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Leonard Parker

Name: Leonard Parker
Residence Place: Suffolk, England
Gender: Male
Christening Date: 28 Apr 1876
Christening Date (Original): 28 Apr 1876
Christening Place: Suffolk, England

Father's Name: Edward Parker

Mother's Name: Lucy Emma Kesson

Household Role Sex Age Birthplace
Edward Parker Head M 52 Norfolk, England
Lucy E Parker Wife F 49 London, England
Leonard Parker Son M 15 Suffolk, England
Frank Parker Son M 12 Suffolk, England
Harry Parker Son M 11 Suffolk, England
Horace Parker Son M 10 Suffolk, England
Eleanor Mitcham Boarder F 50 Cambridgeshire, England

Frank, Harry and Leonard Parker
Frank ,Harry and Leonard

He married Grace Ellen Parker 

Edward Parker Head Married Male 52 1839 Commission Agent Norfolk, England
Lucy E Parker Wife Married Female 49 1842 School Mistress Private London, Middlesex, England
Leonard Parker Son Single Male 15 1876 Printers Apprentice Suffolk, England
Frank Parker Son - Male 12 1879 Scholar Suffolk, England
Harry Parker Son - Male 11 1880 Scholar Suffolk, England
Horace Parker Son - Male 10 1881 Scholar Suffolk, England
Eleanor Mitcham Boarder Single Female 50 1841 School Mistress Kinder Garten Cambridgeshire, England 

Found in the Canadian Archives about the settlers.

Born in Birmingham, England - Barnardo took him into care in 1902, and he was sent to Canada on 20th Mar 1903, on the "Canada", destination Toronto. On arrival he was placed with a Mr Leonard Parker at Newbliss, Ontario. He stayed with that family until about 1908 (15 yrs) and is then supposed to have gone working on the Railroads.Thereafter I do not know what happened to him, the last report from Barnardo was dated 1909 saying he re visited Leonard Parker in the winter of 1908/9 and was working as a "Firer" on the railways. Family lore says he joined the CEF during WW1 and died in France, but this is not proven.
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23 Sept 1893
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