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Murrayton House

Address: Murrayton House, St Martins, Looe PL13 1NZ,  Shown as the family address at the baptism of Lewis William Murrayton Murray, the ancestral home of the Murray family.

Murrayton House was built about 1854-64 as the country residence of the Murrays.  It is built with an outstanding view as the family’s country residence.View from the veranda, Murrayton -

The 1861 census shows William Murray Sr (born 1893) watch maker and Sherriff’s Officer, now a widower, in Castle Street, Liskeard with son William, also a watch maker next door at Castle Villa.  The Cornish Times carries notices that “MURRAYTON lodge ALL PERSONS who are desirous in future of bring admitted to the Grounds of the above place, must make application to the Proprietor at his residence Castle Villa”.
Although the local paper reports the Marriage in October 1842 “ On the 25th ult., at Liskeard, MR. WILLIAM MURRAY, jun., to MISS CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH WORGAN". (Cornwall OPC Register CRO Ref: DDP/126/1/26) the Marriage has broken down and William Junior is with his housekeeper Jane Whitford and their three children, including Lewis William Murrayton Murray.
The birth of Lewis is registered as “Lewis William Murrayton Murray Whitford” - q2 1856 Liskeard Volume 5C Page 86 and his baptism shows Mother: Jane - single woman of Borough; showing both his father's surname (Murray) and address (Murrayton).  The 1961 census acknowledges him as his son and three years later the parents marry.  The Marriage is announced in the 1894 paper “At the parish church of St. Martin’s-by-looe, October 20, by the Rev. Mr. Farwell, William Murray, Esq., jun., of Murrayton-lodge, Liskeard, to Jane, daughter of the late Captain Whitford”.
William dies on 18 Aug 1883 and is shown as “late of Murrayton Lodge”.  Jane dies 1 Aug 1922 and the probate confirms her address as, still, Murrayton. The picture shows her late in life “Mrs Murray and her daughter Mrs Boucher”.

Murrayton Lodge is now owned by charity, Wild Futures.http://www.wildfutures.org/ The Monkey Sanctuary was founded in 1964 by Len Williams, father of classical guitarist John Williams, as a cooperative to care for rescued woolly monkeys. https://www.justgiving.com/wildfutures

Murrayton House is about 9 miles from Liskeard, where Castle Villa (the Murray's town property still stands. The latter is now known as Eventide Care Home.(Castle Villa, 14 Castle Street, Liskeard PL14 3AU) LISKEARD EVENTIDE HOME LTD

A WARM WELCOME TO LISKEARD EVENTIDE HOME Liskeard Eventide Home is located within easy access of the town and local amenities.

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