Sunday, 20 February 2011

Singapore newspapers.

If you click on the fat print you can read the original articles.
There are 243 articles so here are some examples.

5 October 1917 Singapore free press.
On the 2nd October,at the European Hospital,Kuala Lumpur,to Mr and Mrs,Archie Vlieland,a daughter.

The Strait Times 19 november 1930
Mr,C.A.Vlieland,the Superintendaent of Census, is indisposed and confined to his house.

Malay Mail press 8 may 1931 reports the following .
C.A Vlieland,Director of Census,and Mrs Vlieland are at present in the hospital suffering from influenza,says the Malay Mail.

The Strait Times 4 December 1933.
Economy Officer now in Singapore.

Singapore Free Press 2nd May 1934
Speech from C.A.Vlieland in the Adelphi Hotel

Singapore free press 23 November 1935Prize day at Nge Heng school in Johore.

Singapore free press
13 June 1939.
Local firm to make air raid shelters.
C.A.Vlieland had to had some form of shelter for the population.
A local firm would provide it.

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