Friday, 28 October 2016

Kees Vrijland and Ary Vrijland Prisoners of war

First name(s):Kees
Last name:Vryland
Service number:-
Ship name:-
Prison camp or ship:Chatham
Country of imprisonment:
Conflict:Napoleonic Wars
Archive:The National Archives
Archive reference:ADM 103/483
Document details:Register of Dutch POWs 1796
Record set:Prisoners of War 1715-1945
Category:Military, armed forces & conflict
Subcategory:Regimental & service records
Collections fromGreat Britain

In Holland you have different firstnames .
The names you are baptised with and the "every day " name.
Kees is the same as the name Cornelis.
The last name Vryland is also pronounced Vrieland.
Dutch familymembers in the same period of time are also called Vrieland instead of Vlieland
 Ary Vryland is now called Arry .They were both in Chatham as prisoner of war 1797.

We met Arie Vlieland Before 

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