Sunday, 4 December 2016

Zangeres zonder Naam

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor mary servaes
By discovering the weesboek of Leiden and finding there, that our Catherina Fris was in it after the death of her father, a lot of new information came available.
We looked again at the family trees of Catharina's ancestors and today we found that a "world famous" descendant on the Engelbregt side is also in Catharina's line and  related
Mary Servaes nee Bey is better known as" the singer without a name ".
The songs she sung are real tearjerkers.
She was always sick when she was young and was bedridden.
And so we found her on the Engelbregt line also descending from Henrick Engelbregts 

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Her voice you heard before, in a clip about spring in Leiden.

With pictures of the town and even of the seed and petfood shop of the Vlieland family.

And there are many more songs with inspiring titles like little John and his ripped trouser.
The wall of the old churchyard, O father please do not drink no more , it was on the Costa de l sol, Mexico and many many more.
She was the queen of the tearjerker .

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