Saturday, 8 June 2013

Amelia Hide

Amelia Hide
birth: 1804
st Peters port Guernsey
death: 1853
Davey Hobart Tasmanie

She married  Henry Priaulx 

She married Henry Priaulx and had at least 5 daughters.and one son 
Henry William Priaulx born 1 DEC 1830 Tasmania, Australia and died in 1858

Emily Hannah Priaulx born 12 SEP 1832 Tasmania, Australia who married William Heath Vlieland
Maria Margaret Priaulx born 31 JUL 1833 Tasmania, Australia who married Eugene Bellairs. 
Clarinda Elizabeth Priaulx born 03 JUN 1835 Tasmania, Australia
Louisa Priaulx born 26 OCT 1836 Tasmania, Australia marriage June 1865 ST Thomas
Marianne Helen Priaulx 19 jan 1839
Elizabeth Chapelier Priaulx 22 Nov 1843 marriage Dec 1865 Islington
Official sources give different dates for the births !

After her death Henry returned to England with his 5 unmarried daughters.

The  brother of Amelia Hide was William Hide master on the Wave .
He sailed from Hobarth to London and Guernsey.

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