Wednesday, 15 February 2012

When and why

Today we go back to the beginning.
In this add from 21 July 1821 Jerome Nicholas Vlieland says he is back from Paris and back in Yarmouth.
We know therefore he has been in England before .
Probably in 1820.
Did he go to his family in Holland?
Or did he go to France as he says in the newspaper?
At that time he was 24 years of age.
Time to settle and get married.
Which he did in 1824.
The story is that he was the teacher of Sarah and they fell in love and eloped.
And were allowed to marry.

So when was the first time J.N. came to England as a professor?
In 1820 there are no adds in the newspapers by Jerome or we have not found them yet.
Not in the Dutch newspapers either .
No house sales, no passengers list.
So where did he went when he returned to Paris.
Did he go to visite his mother at that time or were his mother, sister and brother there with him?
His mother was allready 64 by then.
We know he likes his adds, as there are many in later years in different newspapers, but could the adds below of 1820 has something to do with his first years.

So to all happy hunting and if you find something ...........please let us know.

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