Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Louise Murray

On a rainy day with nothing new and inspiring to do .I always go back to the start of this blog and the people in it.
Today we go back to what, we think are the children of Catherine Fris and therefore the brother and sisters of Jerome .
allthough the birthdates do not match  it is a good guess (untill proven otherwise.)
We first find them in the census of 1841.
Together with three other people .
We do not know ,if they just live together, in for instance a lodging house or if they were working together.So we will try to find out more about all of them.
But we hope for a new clue.

One of them is Louise Murray.
according to this census we try to find the birth dates.
Susan Vlieland F 30-34 Foreign she is born about 1811 
John Vlieland M 45-49 Foreign he is born abt 1791 and he is a mariner
Mary Vlieland F 28-32 Foreign born about 1813
Louise Murray F 38-42 she is born about t 1803
Ann Brown F 24-28 Norfolk  born about1817 
Elizabeth Brown F 18-22 Norfolk born about 1823

On the question: where born  she answers N .and she is independent.

so we start looking fo a Louise Murray born about 1803
And as we think there maybe a connection to Holland or France we search all over Europe.
The only one we can find is the one in Prussia, a part of Germany .
We know a lot about Prussia as our ancestors sailed for a while under Prussian flag to avoid the wars.

Louise Wilhelmine Murray
Deutschland Geburten und Taufen
Name Louise Wilhelmine Murray
Gender Female
Christening Date 03 Nov 1805
Father's Name Jacob Henrich Murray
Mother's Name Catharine Elisabeth Luetkemeiers

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