise Wilhelmina Fillbach Kreul (1843 - 1919)*
  Catherine Fillbach Cunningham (1845 - 1935)*
  William Fillbach (1851 - 1931)
  Jacob Fillbach (1857 - 1954)*

*Calculated relationship

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Happy birthday

Today is the birthday of our Jerome Nicolas Vlieland .

Born 216 ago in Rotterdam .

And inspite of everything we know about him ..........

still a mysterious ancestor.

Happy birthday Jerome !

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At the moment the fall of Singapore is hot news again.
As Charles Archibald Vlieland was secretary of defence at the time his name is mentioned a lot as well .
Here are some fragments from the internet.
SynopsisWinston Churchill described the loss of Singapore as the greatest disaster ever to befall British arms.
Louis Allen analyzes the remote political causes of the Japanese campaign, gives an account of the events of the campaign, and then attempts to apportion responsibility for the defeat victory and defeat; why Singapore?; Japan's course for war; the role of economic sanctions; the role of Thailand; Operation Matador; the approach to Malaya - to Matador or not to Matador?; the Japanese landings; the campaign; what went wrong?; who was to blame?; the factor of race. Appendices: casualties; Percival's 1937 paper; Vlieland's 1940 appreciation; the "scorched earth" policy; an account of the 2nd Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders on Singapore Island. Introduction: victory and defeat; why Singapore?; Japan's course for war; the role of economic sanctions; the role of Thailand; Operation Matador; the approach to Malaya - to Matador or not to Matador?; the Japanese landings; the campaign; what went wrong?; who was to blame?; the factor of race. Appendices: casualties; Percival's 1937 paper; Vlieland's 1940 appreciation; the "scorched earth" policy; an account of the 2nd Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders on Singapore Island

From Disaster to Deliverance:

Churchill and the War in Southeast

Asia, 1941-1945

Dr. Boutilier is Special Adviser (Policy), Canadian Maritime Forces
Pacific Headquarters. He addressed our Vancouver Conference on 14
September 2007. This article has been reduced considerably from the
original in view of previously published Pacific War papers (FH 138-40). The original is available by email from the editor. The views presented in this paper are those of the author only and do not
represent the official policy of the Department of National Defence.

SINGAPORE, 15 FEBRUARY 1942: The British command under a flag of truce is led by a Japanese to negotiate capitulation. “It may well be that we shall never have a formal pronouncement by a competent court upon the worst disaster and largest capitulation in British history.” —WSC, The Hinge of Fate, 1951

CP: Res should hold but let me know. RL

VLIELAND, Charles Archibald ([1890]-1974)
Secretary for Defence, Malaya, 1938-1941
‘Disaster in the Far East, 1941-1942’, an account
of his work as Secretary for Defence, Malaya,
1938-1941, and his assessment of the events
leading up to the fall of Singapore, 1942, written
c 1962, including a copy of his unofficial report
on the defence of Malaya, 1940

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the one man who sounded a really accurate alarm

Today we quote from
Military Intelligence blunders  by Colonel John Hughes-Wilson
Not all Britons were as complacent and confident as the Governor and his herbivorous civil service.
At least two men made sound intelligence predictions of the real threat to Singapore:
Lieutenant-General Percival, when he was a staff officer in 1937, and the one man who sounded a really accurate alarm before the war, C.A. Vlieland. Unfortunately Vlieland was a civilian and a member of Governor Thomas's staff.Appointed Secretary for Defence Malaya in 1938, he was eventually to resign after some curious backstairs political intrigue in 1941 before war broke out.
Before then, however,Vlieland had predicted in great detail and with uncomfortable accuracy the probable route and outcome of any likely Japanese invasion from the north through Siam and Malaya.
Equally accurately, he outlined the need for strong defences in the forests to the north of Singapore and virtually dismissed the notion of any assault from the sea.
He even claimed that "Fortress Singapore" was a complete white elephant and pointless to Malaya's real defence priorities.
This was not a view likely to endear him to the collective mandarins of official British policy or the combined services.
Vlieland's real tragedy was to get caught up in the bureaucratic power play between the Governor, the Army, the RAF and the new Commander-in-Chief, General Bond, when he arrived in August 1939.
Bond, a powerful and opinionated figure, promptly set about regaining control of the defence
strategy of his command from "a bunch of damned civilians".
Bond's particular obsession was with Singapore Island, and he would have no truck with a mere colonial civil servant meddling in matters of defence policy, especially one offering his own intelligence appreciations.
The clash was inevitable, as was the outcome.
Outmanoeuvred by the services and abandoned in committee by his boss - and theoretically the
Commander-in-Chief, the Governor - an embittered Vlieland eventually resigned as Secretary for Defence in early 1941.
Once back in England he was to suffer the worst torture of all: seeing all the bitter predictions of his 1940 military appreciation for the defence of Malaya and Singapore being successfully put into action by the Japanese.
Perhaps this civil-military clash ensured the fall of Malaya more than any other factor, more so than poor intelligence and underestimation of the enemy.
The infighting and lack of a clear command structure meant that no organization, from intelligence operations to civil defence, could survive the endless wrangles over who was in charge.
Given the other weaknesses of British intelligence and Japan's ability to get inside the British operational information flow, it is hard to see how the British could have succeeded, even if Malaya and Singapore had been run as a battle zone and not as a colony right up to the very last days of the siege as the Japanese closed in and finally invaded Singapore Island.
Even as the final convoys of reinforcements poured into Singapore Harbour in late January and early February 1942, it was already too late to save the campaign.
To the Australian government's dismay they found that their final reinforcements for the 8th Australian Division, disembarking in Singapore as late as 24 January 1942, were little more than more
fuel for the fire.
The battle for Malaya was as good as lost.
The discovery that Churchill had been contemplating diverting the British 18th Division on the high seas and sending it to the Middle East instead of embattled Singapore turned out to be the last straw for the Australian Prime Minister.John Curtin had already seen Churchill sacrifice Australian troops twice in 1941 in Greece and Crete, and he was alert for any backsliding or evidence of duplicity from the British.
In January 1942 he cabled Churchill, warning him that any attempt to divert the 18th Division from reinforcing the garrison in Singapore would be in Australian eyes an "inexcusable betrayal".
Churchill backed down and sent the last drafts of the 9th, l l th and 18th Divisions virtually straight
into captivity, to join their Australian comrades in the last days of the doomed colony.
These troops could have been needed elsewhere, as retreat and panic spread throughout the Far East. Subsequent Japanese air raids on Darwin in 1942 spread even more dismay and panic as far away as the isolated population of northern Australia.
After the worst raid, when all the ships in the harbour were either hit or sunk, hundreds deserted and joined
the headlong flight south in what became known as the "Great Darwin Handicap" as vital Air Force technicians and their families headed for the safety of the interior. Fortunately for Australia, the Japanese were at the limit of their resources and never did invade. But the events of early 1942 stand as an
inglorious chapter in Australian history. The atmosphere of the time was one of flight, despair and the end of an era.
Two stories sum up the atmosphere of those last days in Singapore more than any other. As a tired British infantry battalion began to dig its fire trenches for the final defence of Singapore on a golf course, "a colonial planter of the worst type" came up quivering with rage and demanded to know what was going on.
On being told by the young officer in charge, he stormed off "apoplectic with rage, shouting that the Golf Club was private property and threatening to tell the Governor to get this nonsense stopped, and full compensation".
The second story is the popular canard that it was really lack of water that finally persuaded Lieutenant-General Percival to capitulate.
When the local civil works engineer said that nothing could be done about Singapore's water supply,
the Army's Commander Royal Engineers countered that, with a few trucks and a work party of a hundred men, he could repair and maintain the reservoirs and pipelines, and guarantee water for as long as it was needed. He never got them: not from the hundreds of thousands of desperate civilians nor from the thousands of drunken, defeated deserters roaming the streets amid the flames and chaos of the doomed island on
that terrible Sunday of 15 February 1942.
Amid the uproar of the last days one grim final act was played out. On "Black Friday", 13 February 1942, the convicted traitor Captain Patrick Heenan of the Punjab Regiment was, officially at least, executed by firing squad. Rumour has it that what really happened amid the smoke and explosions was that he was dragged onto the dockside between two sergeantsduring a Japanese air raid.
An enraged Military Police Sergeant, who had won the right (by cutting cards) to kill the
traitor before the Japanese arrived, then blew Heenan's brains out with a revolver at point-blank range before kicking the body into the dock and melting back into the crowds of deserters, drunks and terrified civilians trying to fight their way on to the last boats out.
It took the victorious Japanese Army to restore order and calm to the imperial garrison. They did so quickly and efficiently in their own brutal way, proving once again that it had been a very serious mistake to underestimate them, even up to the very end.
Perhaps Churchill was wise after all not to have convened a parliamentary inquiry into the blunders and
mismanagement that led to the fall of Singapore, the "impregnable fortress".
Some disasters are so shameful that they are best quietly ignored: but their lessons should not be

More about Charles Archibald Vlieland 
As author
As familymember
His Malayan years
The newspapers
Charles Archibald and bargain hunt 

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decendants of Edward Spencer Wills

Descendants of Edward Spencer Wills

Third Generation


26. Selina Antill (Eliza Wills , Edward Spencer ) was born on 17 Oct 1837 in Jarvisfield,Stonequarry,New South Wales,Australia. She was christened on 9 Nov 1837 in CofE Cobbity,Narellan,New South Wales,Australia. She died on 1 Dec 1924 in "Lorne",Sydney,New South Wales,Australia.
from Mutch files
baptised by Rev Rob Cartwright Ph Narellan
Birth Reg No NSW V1837986 21
Marriage Reg No NSW V1854228 41B/1854
Death Reg No NSW 17550/1924

spinster of St Mark's Picton, married Robert Francis Pockley, bach of St
James parish Sydney 1854 Aug 21, in this parish by licence, consent of
Mrs Antill, by Rev Edward Rodgers, witnesses William H Pockley of
Parish of St James and J.B. Martin of Camden Village
Selina married Robert Francis Pockley on 21 Aug 1854 in ,Camden,New South Wales,Australia. Robert was born on 10 Mar 1823 in ,,,England. He was christened in St Paul's,Deptford,,England. He died in 1892 in ,,New South Wales,Australia.
from Mutch files
bach of Parish of St James Sydney in 1854
birth from Richard Pockley "Ancestor Treasure Hunt - Pockley's"
"On 21 august, 1854, at St John's Church, Camden, Rev Edward Rogers
married Robert Francis Pockley, Esquire, Commander of the
Sydney-Melbourne Steam-Packet Company's steamship "Hellespont" and
Selina Eliza, third daughter of the late Major Antill of Jarvisfield,
Picton. William H. Pockley was a witness. Robert was 31 and Selina 16

Marriage ref no NSW V1854228 41B/1854
Death ref no NSW12269/1892
Robert and Selina had the following children:
126MiRobert Fulcher Pockley was born on 24 May 1855 in St Leonards,New South Wales,Australia. He died in 1860 in St Leonards,New South Wales,Australia.

from IGI and Pockley ancestor Treasure Hunt
birth ref no NSW V18551712 42A/1855
death ref no NSW 2670/1860
+127MiiFrancis Antill Pockley was born on 28 Apr 1857. He died in 1941.
128MiiiArthur Bingham Pockley was born on 10 May 1859 in ,,New South Wales,Australia. He died in 1860 in St Leonards,New South Wales,Australia.

Death Ref No NSW 2678/1860
129FivAlice Isabella Pockley was born on 8 Jun 1861 in ,,New South Wales,Australia. She died in 1944 in Chatswood,New South Wales,Australia.

death ref no NSW 8345/1944
+130MvHenry Richardson Pockley was born on 27 Sep 1863. He died on 19 Aug 1926.
+131FviFlorence Augusta Pockley was born on 2 Jan 1866.
+132FviiEthel Ernestine Pockley was born on 12 Mar 1868. She died in 1895.
+133MviiiNorman Vanderbyl Pockley was born on 23 Nov 1869. He died in 1910.
134FixKathleen Mabel Pockley was born on 14 Mar 1872 in ,,New South Wales,Australia. She died on 5 Jun 1997.

Birth ref no NSW5197/1872

death notice
POCKLEY Kathleen 5 jun 1997 late of Werombe
135MxEustace Mitford Pockley was born on 11 Oct 1873 in ,,New South Wales,Australia. He died on 21 Nov 1874 in St Leonards,New South Wales,Australia.

Pockley's book says born Oct IGI has Nov
birth ref no NSW 5819/1873
death ref no NSW 3280/1874
136FxiEdith Muriel Pockley was born on 11 Oct 1873 in ,,New South Wales,Australia. She died on 31 Dec 1951 in Chatswood,New South Wales,Australia.

birth ref no NSW5820/1873
death ref no NSW 1952/3550
+137MxiiHarold Campbell Pockley was born on 19 Nov 1874. He died in 1941.
138MxiiiEric Osbaldeston Pockley was born on 19 May 1876 in ,,New South Wales,Australia. He died in 1956 in Chatswood,New South Wales,Australia.

birth ref no NSW 6267/1876
marriage ref no NSW 1945/3494 at Manly
deaeth ref no NSW 1956/29595 at Chatswood
Eric married Aileen Ann Rolfe in 1945 in Manly, New South Wales Australia.
+139FxivEnid Marguerite Pockley was born on 10 May 1879. She died in 1970.
140FxvHelen Marjorie Pockley was born on 28 Mar 1882 in ,,New South Wales,Australia. She died on 5 Nov 1974.

from Pockley's Ancestor Treasure Hunt
birth ref no NSW 13142/1882
Helen married George Johnstone "Jimmy" Knowles Capt on 17 Mar 1915. George was born on 17 Jul 1887. He died on 31 Jan 1954.

known as "Jimmy"
29. Emily Spencer Wills (Horatio Spencer Howe , Edward Spencer ) was born on 25 Dec 1842 in "Lexington",Arrarat,Victoria,Australia. She died on 6 Dec 1925 in ,,,Australia.

Marriage Reg No Vic 1864/3578
Married her cousin Henry Colden Antill Harrison son of Jane Harrison nee
Howe daughter of Horatio's mother Sarah and George Howe
They had ten children but not one surviving Grandchild - Quote in Terry
Wills Cooke's book - not true Kate Wills Harrison married Heffer three
Death Ref No Vic 1925/14036 at Kew age 82
Query ??? Vic BDM Emily Wills aged 60 parents unknown born A'rat d.
Emily married Henry Colden Antill Harrison on 10 Nov 1864 in ,,,Australia. Henry was born on 16 Oct 1836 in ,,,Australia. He died on 2 Sep 1929 in ,Kew,Victoria,Australia.
Birth Ref No NSW V1836484 20/1836
marriage Ref No Vic1864/3578
Death Ref No Vic 1929/10308 age 92
Australian Dictionary of Biograpgy online
HARRISON, HENRY COLDEN ANTILL (1836-1929), 'father' of Australian Rules football, was born on 16 October 1836 at Jarvisfield, the property of his uncle, Major Henry Colden Antill , near Picton, New South Wales, son of John Harrison and his wife Jane, née Howe, a relation of William Redfern , Thomas Reiby, George Howe and H. S. Wills . In 1850 the family settled in Melbourne where Harrison attended the new Diocesan Grammar School. His education was interrupted in 1852 by a visit to the goldfields, where he sympathized with the diggers' grievances. In 1853 he became an officer in the Customs Department and in 1888 transferred to the Titles Office where he became registrar.
Harrison's career as a public servant was worthy, but he was most distinguished as a sportsman. For nine years he was the champion 'pedestrian' of Victoria, defeating all comers in sprints and over hurdles and steeples. His contests with the Ballarat champion, L. L. Mount, aroused great interest. A Ballarat publican and race-horse-owner, Walter Craig, was said to have once held £10,000 to wager on Mount; after Harrison won, Craig offered to finance him in a foot-racing tour of England, but Harrison preferred his amateur status.
Melbourne's first football club was founded in 1858 by Harrison's cousin, T. W. Wills , a talented cricketer who was seeking a winter pastime. Harrison played in the first games, and was in succession captain of three football clubs. Wills had learned his football while at school at Rugby but considered that game 'unsuitable for grown men, engaged in making a livelihood'. The Victorian clubs evolved new rules which were consolidated in a code drafted by Harrison and adopted in 1866. It incorporated the distinctive features of the Australian game: no tripping or 'hacking', no 'off-side' rule, the 'mark' and carrying the ball. Harrison thus earned his honorific title as 'father of Australian Rules football'. He retired from playing in 1872 but maintained his interest in football. He became a vice-president of the Football Association formed in 1877; he was chairman in 1905 of the conference which formed the Australian National Football Council and was elected its elected its first life member; he was an honoured guest at the jubilee dinner in 1908 at which Alfred Deakin proposed the toast to Australian football. He also maintained his physical fitness; in 1898 he rode a bicycle from Melbourne to Sydney in ten days to see the final Test match against Stoddart's English 11. In 1923 in Melbourne he published his autobiography, The Story of an Athlete.
Harrison was handsome, lean and well groomed, somewhat unbending and puritanical, upright and honourable. He died in Melbourne on 2 September 1929, predeceased by his wife Emily, a sister of Tom Wills, and survived by four daughters. His coffin carried a wreath of violets in the shape of a football. His name is commemorated by Harrison House, the headquarters of the Victorian Football League.
Author: Ian Turner
Print Publication Details: Ian Turner, 'Harrison, Henry Colden Antill (1836 - 1929)', Australian Dictionary of Biography, Volume 4, Melbourne University Press , 1972, p. 353.

from Cecil Clark
The following are all buried in the same plot with no inscription except "H C A Harrison" Harrison Henry Colden Antill 02 Sep 1929 Harrison Horace Abt. 21 Feb 1867 Harrison Kate Wills 06 Nov 1955 Harrison Ruby Spencer 22 Oct 1958 Harrison Eric Spencer Abt. 23 Feb 1874 Harrison Ida May 01 Aug 1872 MacKnight Geoffrey Wills Abt. 27 Mar 1911 Harrison (Wills) Emily Spencer 06 Dec 1925 Harrison Eileen Spencer Abt. 12 Dec 1882 Harrison Eva Wills 27 Sep 1869
Henry and Emily had the following children:
141FiEva Wills Harrison was born on 11 Aug 1865 in ,,,Australia. She died on 27 Sep 1869 in ,,,Australia.

Birth 1865/14659 Fitz
Death Ref No Vic 1869/7432
142MiiHorace Harrison was born on 25 Dec 1866 in ,Collingwood,Victoria,Australia. He died on 19 Feb 1867 in ,,,Australia.

Birth Ref No 1867/15151 at Coll'wood
death reg No Vic 1867/2119 aged 8 weeks
+143FiiiKate Wills Harrison was born on 26 Feb 1868. She died on 6 Nov 1955.
144FivEmily Rosalie (Rose) Harrison was born on 23 Jul 1869 in ,,,Australia.

Birth Ref No Vic unnamed female 1869/17390
Marriage Ref No Vic 1891/6872
Check out Death ref no Vic 1919/8110 and b. O.G.S.
as next reference no 1919/8111 applies to Ruby Spencer also born O.G.S.
Emily married James Moore Hickson in 1891 in ,Mansfield,Victoria,Australia. James was born in 1868 in ,Broken River,Victoria,Australia.

Birth Ref No Vic 1868/24422 at Broken River
Marriage Ref No Vic 1891/6872
145MvHenry Norman Harrison was born on 28 Jul 1870 in ,,,Australia. He died on 9 May 1895 in ,,,Australia.

Birth Ref No Vic unnamed male 1870/17724
146FviIda May Harrison was born on 20 Jan 1872 in ,,,Australia. She died on 1 Aug 1872 in ,Kew,Victoria,Australia.

Birth Ref No Vic 1872/9669
Death Ref No Vic aged 6 months Kew 1872/7081
147MviiEric Spencer Harrison was born in 1873 in ,,,Australia. He died about 23 Feb 1874 in ,Melbourne,Victoria,Australia.

Birth Ref No Vic unnamed male 1873/24740
Death Ref no Vic 4 months 1874/1488
148FviiiRuby Spencer Harrison was born on 25 Mar 1875 in ,,,Australia. She died on 22 Oct 1958 in ,Richmond,Victoria,Australia.

Birth Ref No Vic 1876/8111X19
Death Ref No Vic 1958/ 13268 age 82 at Richmond

???? Ruby Spencer Harrison birth O.G.S Year 1919 Reg No 8111 one
after Emily Rosalie Harrison b. 1919 8110 ????
149FixEileen Spencer Harrison was born on 31 Mar 1882 in ,,,Australia. She died about 12 Dec 1882 in ,,,Australia.

twin to Alma Wills Harrison

twin to Alma Wills Harrison
Birth Ref No Vic 1882/10240
Death Ref No Vic aged 8 months 1882/10806
+150FxAlma Wills Harrison was born on 31 Mar 1882. She died in 1960.
30. Cedric Spencer Wills (Horatio Spencer Howe , Edward Spencer ) was born on 1 Dec 1844 in Arrarat,Victoria,,Australia. He died on 23 Jan 1914 in ,Springsure,Queensland,Australia. He was buried in Minerva Creek Private Cemetery,Springsure,Queensland,Australia.
1862 July Mr Cederic Wills age 18 arrived on ship "Wellesley" into Port B
fiche 204 page 4 (brothers not mentioned)
land valuations for Fitzroy Ward of 1903
Cedric owned 14 acres on Gladstone Road valued at 115 pounds, but no house
Queensland Postal Address - CS Wills "Brewarrina" 257 William Street
Rockhampton. (257 is on the corner of William and Davis Street.)
Archer Ward land valuations 1903 covers land from Allanstown out to
Gracemere "Brewarrina" on portion 142 subdivision 5 valued at 160 pounds with a house.
Name: Cedric Spencer Wills Gender: Male
Electoral Year: 1903,1905,1913
State: Queensland District: Capricornia Subdistrict: Springsure
1905 Queensland, Rockhampton, Cappricornia
Cedric married Elizabeth Henrietta MacDonald on 20 Mar 1872 in Yaamba,Rockhampton,Queensland,Australia. Elizabeth was born on 26 Dec 1850 in Brewarrina,New South Wales,,Australia. She died on 25 Jan 1944 in "Minerva Creek",Springsure,Queensland,Australia. She was buried in "Minerva Creek",Springsure,Queensland,Australia.
Death Ref No Q1944/000989
Cedric and Elizabeth had the following children:
+151FiElizabeth Spencer Wills was born on 12 Mar 1873. She died on 24 Oct 1956.
+152FiiEdith Spencer Wills was born on 6 Jun 1874. She died on 15 Sep 1956.
+153FiiiEmily Spencer Wills was born on 16 Aug 1875. She died on 5 Feb 1960.
+154MivHoratio(Horace) Spencer Howe Wills was born on 28 Aug 1876. He died on 30 Aug 1960.
+155MvCedric Spencer Wills was born on 29 Nov 1877. He died on 27 Sep 1957.
156MviGeorge Spencer Wills was born about 1860. He died before 1896.
+157FviiMinnie Spencer Wills was born on 27 Apr 1880. She died on 23 Dec 1962.
158MviiiEgbert Spencer Wills was born on 26 Jul 1881 in ,,,Australia. He died on 4 Aug 1888 in ,Springsure,Queensland,Australia. He was buried in Cullin-la-ringo,Nogoa River,Queensland,Australia.

Birth Reg No Q81/005862

Died of accidental gun shot wound buried on old Cullin-la-ringo now
under waterof Fairburn Dam Central Queensland
+159FixRose Spencer Wills was born on 16 Sep 1882. She died on 21 Feb 1969.
+160FxRuby Spencer Wills was born on 23 Nov 1883. She died before 2000.
+161FxiIvy Spencer Wills was born on 30 Jul 1885. She died in 1968.
162MxiiThomas Wentworth Spencer Wills was born on 25 Jul 1886 in Cullin-la-ringo,Nogoa River,Queensland,Australia. He died on 22 May 1963 in Hillcrest Hospit,Rockhampton,Queensland,Australia. He was buried in "Minerva Creek",Springsure,Queensland,Australia.

Birth Reg No Q86/008956
Death Ref No Q 1963/002490
+163MxiiiColden Spencer Wills was born on 15 Oct 1888. He died on 20 May 1972.
31. Horace Spencer Wills (Horatio Spencer Howe , Edward Spencer ) was born on 16 Jun 1847 in "Lexington",Arrarat,Victoria,Australia. He was christened in Lexington,Ararat.. He died on 8 Oct 1928 in ,Kew,Victoria,Australia. He was buried in Kew,Victoria.
educated at the school of Dr Pilgrin at 47 Mainzer Chaussee Frankfurt am
Maine in Germany returned to Australia 18 Dec 1862 from thence to Dr
Morrison's School now called Scotch's College for a year and then to Geelong Grammar in 1864
marriage Reg No Vic 1872/2496
death reg No Vic 1928/15414
Horatio's diary 6th Jan 1851 - measurements
Horace Spencer 3 foot 1 and half inches

At school he was an athelete of note and was in the GGs XI in 1863 (Captain). In 1893 he returned to the school and was in the Old Boys Race. Horace followed pastoral pursuits at his family property Cullin-la-ringo, Springsure, Central Queensland. After many years he settled in Melbourne. Horace died 8 Oct 1918 at Kew. [ (from Henderson Early Pioneer Families and reprinted Geelong Grammarians.]

Queensland justice of Peace A/4837 1157 on 27 August 1878
Horace married Sarah Eliza Beswicke on 15 Aug 1872. Sarah was born on 4 May 1857. She died on 16 Dec 1916 in ,,Victoria,Australia.
death reg No Vic 1916/16023
Horace and Sarah had the following children:
164FiEthel Wills was born in 1872. She died in 1872.
+165FiiEthel Mary Wills was born on 26 Aug 1873. She died on 22 Jun 1919.
166FiiiIda Claire Wills was born on 3 Jun 1880 in "Coorabelle",Nogoa River,Queensland,Australia. She died on 3 Aug 1975.

Birth ref Q80/005523
Ida married Tyson Asbridge Pearson on 28 Dec 1921.
167FivHebe Eugenie Wills was born on 8 Mar 1885 in "Coorabelle",Nogoa River,Queensland,Australia. She died on 10 Nov 1948.

Birth Reg No Q 85/008340
Marriage Reg no Vic 1910/7415 to Hy Fowler Ransford
Hebe married Henry Fowler Ransford on 5 Oct 1910.
168FvMaud Wills was born in 1886 in ,Hawthorne,Victoria,Australia. She died in 1886 in ,Hawthorne,Victoria,Australia.

Birth Reg no Vic 1876/23572
Death Reg no Vic 1876 /12077
+169FviEva Irene (Rene) Wills was born on 7 Jun 1888. She died on 13 Nov 1980.
32. Egbert Spencer Wills (Horatio Spencer Howe , Edward Spencer ) was born on 11 Nov 1849 in ,,Victoria,Australia. He died on 11 Sep 1931 in ,,Victoria,Australia.
Marriage Reg No Vic 1874/3230 and also 1875/3425
Death Reg No Vic 1931/12543 aged 83
Egbert married Mary Beswicke on 15 Sep 1875 in ,Mt William,Victoria,Australia. Mary was born on 27 Jun 1853. She died on 10 Dec 1930 in ,Balwyn,Victoria,Australia.
They had the following children:
+170MiEgbert Horatio Wills was born on 7 Dec 1878. He died in Jun 1940.
171MiiStanley Spencer Wills was born in 1884 in ,,Victoria,Australia. He died in 1884 in ,,Victoria,Australia.

Birth Reg No Vic 1884/24916
Death Reg No Vic 1884/12510
+172MiiiEric Wilfrid Wills was born on 20 Sep 1891. He died in Jul 1973.
33. Elizabeth Spencer Wills (Horatio Spencer Howe , Edward Spencer ) was born on 7 Jan 1852 in ,"Lexington",Victoria,Australia. She died on 21 Nov 1930.
Marriage Reg No Vic 1877/16766
Elizabeth married Edward Lesley Shaw on 3 Apr 1877 in ,,Victoria,Australia. Edward was born on 16 Jan 1849. He died on 8 Apr 1908.
Marriage Reg No Vic 1877/1345
Edward and Elizabeth had the following children:
173MiEdward St Laurence Shaw was born on 7 Mar 1878 in ,Geelong,Victoria,Australia.

Birth Reg No Vic 1878/9277 reg as Edward St Lawerence
174FiiLesley Elizabeth Shaw was born on 4 Feb 1879 in ,Cres,Victoria,Australia. She died on 26 Apr 1879 in ,Creswick,Victoria,Australia.

Birth Reg No Vic 1879/1880
Death Reg No Vic 4373 aged 2 months
175FiiiEllen Marian Shaw was born on 4 May 1880. She died on 7 Nov 1949.
176FivDoris Minna Shaw was born on 10 Jul 1881 in ,Yack,Victoria,Australia. She died on 12 Jul 1933.

Birth Reg No Vic 1881/20618 at Yack ??
177FvElshie Adele Shaw was born on 27 Apr 1883 in ,Geelong,Victoria,Australia. She died on 12 Oct 1923.

Birth Reg No Vic 1884/2759
178FviPhyllis Joan Shaw was born on 18 Sep 1886 in ,Geelong,Victoria,Australia. She died on 18 Jun 1887 in ,Malvern,Victoria,Australia.

Birth Reg No Vic 1886/26449 reg as Phillips Ivan
Death Reg No Vic 1887/7044 aged 9 months
179MviiHorace Forster Shaw was born on 6 Jun 1888 in ,Armadale,Victoria,Australia. He died on 30 Apr 1968.

Birth Reg No Vic 1888/17078
+180MviiiLester Boyd Shaw was born on 6 Nov 1890.
181MixMax Douglas Shaw was born on 17 Jul 1897.
182FxMargaret Shaw died in 1898 in ,Paddington,New South Wales,Australia.

Death Reg No NSW 1898/10786
35. Minna Spencer Wills (Horatio Spencer Howe , Edward Spencer ) was born on 1 Mar 1856 in "Bellevue",Geelong,Victoria,Australia. She died in 1943 in ,Toorak,Victoria,Australia. She was buried in Toorak,Victoria,Australia.
born at Arrarat
Marriage Ref No Vic 1883/1911 at Point Henry Vic
Death Reg No Vic 1943/1602 at Toorak aged 87
Minna married Henry Blomfield-Brown on 14 Jun 1883 in ,Point Henry,Victoria,Australia. Henry was born on 4 Jan 1851 in The Vicarage Boreham,Essex,England. He died on 8 Mar 1923 in Coorabelle,Toorak,Victoria. He was buried in Victoria.
one time Mayor of Geelong
marriage Reg No Vic 1883/1911
Death Reg No Vic 1923/1715
Henry and Minna had the following children:
183FiClaudia Blomfield-Brown was born on 12 Mar 1884 in ,,Victoria,Australia. She died on 27 Jun 1934 in Toorak, Victoria, Australia.

Birth Reg No Vic 1884/2780
Death Ref No Vic 1934/5350 aged 50
Claudia married William A Beasley on 30 May 1916.
+184MiiHarold Blomfield-Brown was born on 22 Apr 1885. He died on 18 Apr 1964.
+185MiiiReginald Blomfield-Brown was born on 24 Jan 1890.
36. Hortense Sarah Spencer Wills (Horatio Spencer Howe , Edward Spencer ) was born on 16 Aug 1861 in ,Geelong,Victoria,Australia. She died in Sep 1907 in Maidenhead, Berkshire, England.
marriage ref no Vic 1879/141
1881 census
Hortense S. S. HARDING HOUSEHOLD_1053183 Female
Birth Year <1862> Birthplace Gulenly ?,(Geelong) Australia
Age 19 Occupation Marital Status M
Head of Household George C. HARDING
Source Information: Dwelling North Lawn St Mildreds
Census Place Margate St John Baptist, Kent, England
Public Records Office Reference RG11 Piece / Folio 0984 / 59 Page Number 37
1891 census
Name: Hortence S S Harding
Age: 29
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1862
Relation: Wife
Spouse's Name: George C
Gender: Female
Where born: Geelong, Australia
Civil Parish: Holdenhurst
Ecclesiastical parish: St Michael
Town: Bournemouth
County/Island: Hampshire
Country: England
Registration district: Christchurch
Sub registration district: Christchurch
ED, institution, or vessel: 3
Household Members: Name Age
George C Harding 38
Hortence S S Harding 29
Hathleen R S Harding 10
Hortense married George Clarence Harding in 1879 in Reg No 141,Point Henry,Victoria,Australia. George was born in 1853 in St John's Wood Middlesex, England. He died about 1912 in Reading Berkshire England.
Birth Free BDM Mar 1853 Marylebone London Middlesex, England
1861 Civil ParishSt Luke Ecclesiastical parish: Charterhouse St Thomas
County/Island: Middlesex Country: England
Sarah Harding 55
Mary Harding 28
George Harding 8
Henry Harding 16
Elizabeth Harding 13
1871 census
boarder aged 18 in the house of Henry Hauxwell at Brighton, Sussex, England
marriage ref no Vic 1879/141
1881 census of Margate Kent England.
Name Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation Disability
George C. HARDING Head M Male 28 St Johns Wood, Middlesex, England Surgeon MRCS LRCP
Hortense S. S. HARDING Other M Female 19 Gulenly ?, Australia
Kathleen R. S. HARDING Daur Female 11 m Westgate On Sea, Kent, England
Sarah WILLIAMS Serv M Female 76 Burnham, Essex, England Cook Dom
Kate KNIGHT Serv U Female 19 Preston, Kent, England Housemaid
John B. STIRAMPS Serv U Female 14 Deal, Kent, England Page
Elizabeth DAVIDSON Serv U Female 33 Mains Of Dunnrossel Nurse Dom
Ann C. MAXWELL Visitor Female 9 Edinburgh, Scotland
Winifred E. MAXWELL Visitor Female 7 Edinburgh, Scotland
Beatrice N. MAXWELL Visitor Female 6 Wigton Ablour ?
Aylmer E. MAXWELL Visitor Male 3 Edinburgh, Scotland
Agnes LENNIE Visitor Female 52 Glasgow Nurse Dom
Agnes MC DOWALL Visitor U Female 19 Memugin Wigtown Nurse Dom
Source Information:
Dwelling North Lawn St Mildreds
Census Place Margate St John Baptist, Kent, England
Family History Library Film 1341234
Public Records Office Reference RG11
1891 census
Civil Parish: Holdenhurst
Ecclesiastical parish: St Michael
Town: Bournemouth
County/Island: Hampshire
Country: England
Registration district: Christchurch
Sub registration district: Christchurch
ED, institution, or vessel: 3
Household Members: Name Age
George C Harding 38
Hortence S S Harding 29
Hathleen R S Harding 10

1901 census
Name: George C Harding
Age: 48
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1853
Relation: Head
Spouse's Name: Hortense S
Gender: Male
Where born: St Johns Wood, London, England
Civil Parish: Cookham
Ecclesiastical parish: Cookham Holy Trinity
Town: Cookham
County/Island: Berkshire
Country: England
Registration district: Maidenhead
Sub registration district: Cookham
ED, institution, or vessel: 7
Household schedule number: 162
Household Members: Name Age
George C Harding 48
Hortense S Hardney 39
Kathleen R Hardney 20
Emily A Palling 36
Alice E Miller 31
George and Hortense had the following children:
186FiKathleen Ruby.S. Harding was born in 1880 in Westgate On Sea Kent, England. She died after 1901.

Free BDM Jun 1880 Thanet Kent Kathleen Ruby S Harding

1881 census
Household: at North Lawn St ., Margate, Kent, England
Name Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation Disability
George C. HARDING Head M Male 28 St Johns Wood, Middlesex, England Surgeon MRCS LRCP
Hortense S. S. HARDING Other M Female 19 Gulenly ?, Australia
Kathleen R. S. HARDING Daur Female 11 m Westgate On Sea, Kent, England

1891 Bournemouth Hampshire

1901 census age 20 b. Kent, Weelgate Ory Sea.
at Civil Parish Cookham, Administrative County Berkshire, no occupation

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Shenton Thomas

And if you wonder who Shenton Thomas was .
And we find in the collection of Oral History  Recording this part about Archie.

DAVIS, Leslie Harold Newsom - Collection of Oral History Recording ...

Singapore Governor, Sir Shenton Thomas, from 1938. George Bogaars was Governor's Confidential Assistant. Defence plans prior to Japanese War. British diplomatic relations with Japanese in Singapore before war. Posted to District Office at Pekan. Impressions of Sir Shenton Thomas. Sir Shenton Thomas's limited role in war operations. 
Appointment of Archie Vlieland as Secretary for Defence. Just prior to war, appointed to the 22nd Indian Infantry Brigade, defending Kuantan.

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While visiting Dover we came across some things our Jerome could have seen as well

Undated sketch by Amelia Long (d.1837)

Napoleonic Dover 
Massive rebuilding took place at the end of the 18th century during the Napoleonic Wars.William Twiss, the Commanding Engineer of the Southern District, as part of his brief to improve the town's defences, completed the remodelling of the outer defences of Dover Castle adding the huge Horseshoe, Hudson's, East Arrow and East Demi-Bastions to provide extra gun positions on the eastern side, and constructing the Constable's Bastion for additional protection on the west. Twiss further strengthened the Spur at the northern end of the castle, adding a redan, or raised gun platform. By taking the roof off the keep and replacing it with massive brick vaults he was able to mount heavy artillery on the top. Twiss also constructed Canon's Gateway to link the defences of the castle with those of the town.

With Dover becoming a garrison town, there was a need for barracks and storerooms for the additional troops and their equipment. The solution adopted by Twiss and the Royal Engineers was to create a complex of barracks tunnels about 15 metres below the cliff top and the first troops were accommodated in 1803. At the height of the Napoleonic Wars, the tunnels housed more than 2,000 men and to date are the only underground barracks ever built in Britain.

At the end of the Napoleonic Wars, the tunnels were partly converted and used by the Coast Blockade Service to combat smuggling. This was a short-term endeavour though, and in 1826 the headquarters were moved closer to shore. The tunnels then remained abandoned for more than a century.

Dover castle May 2012
part of the fortifications

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Can you solve it ?

If you feel like solving a puzzle .
You are at the right page today .
Lloyds of London kept records of ships and shipowners.
In these records we also find information about , port , ship , size ,captain .
And of course is there a Vlieland involved.
These are the originals to be find on google books. .
Also an original explanation is given. about the meaning of the colums

Can you find out the age of the vessel ,what kind of wood was used and how may decks there were ?
It is all there.


link naar google books


link naar google books


link naar google books 

The Society for conducting the publication of the New Register Book of Shipping think it necessary to give a general Explanation of their plan as well as to state the motive which induce them to undertake a work of so much importance.
It is well known that a work has, for a long series of years ,been annually printed under the direction of a Committee of a Society formed of subscribers, for the information of Under writers which book after a variety of alterations, was at length arranged in a manner that gave general satisfaction `
and having continued above twenty four years to be the record of the age ,
burthen, built, quality and condition of vessels, and their materials,marked according to the opinion of skilful and diligent Surveyors,( employed by the society in alt the principal port in the kingdom )
had become a book of authority, and in a great degree governed the Merchant, the Ship Owner, and Under-writer, in their opinions of the quality of Ships ,
for the purpose of freighting goods or insuring,
and consequently in a great measure regulated their value .
In the preceding year the committee of the Society without ,consulting the subscribers at large, made an entire change in this system ,so long established and so universally approved and substituted in its place a plan founded on a principle diametrically opposite and perfectly erroneous .
Instead of classing the Ships, which they gave an account of, according to their actual state and condition, ascertained by a careful surveyor a new system was adopted of stamping the character of the Ship wholly by her age and the place in which she was built ,
without any regard to the manner in which she was originally constructed, the wear or damage she might have sustained or the repairs she might from time to time have received ,or even being rebuilt, thereby at once beeing obviating the necessity of surveying the hulls of vessels ,lessening the inducement to build ships upon principles of strength and durability ,and taking away the encouragement to keep them in the best state of repair that they might maintain their characterin the Register Book alluded to.
It is scarcely necessary to say more on the subject than merely to give the Rules of this new plan which they have adopted
and which are as follow
 The letter M means the first class
 G the second class and
L the third class The figures denote the number of years the vessels built at the ports against which they are placed are to be continued in each
Prize ships, whose ages are not ascertained to have ,no characters given them

No general reason have been assigned for the new plan
and as to the distinction of places, imagination is left to its free scope to ascertain what causes make some situations so inferior to others
 for instance why should ships built at Quebec stand in the first class two years longer than vessels built at Hull or the Northern ports of this kingdom Wales ,&c ?
and professional men are equally ata lose to conjecture why the Committee have thought proper to class the shipping of some ports in these kingdoms in degrees so much inferior to those of others not to say any thing respecting the relative situations in which ships in foreign ports are placed
On the first appearance of this new system ,meetings were held by a numerous body of ship owners of this city,who came to resolutions, expressing in the strongest manner ,their disapprobation of the conduct of the committee of the Society and amongst ether resolutions declared their opinion that it was ´´founded in error `` and calculated to mislead the judgment of merchants and underwriters, and if continued ,would not only prove of the most injurious consequences to individual ship owners, merchants and underwriters but to every branch of trade, connected with repairing and refitting vessels, and, in a great measure tend to destroy the shipping of the country .
Meetings were held, and similar resolutions formed, in the principal out ports of the kingdom
The ship owners of London appointed a Committee to represent to the authors of this new plan the injurious tendency of their system ,
but the Committee thought proper even to refuse them an interview .
Under these circumstances the shipowners had no remedy but to raise subscriptions and make the necessary arrangements for publishing a book founded upon principles so long established and so universally approved, and to carry the same into execution, they have appointed surveyors with adequate salaries in every port of the kingdom ,and they now beg leave to submit the result of their labours to the Candour of those interested in commerce, in shipping and in the business of underwriting ,and far from wishing to make any mystery or secret ,of their mode of classing ships they, beg, leave to state the Rules they have adopted which are as follows
First Class marked A India built Ships if built with Teek well seasoned squared and well fastened Twelve Years
River built Ships if built entirely of British Oak well seasoned squared and well fastened Twelve Years Country built Ships if built as above Ten Years Bermudian and American built Ships of the Southern Colonies of Live Oak and Pitch Pine or Cedar4 or White Oak if well built and fastened as above Ten Years French built Ships if built and fastened as above Ten Years
Spanish Portuguese Mediterranean Dutch and all Ships of the Northern Nations of Oak Eight Years
British built Ships if built with a mixture of inferior Foreign Timber Eight Year
Quebec and all the Northern States of America of Oak Eight Years
Newfoundland if built with Juniper and Spruce Seven Years
Nova Scotia &c if built with Juniper and Spruce SevenYears
Nova Scotia or Newfoundland if built with Black Birch and Fir Four Years

Second Class marked E
All ships kept in perfect repair that appear on survey to have nо defect and are completely calculated to carry a dry cargo with safety

Third Class marked I
Ships which from appearance of defect or want of thorough and substantial repair shall not appear upon survey perfectly safe to carry dry goods though such vessels are deemed sea worthy as far as regards the carrying goods not liable to sea damage
Fourth Class marked O
Vessels out of repair and not deemed safe and sea worthy for a foreign voyage I 2 Ships Materials If well found marked 1 If indifferently found marked 2 After the letter of the ship's character
After thus avowing the principles upon which they have proceeded in the execution of this work and the motives which compelled them to undertake it they hope those for whose information it is designed will make due allowances for the defects that might appear on its first publication as it must
De obvious that the collecting materials for such a work is attended with no inconsiderable degree of labour and that in spite of the utmost attention there will be many omissions The Committee have used their utmost endeavours to collect the names of as many ships as possible from the registers at the different ports and where they have not had an opportunity of  surveying them on account of their absence ,
have inserted their names, burthen, built &c ,by which description alone the merchant ship owner and underwriter will at least have ai much information as is given in the Register Book, complained of
It will be seen that considering the short time the Society has been established a very considerable number has been surveyed and those ships which are not yet will be soon inspected and marked as they arrive in port
At the same time they request that those whose vessels happen to have escaped the notice of the surveyors, will send information to the office or in case any error should appear in the survey it is requested that those interested will represent the same to the Committee when a new survey will be immediately ordered and in the event of a difference in opinion auch measures will be adopted by them, as are most consistent with impartiality to the individual and justice to the public
They flatter themselves this book will be in constant state of improvement being truly sensible of its great importance and no exertions on their part shall be wanting to make it as perfect as possible
Subscribers to this Book are requested to take notice that they are required to return their Book at the end of the year and those who mean to withdraw their names for the ensuing year will please to send notice in writing to the Secretary on or before the first day of November and those Gentlemen who do not give such notice will be considered as Subscribers and have a book prepared for them accordingly
April 2 1799

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BBC - The Fall of Singapore: The Great Betrayal (2012)

To understand more of the life and time of Charles Archibald Vlieland 
we have to watch the documentary of the BBC 
about the fall of Singapore.

there are may books and articles about  Malaya and Singapore .
So there will be more to follow.