Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Needlework fisherman

In the cataloque of the auction at the Stalisfield vicarage in 1877 we find a needlework of a fisherman.
Thanks to Gilly we can all admire it and search for more information.
An embroidered picture of a young fisherman dated about 1820 and possibly worked by Elizabeth Frances Samworth or one of her family

We see a sweet couple under a tree .

We do not know who they are or where they  from or how old it is .
But there must be a clue somewhere.
I am searching allready!
So let us know if you can tell us more .

thanks to "kap en Dek "
We know a lot more.
The needlework is a gobelin ,embroidered with loop stitches.
The clothing and the cane hat indicates a timeperiod of 1800-1810.
It is probably made in southern France or northern Spain.
The shrubs are acanthus leaves.
The acanthus symbolizing :life with all the ordeals that have to be overcome.
The fishes symbolizing : plenitude and happiness.
The young couple is up to something........maybe a proposal.

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