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William Roach Thomas

Eveline Vlieland Candler was the daughter of Lawrence Candler and Anna Maria Vlieland..
24/02/1915 Newcastle Journal - WEDDING AT SUNDERLAND.
She was born in 1875 East lodge Crook Durham.

The marriage took place yesterday. at the Friends’ Meeting House. Sunderland, of Mr Wm. Roach Thomas, of Bank House, Sunderland, who has lately retired on a pension from the management of the High Street Branch of Messrs Barclay’s Bank, with which he had been connected for forty years, and Miss Eveline Vlieland Candler, youngest daughter of the late Mr Lawrence Candler, of Crook, county Durham, The bride, who has resided in Sunderland for several years. is connected with the Society of Friends. After the bride and bridegroom had made the usual declaration, Mr Herbert Corder gave a short address, in which he offered congratulations, and felicitations on the event. The honeymoon will be spent at Edinburgh.


On 6 Apr 1875 a Marriage occurs at St Mary Putney (in the Borough of Wandsworth) between William Roach Thomas Full Age bank clerk and Amy Morris.

Their Fathers are Edward Morris a gentleman & William Henry Thomas bank clerk.

William Roach Thomas moves North and the 1911 census shows him at Banks House West Sunniside Sunderland. He is, by now, a bank manager, age 60 with his spouse Amy (65) and a companion Eveline Vlieland Candler.
The death of Amy Thomas, now 68 is registered in Q4 1913. (Sunderland vol 10a P 732).
Eighteen months later, as we have already seen, he marries the companion,Eveline. He has, by now, retired on a pension (as shown in the previous article).

William dies 18 months later on 16th June 1917 at 2 Elms West Sunderland, Cumberland. (q2 1917 Age at Death: 67 Sunderland Vol: 0a Page: 693). Probate is granted on 18 Aug 1917 - London to Eveline Vlieland Thomas and Elizabeth Thomas widows effects: £841 16s 3d.

Eveline dies half a century later aged 91 on 30 Oct 1966 at 14 Vilette Path Sunderland and probate is granted to Muriel May Rawlinson - married woman. Her effects: £1,300.
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Francis Edmond THOMAS

No. 388509 Private, 2nd (Northumberland) Field Ambulance 
and 81st Field Ambulance, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Born 15 October 1878, 
Died 10 July 1917, aged 38 years. 

Buried in Mikra British Cemetery, Kalamaria, 
Greece, Grave 1766. 

He was the younger of two Old Coathamian brothers both killed on active service: see also Harold Morris Thomas. 

Commonwealth forces, as well as French, Italian and Russian, were stationed in Greece to counter the threat from Germany’s ally Turkey. There were several military hospitals in and around Kalamaria.
Francis Edmond Thomas was the son of William Roach Thomas and Amy Thomas. 

Both he and his elder brother Harold Morris Thomas, their parents’ only children, followed their father into the banking profession, and both attended Coatham Grammar School as fee-paying day boys. The 1881 Census records his name as Edmond Francis, but later Census and Army records call him Francis Edmond. Francis was one month short of his ninth birthday when he started school in September 1887, and he remained for 22 terms until December 1894, when he was 16. By 1901 Francis was a bank clerk, lodging in Bishop Auckland. In July 1906, then aged 27, he married Margaret Peacock, aged 22, from Sunderland, and in 1907 they had a son, Philip Roach Thomas. By 1911 Francis had become a bank cashier. His family’s address when news came of his death in July 1917 was 10, Ladysmith Street, Bishop Auckland. By that time, both his parents had died, as had his elder brother Harold.

The marriage was at the Friends ´meeting House in Sunderland.
The meeting place of Quakers or Friends
In the past, Quakers were known for their use of thee as an ordinary pronoun, refusal to participate in war, plain dress, refusal to swear oaths,opposition to slavery, andteetotalism -- the opposition to alcohol. Some Quakers have founded banks and financial institutions including Barclays,Lloyds, and Friends Provident; manufacturing companies including Clarks,Cadbury, Rowntree, and Fry's; and philanthropic efforts, including abolition,prison reform, and social justice projects.

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