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Beatrix Elizabeth

Saturday 25 March 1815 Durham County Advertiser

Hull Packet - Tuesday 28 March 1815

Durham County Advertiser - Saturday 01 April 1815

Durham County Advertiser - Saturday 29 April 1815

Newcastle Courant - Saturday 05 June 1819

On the 19th of June 1819 we find them again .

It is 1819 when the Beatrix Elizabeth is arrived in Newcastle from Rotterdam But who is the captain? Jeroen Vlieland is 75 by now. Jeroen Aldertsz VLIELAND, gedoopt (RK) te Noordwijk op 04-02-1745.
Jerome Nicolas Vlieland is 23 by now .He advertises in the newspaper in 1822.Could he be the captain ?
Or is it one of his uncles ?

in 1824 the beatrix Elizabeth is sailed by L van der Wiel 

the wrecklists

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