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Several times blog readers ask us if the Vlieland-Boddy´s family belonged to the Vlieland´s as well .
Time to find out.
We find two brothers Clive Vlieland-Boddy and Martin Vlieland-Boddy on the internet and find the names of their children as well.
We contacted one of them years ago and he could tell us that the Vlieland part came from his mothers side of the family .
We found that the name Vlieland-Boddy is relatively new.
There was a name change as stated in the London Gazette

Issue 46021 published on the 3 July 1973. Page 38 of 66.
Clive and Martin are the sons of Edwina Amethyst White and Raymond Marshall Boddy they  married in 1951.
Edwina was the daughter of Samuel White and Charlotte M Carter.
Name: WHITE, Samuel
Registration District: Croydon County: Surrey
Year of Registration: 1926 Quarter of Registration: Oct-Nov-Dec
Spouse's name: Carter, Charlotte M
Volume No: 2A Page No: 809
Birth of daughter
Daughter: WHITE, Edwina A
Registration District: Marylebone County: London
Year of Registration: 1934 Quarter of Registration: Jan-Feb-Mar
Mother's Maiden Name: Carter
Volume No: 1A Page No: 606
Marriage of daughter Edwina White
Name: BODDY, Raymond M
Registration District: Surrey Northern County: Surrey
Year of Registration: 1951 Quarter of Registration: Jul-Aug-Sep
Spouse's name: White, Edwina A
Volume No: 5G Page No: 808
Raymond Marshall Boddy was born March 1929 as son of Gladyss Ellen Cato and James H.Boddy.He died 1983 Westminster.

Edwina Amethyst White married for the second time and became Edwina Harley.
When she married in Palma to Colin Shelagh Harley born in 1929 in Staines Middlesex.
He died in Eastborn Sussex in 1990.
Edwina Harley was the first one to open an English pub in 1964 in Torremolinos  
She named it The Gallopping Major.
And it is still there .
The song of the Galopping major 

Edwina´s father is Samuel White the son of Ethelbert and grandson of Samuel Ethelbert White and Catherine Veri Vlieland.
So there you have the Vlieland part of the name.

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