Thursday, 10 January 2013

Gerald Gurney

Mr Gerald . Gurney

Mr Gerald Gurney died at his home, 21, Denbigh Road, on Decem ber 11, fortified by the last rites of the Church.
Born in 1862 in Paris, where his father was chaplain at the English Embassy, he was educated at Brighton College and Oxford.

He went on the stage in 1886 and left It to take Anglican orders in 1905. Renouncing a good living he was received into the Church at Farnborough Abbey in 1919 with his wife, Dorothy Frances, granddaughter of Bishop Blomfield, of London, and the wellknown poetess, whom he had married in 1897.

For the last twenty years he has been connected with many Catholic activities, the chief being the Interval Club, the Converts' Aid Society and the Guild of Our Lady of Ransom.

He was keenly interested in history and the classics, being gifted with a wonderful memory for names and facts.

His generosity was boundless to all.

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