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Charles Lefebure


Lefebure is a mystery man of whose antecedents nothing has been ascertained. His wife, Elizabeth Bride, an actress whom he married probably in 1773, had been mistress of John Calcraft (q.v.)1until the latter’s death in 1772, and Lefebure thus became step-father to Calcraft’s illegitimate children by her, the chief heirs to his property. In 1784 Lefebure was returned on the Calcraft interest at Wareham as a stop-gap for John Calcraft junior, and vacated the seat for him in July 1786. He was classed by William Adam in May 1784 as an Administration supporter, and voted for Richmond’s fortifications plan, 27 Feb. 1786. He never spoke in the House. Years later, 9 Feb. 1806, he wrote to Lord Grenville,2 with some exaggeration (since the brother-in-law of John Calcraft senior, Anthony Lucas, the most active of executors, had at least as much influence as Lefebure):
In the year 1784 at the time your Lordship went with Mr. Pitt, I brought in two Members for Wareham, myself, and Mr. Farrer, at that time while I remained in Parliament constantly attended, and voted with Mr. Pitt.
And on 14 Feb. 1806:
For the last eighteen years I have used every exertion in my power, and with the little interest I possess, to support those, that now form the greater part of your Lordship’s Administration ... if you my Lord, should honour me with your notice, it will be ever most gratefully acknowledged.
His date of death has not been ascertained; he was living at Orme House, Northfleet, in 1817.

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Monsieur Vlieland

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langue Francaise

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Jeroen van Topsham

Rotterdamse courant

Rotterdamse Courant 12-10-1786

……….nog zeilden na Zee Jeroen Vlieland na Topsham , L. Vink na Nieuwhaven, E. Meeuwenoord en Klaas Ouwehand na Boulogne: de Wind Zuiden……...

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just published

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mons Vlieland

same date
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with or without do

21 July 1849 - Norfolk Chronicle -

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