Thursday, 2 February 2012

aniversary of a familybible.

Today ,one year ago, you could read this story in the blog.
The case was solved.The bible ended up in the family I read in the mail.
My blogreaders were all involved in the hunt for the familybible and promised to
send some scans so the whole family could enjoy this familybook, as and if they received the bible.
And although many relatives had a good look at it,when it arrived.
There are no photo´s or scans made to reveal it to the other part of the family.
Maybe next year we can show you some.

Trying to find out more about William Ernest Parker grandson of Jerome Nicholas Vlieland .
We found out that William Ernest Parker was married to Annie Isobel Grieve
We found that her father Robert Grieve and his wife Henrietta Elizabeth Poole also had a family bible like the Vlieland family on a message board .
This is what it said.
The reason I post this is not because any of these persons are in my family tree, but because years ago, My aunt bought a lot set of books in an yard sale. it wasn't until after she got them home that she realized that in this lot was an old family Bible.
It was the original Bible that Robert Grieve & Henrietta recorded their marriage in 1861, the Birth of their children, the marriages of those children, and later the death of some of those recorded, including Robert & Henrietta themselves. the last recorded date is the death of Hilda Charlotte ( married name Griffin) on Sept, 29 1936.

Also inside this bible is what looks to be a hand written note by the rev who married them, stating that he had indeed preformed the ceremony and a registrar of birth , complete with a watermarked seal and signed by a J.P. by the name of Donald MacKinnon?

My aunt has expressed that she never wanted to throw this away, because it would be very meaningful to someone out there, and had always wanted to return it to the family.

now here is the thing, whom ever contacts me first and just so happens to be the closest living relative of the said couple above will be given this bible back as a family heirloom. Its in great shape, for being 149 years old.The leather binding is still intact, back pocket , illustrations , etc. but only with the promise that it wont end up in a yard sale any time soon.

I am posting this all over the Nova Scotia boards, just in case. and while looking for this family i did manage to find only two trees with this couple, they will be notified as well. I truly hope someone can claim this. If you are the relative that is best suited to own this bible you will be contacted so please leave your email address with me in my message box. thanks .
proof of linage will be requested. ( as in access to your tree

Robert Grieve was married at Sydney, Cape Breton to Henrietta Elizabeth Poole, by the Rev W.E. Gelling on the 11th of June, 1861.
Their children were:
Mary Elizabeth b. april 28th, 1862
Ellen Hunter B. Nov 8th 1863
Lilias Henrietta Sarah b. dec 25 1864
Andrew Richardson b. June 18th 1866
Annie Isabel b Sept 8th 1867
Henrietta Margaret b April 3, 1869
Lucy Alison b. June 6 1870
Isabel Crwaley? b. june 18, 1872
Robert Poole b. Mar 10 1874
jas (jospeh) harvey b, Sept 5 1875
Florence Amy b, Mar 39, 1877
Hilda charlotte b Nov 15, 1878
Edward Leonard b. Jan 29 , 1880
Robert George , b, Oct 18, 1881
After this entry on the blog Chris Harrington proved he was the nearest living relative and received the bible.

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