Monday, 22 August 2016

Vera E Vlieland from Liverpool to New York

First name(s) VERA E
Last name VRIELAND
Gender Female
Marital status S
Occupation SPINSTER
Departure year 1910
Departure day 13
Departure month 8
Departure port LIVERPOOL
Destination port NEW YORK
Destination NEW YORK
Country United States
Destination country United States
Ship name ARABIC
Ship official number 118023
Ship master's first name WILLIAM
Ship master's last name FINCH
Shipping line WHITE STAR
Ship destination port NEW YORK
Ship destination country USA
Ship square feet 17446
Ship registered tonnage 15801
Number of passengers 671
Record set Passenger Lists leaving UK 1890-1960
Category Travel & migration
Subcategory Passenger lists
Collections from Australasia, Great Britain, Ireland, United States

In the index her name cones uo as Emily Vere Vlieland?

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