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Otterden and Syndale

Otterden Barnsfield road in Exeter was the place where Charles James Vlieland. tried to solve the mystery of his grandfather Jerome Nicholas Vlieland.
He placed an add in a Dutch paper and wrote to the respondent.

To all pedigreeholders(Genealogists) one 
asks for ,name ,adress,residence en occupation
so there was one of the father of JEROME
NICHOLAS (DE?)VLIELAND,born the 27 June 
1796 ,Probably in Amsterdam or The Hague.
Letters with statement of fee and so on to
Dr.C.J.Vlieland ,Exeter ,England (30991)

In answer to an respond on this add .Charles James Vlieland wrote 

June 11 1905

Dear Sir 
In November 1902 you wrote me in answer of an advert, I put in a Dutch Newspaper
I have, owing to certain circumstances let the matter drop .for the time.
I am now desirious of getting certain information if possible.
A certificate of the birth of my grandfather which would I suppose give the name ,social position place of residence of his father also whether there was a family crest
Certain of my relatives think it was a stork with a snake in its bill.
The following details are all I can give you.
If you consider that with them it is useless to proceed please say so 
I state you for giving such advice
If you think it is worthwhile kindly let me now what your charges will be ( inclusive)
I will tell you what I am prepared to do.
My Grandfather was born June 27 1796 his name was Jerome Nicholas Vlieland.
(like the island in the Zuijderzee) shown in maps of Holland
His ancestors supposed to have been de Vlielands
One of his grandchildren , a cousin of mine was christened Janson de Vlieland Vlieland
I do not know where in Holland he was born probably at or in near the Hague or Amsterdam
He came to this country with some other members of his family when probably about 25 years old.
He is said to have come as a “refuge” but why I do not know. personally he seems to have had some kind of hatred of the French 
He is said to have had an uncle an officer in the Dutch Navy John Vlieland who was killed fighting by the French.
My Grandfather would have been a well educated man ,as he made his living as a professor of languages and wrote volumes in French German and Italian
I should say he was certainly not a Roman Catholic
I am 
Yours faithfully 

Maybe this house is still existing .So we looked on the internet and found a house on Barnstaple road with a different name .It could well be this house .
Now known as Athelstan house Otterden 

But sofar we did not find a house named Otterden in 1905.
Or Syndale house in Exeter 1901 Census Syndale, Alphington Road Exeter

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