Friday, 30 November 2012

Deirdre by Jerome Nicholas

For M.M.D.
Who bore with me so nobly
while I dreamed this dream

An other book by Jerome Nicholas .
Who is M.M.D. is it his first wife Dorothy Margaret Morgan ´s initials  backwards ?

Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Widow´s Peak by Jerome Nicholas

Archies´s wife died in 1942 and at the end of the war he launched a successful career writing crime novels under the pseudonym ‘Jerome Nicholas’. The Sketch reviewed his second novel ‘the Asbestos Mask’ [1948] as ‘a very exciting spy story’. The main character in his first, 'The Widows Peak' has just returned from Malaysia to the UK and at the conclusion of the novel marries the beautiful war widow. (Oh, and he uses the name Archie for his boss). It could be no more than a coincidence but years later on Thursday, Aug 02, 1956 The Timesreported an “Engagement announced and the marriage will take place shortly quietly between Charles Archibald Vlieland ... and Audrey, widow of Arthur Henry John Hubert daughter of Mr and Mrs Michael Hanhart of Hampstead”. Arthur Hubert had, indeed, died in 1943 during the war.

The Straits Times, 20 March 1947, Page 9

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The Asbestos Mask By Jerome Nicholas

This book is dedicated to Anne .
We found out years ago in another copy of the Asbestos mask  that this Anne was his mother in law.

Wednesday, 16 May 2007
The Asbestos Mask - Jerome Nicholas
This book was once owned by Kathleen Davies (August 1948). Inside there is a letter to Miss Davies from the author, who signs himself as Archie Wheeland. The endorsement in the book explains that Jerome Nicholas is 'his alter ego'.

Wednesday, 16 May 2007
The Asbestos Mask - Jerome Nicholas

The letter itself is interesting:

"Dear Miss Davies Thank you very much for your efforts over the Birmingham Mail. I am very glad to have the extra copies - one I shall now be able to send to my beloved mother in law, who is the Anne of the dedication (To Another Anne whose spirits as unquenchable as my love for her) and will be thrilled to bits!
I return your copy of the book endorsed on the title page.
Yours sincerely
Archie Wheeland"

In the image above you can see a newspaper clipping. It's from the Birmingham Mail July 28th 1948 and features a picture of Jerome Nicholas.

Anne Chamberlain is the Anne Mentioned .
She was married to Richard Morgan ,

We find the in the census .
1891 Census 20 Ruthin Gdns St John Cardiff
Richard Morgan 29 Secretary to Coal Company b Cardiff
Annie C wife 27 b Guernsey
DOROTHY M dau 4 b Cardiff
Margery M dau 1 b Cardiff
Minnie Jones 20 servant

1901 Census Station Rd Llanishen
Richard Morgan 39 Sec to Ltd Co b Cardiff
Annie C wife 37 b Guernsey
DOROTHY M 14 b Cardiff
Margery dau 11 b Cardiff
Charlotte Monfries m-in-law widow 77 Living on own means b Exeter
Marion Monfries s-in-law 41 Living on own means b Guernsey
Sarah Jones 23 servant
Annie Preece 22 Cook

1911 Census Hillerest Llanishen nr Cardiff
Richard Morgan 49 Chartered Secretary to Ltd Co b Cardiff
Annie Chamberlain Morgan wife 47 b Guernsey
Dorothy Margaret Morgan dau 24 b Guernsey
Eveline Hall 28 cook
Rose H Hood 29 servant

The Straits Times, 28 October 1948, Page 9

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Machiel Vlieland

Information concerning the voyage

Inventory number:12917

DAS- and voyage no.:2948.
information about this voyage  

12/03/1734RammekensBatavia01/11/1734ZeelandGerrit Bijleveld
via:Kaap de Goede Hoopvan 08/08/1734 tot 23/08/1734
06/12/1734BataviaTexel31/07/1735EnkhuizenGerrit Bijleveld
via:Kaap de Goede Hoopvan 12/03/1735 tot 01/04/1735

The inheritance of Michel Vlielands widow Anna Lebbe.
She died in Sas van Gendt but the inventory was accepted by Harmanus Vlieland in Rotterdam.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Thomas Michiel Vlieland

We found the advertisement in the paper  about the insolvency of Thomas Michiel Vlieland in 1770 .
We heard of  him before ,when he attended a funeral in Sri Lanka.
We just found the name Vlieland intriging.
Now we found him on a Ship from the VOC
There is a very extended database with all the ships and all the crew.
But we search for T.M.Vlieland

Information concerning Tomas Maggiel Vlieland from Sluijsen vlanderen

Date of commencement of employment:24-05-1755Date of termination of employment:00-00-1762
Occupation at commencement of employment:Ship’s boyReason for terminating employment:Repatriated
Sailed away with the ship:VrijburgWhere ended tenure of service:Ruiteveld
Month certificate:NoDebenture:No

Information concerning the voyage

Inventory number:13078
DAS- and voyage no.:3648.2

And another one when he is older.
Thomas Michiel Vlieland
Function Notary
Day 12 Month 7 year 1764
Appointed by the Magistrates of Vlissingen

Thomas Machiel
Nederduitsch-gereformeerde kerk
Met attestatie naar Middelburg
K 484, folio 164
DTBL Vlissingen 26 (NG Lidmatenregister 1743-1769)

Thomas Michiel
Nederduitsch-gereformeerde kerk
Met attestatie van Sluijs in Vlaanderen
juli - september
K 484, folio 148
DTBL Vlissingen 26 (NG Lidmatenregister 1743-1769

He bought a house 
Transport Onroerend Goed Jan Cornelis Baene en Thomas Michiel Vlieland, 1766-11-07
Thomas Michiel Vlieland
Relatie tot verkoper:weduwe
Jan Cornelis Baene
Extra plaat/adress a:
object 1:
Price  in pounds
Prijs in schellingen:
Prijs in penningen:
inventaris nummer:
D 69461

He sold the house
Transport Onroerend Goed Thomas Michiel Vlieland en Lieven den Boer, 1768-06-17
Lieven den Boer
Verkoper: seller
Thomas Michiel Vlieland
Extra plaat/adress a:
Soort object 1:
Prijs in ponden:
Prijs in schellingen:
Prijs in penningen:
inventaris nummer:
D 69471

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Saturday, 24 November 2012

the Browns

This week we received an email from the GGGGgrandson of Anna Maria Heath.and Reverend Henry Brown
About his family the Brown family
Anna Maria was the sister of Sarah Heath and daughter of William Heath and Anne (nee Johnson)

Anne Maria Heath - Gender: Female Birth: 29 DEC 1784 Hemblington, Norfolk, England - Baptised privately: 01 JAN 1785 Hemblington, Norfolk, England - father's name: William Heath mother's name: Anne (nee Johnson) - indexing project (batch) number: C16304-1 source film number: 1526136

Wednesday 14 November 1810 Bury and Norwich Post - Yesterday s'en'night was married by the Rev P Candler the Rev C J Blomfield Fellow of Trinity College Cambridge and Rector of Quarrington, Lincolnshire to Miss Heath Daughter of William Heath Esq of Hemblington
Married Reverend Chas. James Blomfield future Bishop of London - his address shown as Great Chesterford Essex
According to National Archives there were six children of the marriage, of whom only one survived infancy
The one that survived was Maria Blomfield . She married the reverend Henry Brown
And the Brown family started.
In later life Henry's brother changed his name from Brown to Trotter and thus inherited some
property in Surrey.

Wednesday 18 February 1818 Bury and Norwich Post - On Monday last, at Hildersham, Cambridgeshire, in the 32d year of her age, most truly and deservedly lamented, Mrs. Blomfield, wife of the Rev. Charles James Blomfield, Rector of Chesterford, Essex.
Monday 02 March 1818 Morning Post - DIED — On Monday 16th ult at Hildersham in Cambridgeshire. Anna Maria, wife of the Rev. C.J. Blomfield, Rector of Ohesterford, in Essex. Possessed with a singular serenity of mind, she bore a protracted illness with exemplary patience and pious resignation, and endowed with every social and Christian virtue that could adorn the woman, wife, or mother. she has left an inconsolable husband, with three small children, and a numerous circle of admiring friends, who deeply lament her loss, and will ever revere her memory.
Blomfield's biography written by his son: "while he was living at the neighbouring village of Hildersham, ... he lost his wife, who was a person of delicate constitution, and of whose six children only one lived beyond childhood. He writes thus to his friend Monk on the occasion :— "Hildersham [Feb. 1818]. "My Dear Friend,—You have heard of the heavy visitation with which God has afflicted me. I have lost her, of whom I was not worthy. It is my particular wish that, by attending the funeral, you should mark your friendship for me, and pay the last tribute of respect to one who entertained for you the most sincere regard and esteem. I cannot write any more; the bearer of this will tell you the rest. Your afflicted friend, C. J. Blomfield." She was buried at Chesterford—a melancholy beginning of his new life".
Morning Post - Thursday 23 April 1863: "In 1817 he (Blomfield) was presented by the Marquis of Bristol to the valuable livings of Great and Little Chesterford, in Essex ; and Tuddenham, in Suffolk. He had thus to occupy, as rector, the dwelling in which he commenced his clerical life as curate. But he was scarcely settled in it when he lost his wife. Her naturally delicate constitution had been shaken by the birth of six children in less than seven years, of whom only one survived infancy."

Maria and Henry Brown   had 31 years marriage and (at least?) 9 children including using the family names: Henry Blomfield, Charles James and Maria. 
 one of them is
Henry Blomfield-Brown on 14 Jun 1883 in ,Point Henry,Victoria,Australia. Henry was born on 4 Jan 1851 in The Vicarage Boreham,Essex,England. He died on 8 Mar 1923 in Coorabelle,Toorak,Victoria. He was buried in Victoria.
one time Mayor of Geelong
marriage Reg No Vic 1883/1911
Death Reg No Vic 1923/1715
who married 
Minna Spencer Wills (Horatio Spencer Howe , Edward Spencer ) was born on 1 Mar 1856 in "Bellevue",Geelong,Victoria,Australia. She died in 1943 in ,Toorak,Victoria,Australia. She was buried in Toorak,Victoria,Australia.
born at Arrarat
Marriage Ref No Vic 1883/1911 at Point Henry Vic
Death Reg No Vic 1943/1602 at Toorak aged 87
Henry and Minna had the following children:
183FiClaudia Blomfield-Brown was born on 12 Mar 1884 in ,,Victoria,Australia. She died on 27 Jun 1934 in Toorak, Victoria, Australia.

Birth Reg No Vic 1884/2780
Death Ref No Vic 1934/5350 aged 50
Claudia married William A Beasley on 30 May 1916.
+184MiiHarold Blomfield-Brown was born on 22 Apr 1885. He died on 18 Apr 1964.
+185MiiiReginald Blomfield-Brown was born on 24 Jan 1890.
Here the whole family tree.   Thanks to Tim and Ray.
Also  the descendant chart of the reverend Henry Brown.
(1) Rev Henry Brown (23 Nov 1804 - 2 May 1875)
& Maria Blomfield (1814 - ca Feb 1884)
  m. ca Nov 1843, Kensington district, London
| (2) Alice Margaret Brown (1845 - )
| (2) Maria Georgina Brown (1846 - ca Aug 1878)
| & Major Robert Wolseley Haig (1830 - ca May 1872)
|   m. 6 Oct 1864, Greenwich district, London
| | (3) Lt Col Sir Thomas Wolseley Haig (7 Aug 1865 - 28 Apr 1938)
| | & Beatrice Minchin McDonnel Lloyd Ferrar (ca 1871 - 18 Oct 1927)
| |   m. 1892
| | | (4) Margaret Wolseley Haig (19 Jan 1894 - 1936)
| | | & Capt Leonard Newton ( - Apr 1935)
| | |   m. 27 Apr 1921
| | | | (5) James Haig (born Newton) (8 Jun 1922 - 30 Mar 1987)
| | | | & Daphne Elizabeth Ackland
| | | | | (6) Andrew James Newton Haig (2 Apr 1947 - )
| | | | (5) Margaret Haig Newton (30 May 1924 - )
| | | (4) Helen Ferrar Haig (1895 - 7 Feb 1954)
| | | (4) Robert Wolseley Haig (15 Dec 1902 - )
| | (3) Henry Wolseley Haig (30 Dec 1866 - )
| | & Caroline Ingram
| |   m. 27 May 1898
| | (3) Phyllis Wolseley Haig (ca 1869 - ca Mar 1951)
| | & Lt Col W W Ward
| |   m. 22 Nov 1890
| | | (4) Kathleen Ward (ca 1898 - )
| | (3) Augusta Wolseley Haig (ca 1870 - ca Aug 1870)
| (2) Constance Isabella Brown (1848 - ca Feb 1916)
| & Thomas Gray (ca 1819 - ca Feb 1892)
|   m. ca May 1878, Woolwich district, Kent
| | (3) Cecil Henry B Gray (ca May 1879 - ca Nov 1903)
| | (3) Leslie Blomfield Gray (ca Aug 1880 - )
| | (3) Beatrice Isabel E Gray (ca May 1882 - ca Feb 1923)
| | & Herbert Jefferis Coles (ca Aug 1875 - )
| |   m. ca Aug 1901, Strand district, London
| | | (4) John Leslie Courting Coles (ca Nov 1905 - )
| | (3) Noel Blomfield Gray (ca Feb 1885 - ca Aug 1910)
| | (3) Eric Balfour Gray (ca Aug 1887 - ca Dec 1917)
| (2) Helen Mary Brown (ca May 1850 - )
| & Colonel Henry Wood (1835 - ca Feb 1919)
|   m. ca Nov 1871, Woolwich district, Kent
| | (3) Hazell M Wood (ca 1873 - )
| | (3) Mary A Wood (1876 - )
| | (3) isabel M Wood (ca 1882 - )
| | (3) Mary Holly Wood (ca Mar 1890 - )
| (2) Henry Blomfield Brown (ca Feb 1851 - )
| (2) Ada Dorothy Brown (ca Aug 1852 - ca Aug 1908)
| & Joseph Watson Overbury (ca 1839 - ca Nov 1909)
|   m. ca Aug 1874, Woolwich district, London
| | (3) Winifride D Overbury (ca May 1875 - )
| | (3) Olive Margaret Overbury (ca May 1876 - )
| | & John Harry Warton Pilcher (ca Aug 1865 - )
| |   m. ca Feb 1898, Paddington district, London
| | | (4) Olive Margaret Nelly Pilcher (ca Feb 1899 - )
| | | (4) John Giles Pilcher (ca Aug 1909 - )
| | (3) Edith B Overbury (ca Nov 1878 - ca May 1909)
| | (3) John Giles Overbury (ca Feb 1881 - )
| | & Agnes Constance Mary Wilson (1890 - )
| |   m. ca Feb 1910, St Geo Han Sq district, London
| | | (4) John B Overbury (ca Feb 1920 - )
| | | (4) Ursula M Overbury (ca Feb 1925 - )
| (2) Ethel Louisa Brown (ca Nov 1854 - ca Feb 1932)
| & Rev Frederick Haslam (ca Nov 1838 - ca Feb 1908)
|   m. ca Aug 1884, Woolwich district, London
| | (3) Dorothy Haslam (ca Aug 1885 - )
| | (3) Wilfred Henry W Haslam (ca Nov 1886 - )
| (2) Charles James Brown (1859 - )

Friday, 23 November 2012

The Leiden Gunpowder disaster

This week the Leiden university was asked to see if there was a Jerome or Jeroen Vlieland or Hollander in their books as a student .
They searched all their books of students and graduates but he was not listed.
But there was always the possibility of a dispensation said the researcher which happened quite a lot in those days. And in that case he was not on the list.
Studying in Leiden or not ,he most certainly would have heard about this disaster .
And maybe some uncles or aunts of Jerome  living in Leiden were killed.

The Leiden Gunpowder disaster

The Leidengunpowder disaster took place on January 12th1807, at a quarter past four in the afternoon during the French occupation.

A ship that went from Haarlem to Delft had 37.000 pounds (17 760 kg) of gunpowder on board. It exploded right in the centre of Leiden in het Steenschuur in line with the Rapenburg.

The disaster took over 151 deaths and 2000 wounded. Approximately 220 houses were completely destroyed. Even in the remotest districts in Leiden windows were broken and roof tiles blown off. The Pieterskerk was also affected, the Van Hagerbeer organ was very badly damaged and the windows were blown out of the church.

The blast was heard in The Hague, and according to some unreliable sources even in Friesland (north of Holland). The cause of the disaster is unknown. It is claimed that this was due to carelessness of a crew member during cooking, a pedestrian saw shortly before the explosion that potato peels were thrown overboard.

Within 5 hours King Louis Napoleon was already at the scene of the disaster, he stayed a whole day. He wanted to help and put thousands of soldiers at work to rebuild Leiden. He wanted to help Leiden,and put thousands of soldiers at work to rebuild Leiden. These soldiers were actually meant to watch on the beach for an English invasion. The King set up a disaster fund and donated 30.000 guilders from his private fortune, a considerable sum of money for that time. And Leiden didn’t have to pay tax for the ten years that followed (until 1817). He ordered bakers from the neighboring city of Delft to bake breads for the affected inhabitants of Leiden and sent his courtsurgeon to Leiden. He also had Huis ten Bosch converted into an emergency hospital. After that all he was called 'Louis the Good'. A national collection raised nearly 2 million guilders.

It took weeks to clear the debris. Some people could still be removed from the rubble, but for many, help came too late. As a direct result of the accident, the King prohibited the transportation of gunpowder through densely populated areas. The reconstruction of the center of Leiden was slow because of the poor economic situation and (alleged) corruption by administrators. At the request of Louis Napoleon, an obelisk was erected, but it didn't rise above the brick foundation. In 1837 King William I decided that the monument would not be erected further.

Until this very day, the location of the disaster is marked in the center of Leiden. The location of the gunpowder ship is marked by a memorial stone in the dock of the Steenschuur. Around the accident site the magnitude of the devastation is still visible.
And if you want to read all of it you can click here