Friday, 14 April 2017


On the internet we found the history behind the game of thrones .
Surprise to find Hugh Chesterman and Jerome in it .
Here is to prove why there are already more then 6000 hits for Hugh on this post

The text of the short poem about King John is on this page It’s some way down the page so if anyone follows it, it might be worth doing a search for “John was a tyrant” on the webpage. This Yahoo answers page also references it While searching I came across a more recent poem about King John written in northern English dialect (I think in the style of the late Stanley Holloway) I think this poem is written by Marriott Edgar. This extract is written for humour but I think accurately depicts the attitude prevalent to the “small folk” in medieval times:-

“it were all right him being a tyrant

To vassals and folks of that class,

But he tried on his tricks with the Barons an’ all,

And that’s where he made a ‘faux pas’. ”

North American people may be most familiar with Stanley Holloway from his portrayal of Eliza Doolittle’s father, a cockney dustman in the 1960s “My Fair Lady” film, but he was also known for northern (British) English rhyming monologues. I also found a site which gave information about the poet Hugh Chesterman

“Tartar” here is a variation of “tatar” – though there are of course other meanings (I think Grumpy Cat’s real name is Tartar Sauce). It might be falling out of use now but in my youth one might say about a strict teacher “She’s a bit of a tartar” like one might say “She’s a bit of a dragon” – the sense I think coming from when the Tatars were allied with Genghis Khan’s mongols. Yes, King John was Richard I’s brother.

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