Thursday, 1 September 2016

Winifred Langhorne

I see the next baptism after Clifford was Winifred Langhorne.
Her father Richard was a priest at the Cathedral and much-loved head of the choir school and would have officiated at Phoebe's wedding in 1912. Barbara was at school with the Langhorne girls (Winifred, b. 1909; Eleanor, b. 1911; Margaret, b. 1913; Ruth, b. 1917; Janet, b. 1919); the eldest child, Eadward (b. 1907) got an MBE for his RAF service (he joined up on the first day of the Second World War). Victoria, Richard's wife, was only 19 when they married in 1906, and the gaps in the births probably mean lost children. Sadly, the Langhornes are best remembered in Exeter for the fact that on 25 April 1942 a bomb intended for the Cathedral on a Baedecker raid hit and demolished Abbot's Lodge, their home in the Cathedral close, and the next door choir school, killing three of the staff and Margaret Langhorne. Richard never got over it and died two years later.

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