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Bertha Shove maiden name Millen

She was born in Faversham Sept 1865 as a daughter of William Millen and 
she married Herbert Samuel Shove.
And their children are
Captain Herbert William Shove.
Gerald Frank Shove
Ralph Samuel Shove

According to information on the internet the Queens farm  . Herbert William Shove, who I believe was probably born at Queen Court, Ospringe, in July 1886. His father, Herbert Samuel Shove, certainly owned or rented the property at the time of his marriage the previous year. His mother was Bertha, née Millen, whose family lived at Syndale in Ospringe, according to the marriage lines.
I see the webpage for Queen Court shows an image of the building c1890 with a women and two boys posing in front of the house. Might this be Bertha, Herbert (junior) and the second son, Gerald? If so, the 1890 date for the image looks a little early. Herbert (senior) died in 1889 and is buried in Ospringe churchyard (although he is listed as SHORE on the church webpages

In the birthdaybook some of the Shoves are listed
Herbert S. Shove 25 May, (no year). Bertha Millen Shove July 14th 1865
Birth: 1865, EnglandDeath: 1940, England

Herbert Samuel Shove (1854-1889)and
Bertha Millen (1865-1940) both Ospringe, Kent, England
Family links:
Herbert Samuel Shove (1854 - 1889)*

Herbert William Shove (1886 - 1943)*
Gerald Frank Shove (1887 - 1947)*
Ralph Samuel Shove (1889 - 1966)*

St Peter and St Paul Churchyard
Swale Borough
Kent, England

Birth 14 Jul 1865 • Stalisfield, Kent, England - date in 1939 register
MILLEN, BERTHA, Mother's Maiden Surname: COULSON, GRO Reference: 1865 S Quarter in FAVERSHAM Volume 02A Page 648
Baptism 13 Aug 1865 • Stalisfield, Kent, England
Residence 1881 • Dover St Mary Virgin, Kent, England - Pupil
Marriage 07 Oct 1885 • Ospringe, Kent, England - Herbert Samuel Shove (25 May 1854– 28 Jun 1889)
"7th inst., at the church of SS. Peter and Paul, Ospringe, Rent, by the Rev. S. G. Read, M.A., Rector of Barton Bendish, Norfolk " - 10 Oct 1885 - The Ipswich Journal
Residence 1891 • Ospringe, Kent, England, Head of House: widow with children Herbert, Gerald and Ralph
Residence 02 Apr 1911 • Paddington, London, England, Widowed; Visitor - Independent means
Probate 1934 - probate of last surviving brother Frank's will
Address Sep 1939 • “Belle Vue”, Henley R.D., Oxfordshire, England, Private Means Widowed, with Monica B Shove (b1915) and one other in 1939 Register
Death 31 Oct 1940 • Goring on Thames, Oxfordshire, England

Burial St Peter and St Paul Churchyard, Ospringe, Kent, England

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