Thursday, 2 June 2016

Haco Dobson

I have a Dutch newspaper article of March 25th 1918.
It says that at Zandvoort beach in The Netherlands the body was found of probably a British sailor.
On his belt is the name H. Dobson and also 3161.
I also have a list with casualties who were transported to Noordwijk, for reburial at a CWGC/IWGC cemetery.
One of them is a person who was transported from Zandvoort Cemetery. His name is W.E. Dobson and the list also shows R.N. 3161.
This W.E. Dobson was first buried in Zandvoort Cemetery on March 27 1918.
So H. and W.E. Dobson are the same.

The only problem is that on Noordwijk Cemetery there is no grave with the name Dobson.
And the find a grave site of CWGC does not show a Dobson buried in The Netherlands.

My question: who is Dobson, W.E. or H., 3161?

This was the question Mark Sijlmans asked and solved .
After almost a 100 year .It is now confirmed that it is Haco Dobson who is buried in Noordwijk.

On the fifth of July there will be a special ceremony in which a new tomstone with his name will be placed at the cemetery in Noordwijk
The man who was buried beside him was William Edward Parker .
The initials were given to H.Dobson so finally the research had a happy ending 

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