Friday, 10 March 2017

writer Jerome Nicholas

great southern herald 2 June 1950

Jerome Nicholas has already proved
himself worthy of room on your book-
case shelves with his previous novels,
"The Widow's Peak," "The Asbestos
Mask" and "Whispering Steel." His
latest novel, "Salute to Tomorrow"
lives up to earlier expectations and
will be welcomed by all readers who
enjoy a well-written book with an
excellent plot and swift moving
action. The story centres around
Jane Menzies who, immediately be
fore the war, rejects her fiance in a
fit of pique and marries German dip
lomat Heirnrich Reinhardt. Ex-fiance
Ian Blount next meets Jane when she
helps him out of Germany early in
the war and after her husband has
proved himself to be an utter swine.
From there the story moves into a
gripping game of move and counter
move between England's famous M 16
and its Nazi opposition. Both Ian
and Jane have their parts to play
and even the most blase reader will
find it difficult to put down "Salute
to Tomorrow" until the last page is
turned- Even though a story of
espionage, it is not a war book. Pub
lished by Hodder and Stoughton, Lon
don, "Salute to Tomorrow" sells in
Australia for 9/6 and copies are avail
able from Barkley and Gilbert.

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